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Monday, January 28, 2013

Positive relationships between daughters and fathers...No one can take it away...Have faith in them.

The saying “Daddy’s girl” is destined to become obsolete as the rise in single mother families continues and fathers are only a parent in name only, not to mention the outcomes for fatherless girls is traditionally not good.

According to research, girls who grow up without their fathers are more likely to be poor, become involved in drug and alcohol abuse, drop out of school, and suffer from health and emotional problems. They are also more likely to become pregnant as teens.
Many have now realized the lack of fatherhood on girls has produce a sad element in our society and wants to turn those statistics around by making sure that every little girl has a relationship with their daddy.

Daddy’s Girl, with the tagline: “Successful Daughters, Supportive Dads” works on bringing out the best in both fathers and daughters. Providing a parent mentoring program, health, nutrition and dance classes, workshops and webinars and special events where fathers and daughters can interact and have a good time, the organization’s goal is to foster healthy and positive relationships between fathers and their daughters.

Aside from their programs, Daddy’s Girl highlights father-daughter relationships in a variety of ways like featuring pictures of well-known celebrity dads with their own daughters on the organization’s Facebook page.

Daddy’s Girl is an organization poised to shift the paradigm of fatherless families by strengthening, supporting, and guiding men who are willing to be present, life-changing forces in the lives of their daughters.


As for you feminazis, hags, with inferiority complexes and low intellect, you failed and realize time is up, go back to the rat hole you came out of and never return.You have done nothing but damages and heartbreaks, family divisions and tears, it will take generations to undo the mess you made, but we are willing to work with our loved ones to give our children what they so desire, love, affection and guidance without hatred from useless fools who do not like their own lives and themselves.
A personal thought:
To the fathers out there, I know that it is heartbreaking what they did to you, believe me, but never give up, in the long term you will win back your daughters.
The local hags aka feminazies, Woman's shelter (especially its director),welfare, courts, so on, did all in their power to alienate my daughters against me, tried their best to divide, to demonize. They used tactics paralleled to people who served hitler, lenin, stalin and mao, but they failed.
They cannot in the long run take away the bond between father and daughter, it is an impossibility, be yourself, be daddy, be there, smile, hug and never forget, girls need to hear, "I will always love you, no matter what".
And you will defeat the forces of evil in the long run...and evil is what they are, we have defeated evil before, and we will do it again, no one can stand against ...DAD.

(for apparent reasons I blocked off their names, been the web and all, left a thumbnail of me because they, (the hags) read this blog, and I want them to realize it is me, and they lost)

This is from both my daughters on my timeline, my ex's failed, the hags at the local shelter in carleton place failed, the courts failed, their "protectors" failed,  and from now on, every time my girls hear the word feminists, they will tell of their their experiences with these fools, pass it down to their children, and increase the opposition to their message of hate to the next generation...
I never gave up on my girls, yes they were rebellious, but, they came back because I...was...daddy.
So don't you dare give up. Have faith in their love for you.

As for the HAGS, I will never forget and never forgive....


Anonymous said...

The feminist's are to busy strutting around in slut-walk's to realize the gig is up and coming to an end.

My daddy's girl's dad will always be there for her.


The Native Canadians said...

They dared to take us on, we will show them the mistake they made.

Anonymous said...

im having major problems seeing my daughters since my divorce, your words are true and helped me look at things in a more positive way.

Anonymous said...

"We have no tolerance for comments containing vulgarity, profanity, or discourteous behavior."

Does this mean you won't post pics of the vulgar,profane and discourteous feminist hag's anymore?