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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Little bitty of reality for feminist part 2

Feminism has become an industry against men, nothing to do with women's rights, hatred for a gender by hags who hate themselves, manipulators of reality, and by not telling the truth, gives a pass to violent women.

Colleen Harris aka the black widow; Murders Husband; Gets A Pass, Murders 2nd Husband

Janiera Ross Went On Shooting Spree

Jodi Arias; Pictures Of Her Dragging Dead Body Found In Washing Machine 

Women cannibals and mutilators.

Man beaten by woman on train; passengers do nothing, but if it was the other way around?

False allegation against men

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Little bitty of reality for feminists

So, men are bad are we, only men oppress do we????
How do you hags explain this?

Bahraini princess on trial for torturing detainees. (just like big bad men, she even tortured women.sarcasm by the way)

(Reuters) - A Bahraini princess who works as a police officer is on trial for torturing two doctors while they were in detention during political unrest in the Gulf Arab kingdom in 2011, according to a senior official at Bahrain's Public Prosecutor's office.

She is also facing a separate trial for physically assaulting a young female Shi'ite opposition activist, while she was in detention during the same period, head of the Public Prosecution's Special Investigation Unit, told Reuters.

"The charge is that she used torture, force and threats against the victims to make them confess,"
Full story

Oh, but let us not stop there, there is more....WOMEN who Torture,  rape, who get power through sexual harassment and rape  batterers, killers, and oppressive...

Women get 8-year sentences in torture case
Woman jailed after torturing 15-year-old boy by forcing him to lick up his blood and drink his own urine
Women charged with sexually assaulting girls, making child porn
And just in case my local hags say it does not happen here, that only women are victims in Lanark county...
Wife charged with husband's murder in Lanark County
Just a little taste of reality and truth...and by the way, there are thousands of these links if any "feminist" dare to say it is only a few...

If we do not recognize that evil acts are performed by evil people, that some women are as capable of performing these acts just like anyone else, if we look the other way, the way feminists want us to, then victims will continue to suffer.
We have to be fair in our society, we can no longer afford to demonize one segment and look the other way for the other.
If women are capable of been on the front lines in war, then it goes to figure they (and I mean some, not all people, just to be fair) can also commit crimes just like anyone else.

If the ladies respect equality, if it is not just a word to be used to get special consideration, then they must admit, and expose the problem.They must recognize that those who say they speak for them no longer are there to protect their rights, but to promote themselves through hate.
That is the true nature of equality.

Feminist hypocrisy and shame, female pedophilia.

Mother-of-three, 31, molested schoolboys as young as 12 after drinking enough alcohol 'to knock out an elephant' at party

Do we hear of these multiple female pedophiles in the feminist rhetoric, no, and you never will, because it destroys their message of all women are victims instead of telling the truth that some are pedoes. 
Recognizing there is a problem would help out who? Children. 
By not exposing this problem they are as responsible for the victimization of children as the pedoes are. 
It is always "men are bad women are victims" and let's not forget "we get power through rape and sexual harassment" and at Superbowl time, we buy beer and beat our wives(this is what my local hags have revealed) and "men are rapists and killers".
I could put link after link of women abusing children, but the one above makes my point when it comes to feminism,aka the hags, and their manginas hypocrisy.

Now if you read the pages of the link above, we have this....
'I'm satisfied that this behavior arose not out of pedophilia, although these were pedophile acts"
Hey dumb dumb, if it is pedophile acts, its pedophilia, you dumb shit.
Now if it was a man, he would of said; " I'm satisfied that this behavior arose out of pedophilia and these were pedophile acts, you make me sick". 
See the hypocrisy?
The female pedophile was given 2 years prison sentence, suspended for 2 years, not sure what that means. I do know this, she should of got the same as any other pedo, but no, after all she is a woman and the 12 year olds were only boys?????

Here is my thoughts on this, judge patrick thomas (mangina extraordinaire) does not believe women can rape boys, he believes that boys, some has young as 12 years old or whatever, are not victims of predatory women who have twisted sexual appetites, he believes that boys that young do not feel in the long run they were victimized and that boys want to be groped by these female pedophiles, and it will not affect them. 

