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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

2013... the return of man

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I do believe the hags,aka feminazis, have gone too far, our society is slowly breaking down, because of the damages they did.
Demonizing a segment of society is always destructive, we will always have what is now known as "sheeples", people who will believe and accept, without looking to see if it is true or if what is said is real.
I concentrate on the area I live in, but as I looked into it further, I found that what I researched was not only local but rampant everywhere. The destructive nature of these hags, their self hatred of who they are, their inferiority complex, their hatred of anything to do with man, is apparent in its ugly way.
Though the damages they do is becoming a tragedy for nations, especially in the western world, with the slow destruction of morals and families, their actions is mostly concentrated on the local sphere. That is where most of the damage is been done.
And that is what is so dangerous about them, it is not national therefore does not bring national attention.
The damages the local social programs has done to families in lanark county, is horrendous, drug abuse, teen  pregnancy, crime, lack of education, dependency, family breakups, I could go on and on, yet, these same people who cause this, demands more money from municipalities in order to continue....

It is my firm opinion that the return of man is a must if we are to fix what has become of our families and children. We have no other choice.
Women and children, our families, depend on us to be men in order to keep a balance in the circle of life. Because so many of us, me included, have been so demonized, pushed aside, told that we are not useful or unneeded, that some have forgo their God given right to be who we are. We have now realized by taking a step back because of feminist controlled radical courts, social programs, even some politicians, we are partially responsible for what is happening today, and some of us have decided that enough is enough.

What it really comes down to, our ladies and I mean the real ones, not the ones who want to be men, or vise versa, want us to be that beer drinking, cussing, hard working, son of a ....
Real men are more attractive to the ladies because we have the protector and provider gene, and those who behave like manginas, usually end up with what is left, namely man hating hags aka feminazis.

We, men and women, do "not" sign up the the hags message that men want their women barefoot, in the kitchen, washing dishes and pregnant, we have daughters and that would be a nightmare. We want them to be the best they want to be.
The continuing message of the hags that women are permanent victims of men is not exactly the real message, the meaning behind it is not that all women are victims, but to make the weak minded believe that they are, if you succeed, then these people will return to those who preach this message and the funding can continue and even increase through false statistics. That is the real policy of the hags.

Women depend on us to be men, and we depend on them to be women, and we meet in the middle, with our individual gifts, create families, and with mutual respect, our children have a chance in life. But if one demonizes the other, kids do not stand one hell of a chance, and that is why we see so many kids pushing baby strollers.

We know what is right and what is wrong, society depends on the strenght of men to survive, our women and children depend on us to behave like men, if we give up, what chance do they have.

You know what I find ironic...
Put 2 men beside each other,
one, dirty, welder, construction worker, mechanic type,
and the other a lowly mangina,
put a multitude of ladies in front, and let them choose which one is more attractive.
90% of them with choose the man who has the dirty working look, because he looks like a provider and protector,
and the rest, the feminazi or hag, will choose the pink shirt wearing mangina.

Life has not changed, it will always be this way, the lowly hag will never change millions or years of evolution, its a lost cause, and they now know they have lost, that is why we see some now saying feminists are responsible for the breakup of the family, to those who are changing their tunes, trying to hold on to their posh position, we say this, to little to late.

The only thing we (men and women) have to do is...


Anonymous said...

When all of these feminist hag's are old and lonely and have cat's for company,because they have no family,only then may they see the light.

Guess what?

It will be to late.They will still die old and lonely with cats for comapany.

Enjoy your lonely old lives hag's.


Gilles said...

coulndt agree with the previous comment more,dried up old hags