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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Piers Morgan and cnn, shut the hell up.

They say this is the information age, Internet social media so on, well cnn should look up what they are creating, the anger that is out there and reporting with little background information is causing one hell of a mess and rage, what they are doing is telling people what to think. Its advertisements of the ar 15 assault riffle been capable of shooting multiple people is nothing other than disgusting and wrong. If there is a copy cat out there he or she is fully informed through cnn and its staff on how to do it. I counted one day on how many times they mentioned the ar 15 on that channel, I stopped at 36, in one day.
America has a different society than we do, or europe and england, Morgan, brings his british character and beliefs to the debate, calling pro gun supporters stupid, liars and multiple other name. He cuts them off when they talk (except alex jones which he knew in advance what morgan was going to do and did not let him) and shoves them aside in the british media style of interviewing.
We are talking about millions of people who support the second amendment, alienating that many people is dangerous. He lies about violent crimes in england, says there is only 35 gun murders in one year, but refuses to admit, england has the most violent crimes in europe.
In america, there are 300 million guns, yes its to much, but they are there, banning legal guns is not going to take the illegal ones out of circulation, so what to do. In texas, teachers are allowed to carry concealed weapons, so they have no mass murder, an evil person who has intention on killing will choose an easy target, not one where he or she might be shot first. They want the fame, as twisted as that is, and cnn, in it's infinite wisdom gives it to them, pointing out how to do it, and ensuring that if they do it, their picture and action will be reported, for weeks and months, and that is what a mass murder wants in the long run. There is no viable reason to bring up the ar 15, 36 times in one day, that is just promoting the gun, in my opinion.

Until at such time, the gun society is taken out, little by little, I don't think they have much choice but to arm, with training, some of the schools, it might give a chance for the next school full of children to be safe.
Morgan ran away from england because of the hacking scandal, a british man, attacking american society, and calling anyone he doesn't agree with, names, the irony of this is amazing.
The point is this, the guns exists, they are there, until they can be taken out, God forbid, more shooting will occur, and the ones that will be victimized is not those who are armed but those who are not.
When we criticize another nation, we must first put ourselves into their character, we can't bring our way of thinking and tell them what to do, when we do this as morgan does, it turns those who might listen to decent debate into those who will turn against it.
What morgan and cnn refuses to explain is no one goes out hunting, as they say, with an ar15, this weapons has to do with the 2nd amendment, and this amendment is to prevent an eventual take over of the american government by a tyrannical one, now if morgan doesn't want to admit this could happen, look at france, germany, and even england, how many dictators with the power of life and death do they have in their history, with cute names like kings,queens, dukes, baron, so on, go into their history and see the control they impose on simple people, taking land away from families, starving women and children, the irish famine...No morgan, look at your own history before you open your yap, instead of riding the coattails of dead children, and advertising to the next nut how to do it...
In canada, we do have gun violence, but its not legal guns, it is the illegal ones that are the cause, our national character is different than europe or america, we can debate the gun culture of the u.s., we look at the europe of today and we can see our society, though not perfect is a good one, not because we are told what to think, by the media, but because we choose to be like this. This is our choice, now let america choose on her own, the path she wants to take. And take the morgans of this world out of the equation.

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