They say, (the hags) that words such as "all men are rapist and killers" are said by feminists who are outside the main stream of feminism, well if you look at the position these hags have, most have written books, most teach or have access to schools, and are professors in women's studies, this is not the fringe, this is mainstream.
We even have radical feminists who are professors in universities promoting pedophilia, as a inter-generational intimacy.
Is this message from outside feminism mainstream????? Not if they teach at universities it isn't.

Pedophilia is an act of violence on all children, boys and girls and until we treat it as such, the problem will never go away if it is only partially exposed.

Women are not the problem in our society, ( I have daughters and they are NOT feminists) radical feminism and their allies are...
When you give excuses for bad behavior, for instance alcoholic anonymous and drug programs, will tell their clients, they will be alcoholics or drug addict for life, they continue on making that person dependent, instead of substance it's the organisation itself and when they fall, they have an excuse, after all they were told they would be victims for life.
Well for some women it is the same thing, if you tell them they will be victimized for life, some will be dependent on the women's shelter industry or other organisations, taking away any chance they have to regain their strength, making them come back, over and over again. Make sense financially, that way they can claim falsely increases and demand more funding.
The problem is, some will take advantage of the situation. 
Making false accusations is now rampant against men, to a point where it is becoming not only a financial burden, but a problem for the real victim. 
When someone claims rape or sexual assault or any kind of violence, we now have doubt. Is it true or is it an excuse for bad behavior.
If the hags really cared for women, they would instantly denounce this, instead of adding them to their statistics. 
When they say nothing about it, they further victimize the real victim.
The more I look into what they (the hags) represent, especially their policy of not questioning any women who claims abuse, the more I find that, in my opinion, at least half of claims against men are...false.
Taking away necessary funding for the real victims.

Erin Pizzey is absolutely right in exposing what the shelter industry has become, a political arena for corrupt, radical left wing feminist, and their insatiable appetite for inflated salaries and personal power.
At the expense of victims who need help.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The hard fall of feminism,aka the hags.

The hags are in a fit over this, cackling all over the web, they realize their power is vanishing, thanks to the younger generation, like these 2 ladies who have millions of follower.
From now on, call yourself a feminist and you are no better than the lowly child molester,
by yourself, unwanted, and shunned as a parasite. Doesn't feel good does it...
You wanted to take us on, our daughters will teach you what you did wrong...

Monday, January 28, 2013

Positive relationships between daughters and fathers...No one can take it away...Have faith in them.

The saying “Daddy’s girl” is destined to become obsolete as the rise in single mother families continues and fathers are only a parent in name only, not to mention the outcomes for fatherless girls is traditionally not good.

According to research, girls who grow up without their fathers are more likely to be poor, become involved in drug and alcohol abuse, drop out of school, and suffer from health and emotional problems. They are also more likely to become pregnant as teens.
Many have now realized the lack of fatherhood on girls has produce a sad element in our society and wants to turn those statistics around by making sure that every little girl has a relationship with their daddy.

Daddy’s Girl, with the tagline: “Successful Daughters, Supportive Dads” works on bringing out the best in both fathers and daughters. Providing a parent mentoring program, health, nutrition and dance classes, workshops and webinars and special events where fathers and daughters can interact and have a good time, the organization’s goal is to foster healthy and positive relationships between fathers and their daughters.

Aside from their programs, Daddy’s Girl highlights father-daughter relationships in a variety of ways like featuring pictures of well-known celebrity dads with their own daughters on the organization’s Facebook page.

Daddy’s Girl is an organization poised to shift the paradigm of fatherless families by strengthening, supporting, and guiding men who are willing to be present, life-changing forces in the lives of their daughters.


As for you feminazis, hags, with inferiority complexes and low intellect, you failed and realize time is up, go back to the rat hole you came out of and never return.You have done nothing but damages and heartbreaks, family divisions and tears, it will take generations to undo the mess you made, but we are willing to work with our loved ones to give our children what they so desire, love, affection and guidance without hatred from useless fools who do not like their own lives and themselves.
A personal thought:
To the fathers out there, I know that it is heartbreaking what they did to you, believe me, but never give up, in the long term you will win back your daughters.
The local hags aka feminazies, Woman's shelter (especially its director),welfare, courts, so on, did all in their power to alienate my daughters against me, tried their best to divide, to demonize. They used tactics paralleled to people who served hitler, lenin, stalin and mao, but they failed.
They cannot in the long run take away the bond between father and daughter, it is an impossibility, be yourself, be daddy, be there, smile, hug and never forget, girls need to hear, "I will always love you, no matter what".
And you will defeat the forces of evil in the long run...and evil is what they are, we have defeated evil before, and we will do it again, no one can stand against ...DAD.

