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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Little bitty of reality for feminists

So, men are bad are we, only men oppress do we????
How do you hags explain this?

Bahraini princess on trial for torturing detainees. (just like big bad men, she even tortured women.sarcasm by the way)

(Reuters) - A Bahraini princess who works as a police officer is on trial for torturing two doctors while they were in detention during political unrest in the Gulf Arab kingdom in 2011, according to a senior official at Bahrain's Public Prosecutor's office.

She is also facing a separate trial for physically assaulting a young female Shi'ite opposition activist, while she was in detention during the same period, head of the Public Prosecution's Special Investigation Unit, told Reuters.

"The charge is that she used torture, force and threats against the victims to make them confess,"
Full story

Oh, but let us not stop there, there is more....WOMEN who Torture,  rape, who get power through sexual harassment and rape  batterers, killers, and oppressive...

Women get 8-year sentences in torture case
Woman jailed after torturing 15-year-old boy by forcing him to lick up his blood and drink his own urine
Women charged with sexually assaulting girls, making child porn
And just in case my local hags say it does not happen here, that only women are victims in Lanark county...
Wife charged with husband's murder in Lanark County
Just a little taste of reality and truth...and by the way, there are thousands of these links if any "feminist" dare to say it is only a few...

If we do not recognize that evil acts are performed by evil people, that some women are as capable of performing these acts just like anyone else, if we look the other way, the way feminists want us to, then victims will continue to suffer.
We have to be fair in our society, we can no longer afford to demonize one segment and look the other way for the other.
If women are capable of been on the front lines in war, then it goes to figure they (and I mean some, not all people, just to be fair) can also commit crimes just like anyone else.

If the ladies respect equality, if it is not just a word to be used to get special consideration, then they must admit, and expose the problem.They must recognize that those who say they speak for them no longer are there to protect their rights, but to promote themselves through hate.
That is the true nature of equality.

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