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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Control schools and you can control a country.

The Campus Rape Myth by Heather Mac Donald, City Journal 

Sarcasm ! But an excellent point isn't it.
It’s a lonely job, working the phones at a college rape crisis center. Day after day, you wait for the casualties to show up from the alleged campus rape epidemic—but no one calls. Could this mean that the crisis is overblown? No: it means, according to the campus sexual-assault industry, that the abuse of coeds is worse than anyone had ever imagined. It means that consultants and counselors need more funding to persuade student rape victims to break the silence of their suffering.
Remember the hippies of the 60's, where are they now?
The campus rape movement highlights the current condition of radical feminism, from its self-indulgent bathos to its embrace of ever more vulnerable female victimhood. But the movement is an even more important barometer of academia itself. In a delicious historical irony, the baby boomers who dismantled the university’s intellectual architecture in favor of unbridled sex and protest have now bureaucratized both. While women’s studies professors bang pots and blow whistles at anti rape rallies, in the dorm next door, freshman counselors and deans pass out tips for better orgasms and the use of sex toys. The academic bureaucracy is roomy enough to sponsor both the dour anti male feminism of the college rape movement and the promiscuous hookup culture of student life. The only thing that doesn't fit into the university’s new commitments is serious scholarly purpose.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Like I said in the previous post, this is no longer about women's rights, feminism aka hags, is a political ideal, and this organisation, ironically is also compose of men, aka manginas. They don't want to make the world safer or better, they want power, they want the rains, they want to dictate, and if they get it, God forbid, they will impose a radical left wing ideology, aka, communism, or something like it. Whatever it will be, it is not going to be pretty. They know exactly what they are doing, it is always the path of the radical to go after the schools, all throughout history, this is where it begins. This is were hitler and lenin started, once they had control of schools, especially universities, they sent the students in the streets. Remember mao's cultural revolution in china. 
The thing is, all these political ideals  have been exposed as nothing other than power grab, nobody in these countries enjoyed a better life, as a matter of fact, it was worse. Capitalism might not be the best system we can achieve, but it is the best one we have for now. 
Hitler, Lenin, Mao, depended on those who had inferiority complexes, they put them in position of power, and the rest is history. They are the best servants a dictator can have, these people take their complexes and lash out on the population, gives then a sense of superiority they never had, and I dare anyone to contradict this. We can safely say now, stalin, goebbells, himmler(chicken farmer), and people such as this, had inferiority complexes. 
All this came about with first controlling schools and the behavior of students, and they did not stop at universities, the younger the better...just like what is happening today...in our schools, history repeating itself...

Child’s Play (Literally) Being Regulated
There have been multiple stories in the mainstream media about children being suspended from school for making the sign of a gun.  It’s getting to the point that boys are not allowed to be boys at all in today’s modern schools and boys in particular need regular exercise in order to fully participate in a classroom–yet many schools are removing physical education entirely.

Where do we draw the line? Will they soon outlaw “tag”?  No more “Red Rover or “kick ball”? Is the next step to cover entire playgrounds with bubble wrap and just let the kids “imagine” they’re playing?  I’m sure someone somewhere has a fear of jump ropes and is planning a ban on those, too, just in case a six year old might try to put one around someone’s neck. 

Don't be fooled by their messages, if the system falls, these people would be the first to sign up to be...commissars. It is what they did during the Russian and the Chinese revolution. School staff where the first to sign up to be party member of the national socialist German's workers party, aka nazis.
It's happened before, and it will happen again, thing is, will we let it.


Anonymous said...

Feminism has been used to advance greed, the corporations wanted a cheaper labor force. They got it. Now it takes two incomes to do what one used to. In order to do this they had to blacken the reputation of men, make them feel like they were low lives, ridicule women who did not agree, and install man haters in the media,politics and schools.

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