(for apparent reasons I blocked off their names, been the web and all, left a thumbnail of me because they, (the hags) read this blog, and I want them to realize it is me, and they lost)

This is from both my daughters on my timeline, my ex's failed, the hags at the local shelter in carleton place failed, the courts failed, their "protectors" failed,  and from now on, every time my girls hear the word feminists, they will tell of their their experiences with these fools, pass it down to their children, and increase the opposition to their message of hate to the next generation...
I never gave up on my girls, yes they were rebellious, but, they came back because I...was...daddy.
So don't you dare give up. Have faith in their love for you.

As for the HAGS, I will never forget and never forgive....

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Control schools and you can control a country.

The Campus Rape Myth by Heather Mac Donald, City Journal 

Sarcasm ! But an excellent point isn't it.
It’s a lonely job, working the phones at a college rape crisis center. Day after day, you wait for the casualties to show up from the alleged campus rape epidemic—but no one calls. Could this mean that the crisis is overblown? No: it means, according to the campus sexual-assault industry, that the abuse of coeds is worse than anyone had ever imagined. It means that consultants and counselors need more funding to persuade student rape victims to break the silence of their suffering.
Remember the hippies of the 60's, where are they now?
The campus rape movement highlights the current condition of radical feminism, from its self-indulgent bathos to its embrace of ever more vulnerable female victimhood. But the movement is an even more important barometer of academia itself. In a delicious historical irony, the baby boomers who dismantled the university’s intellectual architecture in favor of unbridled sex and protest have now bureaucratized both. While women’s studies professors bang pots and blow whistles at anti rape rallies, in the dorm next door, freshman counselors and deans pass out tips for better orgasms and the use of sex toys. The academic bureaucracy is roomy enough to sponsor both the dour anti male feminism of the college rape movement and the promiscuous hookup culture of student life. The only thing that doesn't fit into the university’s new commitments is serious scholarly purpose.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Like I said in the previous post, this is no longer about women's rights, feminism aka hags, is a political ideal, and this organisation, ironically is also compose of men, aka manginas. They don't want to make the world safer or better, they want power, they want the rains, they want to dictate, and if they get it, God forbid, they will impose a radical left wing ideology, aka, communism, or something like it. Whatever it will be, it is not going to be pretty. They know exactly what they are doing, it is always the path of the radical to go after the schools, all throughout history, this is where it begins. This is were hitler and lenin started, once they had control of schools, especially universities, they sent the students in the streets. Remember mao's cultural revolution in china. 
The thing is, all these political ideals  have been exposed as nothing other than power grab, nobody in these countries enjoyed a better life, as a matter of fact, it was worse. Capitalism might not be the best system we can achieve, but it is the best one we have for now. 
Hitler, Lenin, Mao, depended on those who had inferiority complexes, they put them in position of power, and the rest is history. They are the best servants a dictator can have, these people take their complexes and lash out on the population, gives then a sense of superiority they never had, and I dare anyone to contradict this. We can safely say now, stalin, goebbells, himmler(chicken farmer), and people such as this, had inferiority complexes. 
All this came about with first controlling schools and the behavior of students, and they did not stop at universities, the younger the better...just like what is happening today...in our schools, history repeating itself...

Child’s Play (Literally) Being Regulated
There have been multiple stories in the mainstream media about children being suspended from school for making the sign of a gun.  It’s getting to the point that boys are not allowed to be boys at all in today’s modern schools and boys in particular need regular exercise in order to fully participate in a classroom–yet many schools are removing physical education entirely.

Where do we draw the line? Will they soon outlaw “tag”?  No more “Red Rover or “kick ball”? Is the next step to cover entire playgrounds with bubble wrap and just let the kids “imagine” they’re playing?  I’m sure someone somewhere has a fear of jump ropes and is planning a ban on those, too, just in case a six year old might try to put one around someone’s neck. 

Don't be fooled by their messages, if the system falls, these people would be the first to sign up to be...commissars. It is what they did during the Russian and the Chinese revolution. School staff where the first to sign up to be party member of the national socialist German's workers party, aka nazis.
It's happened before, and it will happen again, thing is, will we let it.

