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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Feminist hypocrisy and shame, female pedophilia.

Mother-of-three, 31, molested schoolboys as young as 12 after drinking enough alcohol 'to knock out an elephant' at party

Do we hear of these multiple female pedophiles in the feminist rhetoric, no, and you never will, because it destroys their message of all women are victims instead of telling the truth that some are pedoes. 
Recognizing there is a problem would help out who? Children. 
By not exposing this problem they are as responsible for the victimization of children as the pedoes are. 
It is always "men are bad women are victims" and let's not forget "we get power through rape and sexual harassment" and at Superbowl time, we buy beer and beat our wives(this is what my local hags have revealed) and "men are rapists and killers".
I could put link after link of women abusing children, but the one above makes my point when it comes to feminism,aka the hags, and their manginas hypocrisy.

Now if you read the pages of the link above, we have this....
'I'm satisfied that this behavior arose not out of pedophilia, although these were pedophile acts"
Hey dumb dumb, if it is pedophile acts, its pedophilia, you dumb shit.
Now if it was a man, he would of said; " I'm satisfied that this behavior arose out of pedophilia and these were pedophile acts, you make me sick". 
See the hypocrisy?
The female pedophile was given 2 years prison sentence, suspended for 2 years, not sure what that means. I do know this, she should of got the same as any other pedo, but no, after all she is a woman and the 12 year olds were only boys?????

Here is my thoughts on this, judge patrick thomas (mangina extraordinaire) does not believe women can rape boys, he believes that boys, some has young as 12 years old or whatever, are not victims of predatory women who have twisted sexual appetites, he believes that boys that young do not feel in the long run they were victimized and that boys want to be groped by these female pedophiles, and it will not affect them. 

They say, (the hags) that words such as "all men are rapist and killers" are said by feminists who are outside the main stream of feminism, well if you look at the position these hags have, most have written books, most teach or have access to schools, and are professors in women's studies, this is not the fringe, this is mainstream.
We even have radical feminists who are professors in universities promoting pedophilia, as a inter-generational intimacy.
Is this message from outside feminism mainstream????? Not if they teach at universities it isn't.

Pedophilia is an act of violence on all children, boys and girls and until we treat it as such, the problem will never go away if it is only partially exposed.

Women are not the problem in our society, ( I have daughters and they are NOT feminists) radical feminism and their allies are...
When you give excuses for bad behavior, for instance alcoholic anonymous and drug programs, will tell their clients, they will be alcoholics or drug addict for life, they continue on making that person dependent, instead of substance it's the organisation itself and when they fall, they have an excuse, after all they were told they would be victims for life.
Well for some women it is the same thing, if you tell them they will be victimized for life, some will be dependent on the women's shelter industry or other organisations, taking away any chance they have to regain their strength, making them come back, over and over again. Make sense financially, that way they can claim falsely increases and demand more funding.
The problem is, some will take advantage of the situation. 
Making false accusations is now rampant against men, to a point where it is becoming not only a financial burden, but a problem for the real victim. 
When someone claims rape or sexual assault or any kind of violence, we now have doubt. Is it true or is it an excuse for bad behavior.
If the hags really cared for women, they would instantly denounce this, instead of adding them to their statistics. 
When they say nothing about it, they further victimize the real victim.
The more I look into what they (the hags) represent, especially their policy of not questioning any women who claims abuse, the more I find that, in my opinion, at least half of claims against men are...false.
Taking away necessary funding for the real victims.

Erin Pizzey is absolutely right in exposing what the shelter industry has become, a political arena for corrupt, radical left wing feminist, and their insatiable appetite for inflated salaries and personal power.
At the expense of victims who need help.


Anonymous said...

Feminist hypocricy.

When men do it,it's a crime to be punished as harsh as possible.

When women do it,they need a support group.

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Anonymous said...

All feminists are psychotics, they should be sued into the dirt, thrown in jail, banned from poltical office, How dare they accuse MRA's for being a hate group when they are the epitome of hate. Nothing defeats their accusations of bullshit than an old schoolyard saying "I know you are but what am I".

Anonymous said...

Give women rights and the vote they said. What could go wrong they said.