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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Patrirarchs, Matriarchs; Don't be ashamed of the word, embrace it and defend it...

What is real patriarchy? Well it is a family man who supports his wife and kids in their endeavours and tells them they can be whatever they wants, it is a father who will give anything to make sure his children are safe and have a good education and can care for themselves, it is a man who will put his life on the line to make sure this comes about.
Look at the ones who criticize this word today, do they know what it really means, what it did, or what it protects, no. The only thing they know is what they were told it means by those old hags aka feminazis who have infested our education system, that patriarchs are men who controlled women.
Name me one father who teaches his daughters to serve her husband, be barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen...As patriarchs  we push our daughters to go to school, get a good education and be self sufficient, we offer suggestions and opinions on how to do it, we not only push, but insist they continue school, and we pay for it with our sweat and hard work. And in turn, we die first, but that's OK, we are expendable right, I mean after all, we are just your fathers, husbands, sons and brothers.
The word patriarch means something totally different than what it meant back when, but back then life was a little harder, and protecting women and children meant something different than today. Hence, the end means are still the same, to make sure the people in our lives are safe and ensures they be what "they" want to be.

They gave Nazi salutes to the police and screamed in their faces that they were “f---ing scum and f---ing pigs,” including to the women police officers.
"Why some of them were not arrested is beyond me, as they were clearly physically intimidating other people. But failure to arrest violent thug leftists is now common at such events.
The ugliness and stupidity of the mob was invincible. Caked in bad makeup and piercings, their faces creased in hatred and self-loathing, they screamed at Farrell and anybody who wanted to hear him — supporters or opponents — and tried to block all of the exits and entrances. They laughed at and abused anybody who told personal stories about tragedy and suffering, chanted that men’s rights groups were hate groups, and proudly stated their intention was to close down the event and prevent free speech.
In spite of all this, Farrell did speak, and spoke well. But to think that feminism has so often become this, and to see the true shape of the contemporary women's movement is sad indeed. As the left so like to say, “shame, shame, shame.”

When I read statements like "men's rights group are hate group", you have to laugh, I mean we are choir boys compare to these "whatever they are". Men who have had enough and speak out, always make sure they tell the difference between hags and women.
Hags on the other hand....

It would be like me saying...

Which would be a direct attack on the women of our families...
I and men in general do not subscribe to this philosophy, neither does the majority of women, so why does the lowly man hating sub intellectual feminist???
In this report about Warren Farrell speaking at the University of Toronto we see exactly what the hags have thought in schools, and the brainwashed little girls and their white knight mangina boyfriends, who have been lead by the nose with hatred and false propaganda, and the irony of it all, these little girls are in college because their fathers are paying for it, and they basically call them women haters????
Fortunately as we see in the video above, thought they and their mangina supporters are vocal, they are no longer numerous because their messages is no longer viable in a open and informed society as we have today. The only thing they do have is that they are vocal..

Feminism is parasitism. The whole agenda of feminism is to usurp fruits of labour of men and fathers by threatening, shaming and berating. This parasitic structure will not last for long. They are realizing their power is diminishing and since they are stuck in their behaviour, the real face of feminism is starting to show how useless it is to listen to anything they say and how ridiculous their message is….Feminism has not only become parasites but the buffoons of our society, they try to be substantial with loud voices and uninformed brainwashed little girls who actually get their education thanks to...the family patriarch...

So, be a patriarch, be proud of it, your daughters depend on your strenght, your sons are watching and learn from your behaviour towards others and the women in your circle will be safer and more free to be what they wish to be.
Or be a matriarch, like my grandmother was, were we went to her for wisdom and opinions, do not be afraid of the words, it got us this far and they know damn well, it will get us through this mess they, the hags have created...that is what scares them the most about those words, it is the threat to their power.
Matriarchy has a lot of meaning for us, it is the balance in our lives, it is the respect we offer to our women, it is the position they hold...
and to have a native woman, say all men hold their power through rape, is particularly offensive and hypocritical since she comes from that society. One would expect someone who comes from this society, (native), to have a better perspective on what men and women can achieve together. It is sad to see someone of my own people, a woman, to speak such words when she knows damn well...its not true...She could offer a balance in the position she holds, a different view, but instead she attacks anything man, and family, which is a contradiction to who she is supposed to be, and that is, to me anyway, hypocrisy and a failure to be who she is. So how can anyone believe anything she says?

Ma·tri·arch (ma-tr-√§rk) .

1. A woman who rules a family, clan, or tribe.

2. A woman who dominates a group or an activity.

3. A highly respected woman who is a mother.

You do not see us demonizing this word...
I personally always enjoyed the words of my family's Matriarch, my Grandmother, after she died, the family suffered an irreplaceable lost. She was an important strenght to the family circle. I would never demean the word, it is too...important.
Feminism, has caused a lot of damages to our society and families, they used words like patriarch to attack senselessly what was the strenght of families, and they did it out of hate for they own lives. When one does not like ones life, usually they attack others to satisfy they sense of inferiority.
This "EVIL" will happen more and more if we forgo our importance in the family and how we made this world what it is. Men and women are tied at the hip in the circle of life, to demonize one is to do it to the other, and that is imbalance, the problem with this is, some with small minds, will listen...

Patriarchy and Matriarchy is the title we gave to our elders, our grandparents, because of the wisdom of their years, not what the hags aka feminists, use it for their own inferiority complexes and self hatred.
The time has come to expose what they really represent, otherwise there will be more drugs, alcohol, teen pregnancies, and God forbid, suicides because our kids do not know who to turn to...
Patriarchy and matriarchy are honorable words, it means people will come to you for your wisdom. This is a matriarch, a clan mother, something the man hating feminists should be aware of. It means wisdom. Same as patriarch.

Here is a thought:
Piss off a hag aka feminist and their manginas, call yourself a Patriarch or a Matriarch, put it on your sites, promote it for what it really is, because what it represent and what they say it does are two totally different things.
Stand tall and remember who is watching your every move...your kids.

I am Warrior, protector, provider, I am Patriarch, those who come after me, depend on the wisdom of my years, ask for my opinions and if my words help, then I am not ....forgotten.


Anonymous said...

Good one!

A proud patriarch.


John said...

agree with outdoors, great one.

Gilles said...

Count me in also, PROUD PATRIARCH.

Anonymous said...

me 2, patriarch. love ur site. keep it up

Karen said...

that was an excelent point,both women and men as we get old have a knowlwdge that can help young families, to be called a patrirach or matriarch is a honor. been a native woman myself, those titles mean a lot.

The Native Canadians said...

Thank you for the support, I might not always respond but I always read the comments. Always.

Rick said...

Good point