Taking on the system online....can be dangerous to your health.

Visionary Internet activist Aaron Swartz found dead; was this brilliant internet revolutionary 'taken out?'
Swartz was targeted by the system

Mysterious deaths of people who question government now becoming more frequent

Prominent rifle manufacturer killed in mysterious car crash days after posting psych drug link to school shooters

Social networking pioneer who took on Facebook commits suicide at age 22

A few years ago, when I personally started to expose what the social programs where doing with families in Lanark county and using children to increase welfare roles, with the co-operation of city and county officials, I was invited to "give myself up" to the local police station, telling me the rcmp where on their way to pick me up for a warrant. I found it fishy at best because when there is a warrant against you, they do not invite you to the local police station. So I called the rcmp before going there and they told me they had no such action in mind. When I called the local police station asking for an explanation, he told me the name of the rcmp officer who was on his way to pick me up, I again called the rcmp office in Kingston and asked for that particular officer, his answering service told me he was on medical leave and would not return for another 2 weeks.... To this day I wonder what would of happened if I would of showed up at that police station at 8 am in the morning???

Since then, I had the visit of another one warning me not to send emails to specific local social worker directors, which I rarely did, and when I did, it was polite and diplomatic,  (I knew I was dealing with someone with an inferior complexes and very dangerous) . This "cop" had a handful of this blog printed in her hands, and I asked out front, "you read them, was there anything in them that was impolite and threatening", she answered..."NO", I responded, "why are you here then".
A while later I got another visit from a different one, again with a handful of paper printed from this blog, they told me they had a warrant from the rcmp, and I had to go to jail for 5 months, (this is the same as above), while at the station I got "we warned you" thrown in my face. Eventually the rcmp told them that it was only a fine and if I paid it on the spot I could go home. (which I did). After coming home I called the federal court house on laurier st in hull Quebec, 3 times to make sure, they told me this ontario wide warrant claimed by this officer was "non-existent", their words not mine.

And I contacted 2 different rcmp offices, and asked about this warrant and they could not find it, even telling me it was impossible to have an ontario or canada wide warrant on a simple fine unless there was violence involved which there was not...."their words not mine". He told me the worse that could happen is if I was stopped for a seat belt violation or something to that effect where the fine was, in Ottawa ontario., then I would have to pay it on the spot.
I never pushed the issue after that, but after the first encounter, I took precautions, just in case.....and made copies of copies....just in case. My web cam amongst other things is connected to a web site that saves pictures and videos, with a motion detector program... (Just in case.lol)
After a discussion with a local politician, I told this person, they are trying hard to demonize me, make me look bad, especially this shelter's staff, this person responded  "ya, and she won't stop", I said, "it's OK, neither will I", the response was..."Good". So, I am not the only one who thinks the system is corrupt.

For the record,

I am NOT suicidal, depressed or on any drugs or medications
I am non violent, and as you can see on this blog, never threatened anyone with physical violence, even after what they did to my family.
When we give unrestricted power, with no safety line visa vie our freedom we invite people such as lenin, stalin, hitler, and as a native american I can safely say that giving your safety and welfare to a group of people and trusting them to keep you safe is very dangerous...
Freedom is non negotiable, it does not belong to the few to do with as they wish, families should never be regulated by governments, and children are NOT the tool of the corrupt, self hating, low self esteem, with an inferiority complex hag aka the feminist and their manginas.
We can see the results of them infesting our society and families.
A parent can fight, starve, deny himself, just to give what his daughter deserve, and when he sees his sacrifice go down the drain, demonized unjustly for simply been a father, there has to be a line in the sand. They crossed that line with me, they did not have the right, and I plan to make sure they understand this. I wanted my children to be the best they could be, with love, discipline, understanding and especially hard work, the social programs of Lanark county Ontario, pushed on by this shelter in Carlton place and it's staff, believed they could do whatever they wish, after all, I was just a man, a father, bad mistake on their part.You can only push a man, a father so far, and when he decides to fight back, get out of his way, you do not stand one hell of a chance. We will not do it alone, we will put things back were they belong with our wives, our mothers and our daughters.
These are my words of power and they are strong.
Welcome to 2013, our year.

P.S.; Keep this in mind, in the 80's I use to negotiate union labor contracts, equal pay for equal work, I don't mean someone who is waitress should make as much as a welder on top of a bridge or a building, which I use to do,  but for example, male and female welders should make the same pay, if they do the same work.
We do have daughters and this is what we want for them.
I also thought native studies in local schools on a volunteer basis, that means for free.
My point is, if they did it to me, there is no stopping them to do it to anyone out there, there is nothing you can do to have their respect, not that we are looking for it, your a man, they will come after you given the chance, and that is hatred, it does not stop there, if your a stay at home mom, you are also the enemy.
And the attacks directed at myself, (revenge for this blog), continue to this day.

The word feminist should of meant, to bring out the femininity of a woman, her strength and importance in the circle of life, not that she never was, the right to work and be paid the same amount as anyone, so on, so on...
Instead, feminism has become the very epitome of corruption taken over by self hating hags who wants the world to be as miserable as they are, a sub-intellect with an inferiority complex.
Blogs, mrm, and others just point out what they represent, it is up to you ladies to correct it, after all, they claim to speak for you...when they say...about your sons...
"recognize that male power is upheld through rape and sexual harassment"
"men are rapists, batterers, plunderers, killers".

Friday, January 25, 2013

Margeret Sanger, left wing radical feminist;aka feminazi hag

As part of her efforts to promote birth control, Sanger found common cause with proponents of eugenics, believing that they both sought to "assist the race toward the elimination of the unfit.  Sanger was a proponent of negative eugenics, which aims to improve human hereditary traits through social intervention by reducing reproduction by those considered unfit. Sanger's eugenic policies included an exclusionary immigration policy, free access to birth control methods and full family planning autonomy for the able-minded and compulsory segregation or sterilization for the profoundly retarded. In her book The Pivot of Civilization, she advocated coercion to prevent the "undeniably feeble-minded" from procreating. Although Sanger supported negative eugenics, she asserted that eugenics alone was not sufficient, and that birth control was essential to achieve her goals.
Now, I am not a know it all feminist hag and God forbid a mangina, but isn't this the exact policies of the Nazi party??????
So, this is where it all started, the expression feminazi fits pretty well doesn't it?

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

2013... the return of man

Found a few good readings if anyone is interested.
Is feminism experiencing a meltdown
The 9 ugliest feminists in america Coming soon, 5 ugliest feminist in lanark county.(hehehe)
Racism Is A Feminist’s Best Friend

I do believe the hags,aka feminazis, have gone too far, our society is slowly breaking down, because of the damages they did.
Demonizing a segment of society is always destructive, we will always have what is now known as "sheeples", people who will believe and accept, without looking to see if it is true or if what is said is real.
I concentrate on the area I live in, but as I looked into it further, I found that what I researched was not only local but rampant everywhere. The destructive nature of these hags, their self hatred of who they are, their inferiority complex, their hatred of anything to do with man, is apparent in its ugly way.
Though the damages they do is becoming a tragedy for nations, especially in the western world, with the slow destruction of morals and families, their actions is mostly concentrated on the local sphere. That is where most of the damage is been done.
And that is what is so dangerous about them, it is not national therefore does not bring national attention.
The damages the local social programs has done to families in lanark county, is horrendous, drug abuse, teen  pregnancy, crime, lack of education, dependency, family breakups, I could go on and on, yet, these same people who cause this, demands more money from municipalities in order to continue....

It is my firm opinion that the return of man is a must if we are to fix what has become of our families and children. We have no other choice.
Women and children, our families, depend on us to be men in order to keep a balance in the circle of life. Because so many of us, me included, have been so demonized, pushed aside, told that we are not useful or unneeded, that some have forgo their God given right to be who we are. We have now realized by taking a step back because of feminist controlled radical courts, social programs, even some politicians, we are partially responsible for what is happening today, and some of us have decided that enough is enough.

What it really comes down to, our ladies and I mean the real ones, not the ones who want to be men, or vise versa, want us to be that beer drinking, cussing, hard working, son of a ....
Real men are more attractive to the ladies because we have the protector and provider gene, and those who behave like manginas, usually end up with what is left, namely man hating hags aka feminazis.

We, men and women, do "not" sign up the the hags message that men want their women barefoot, in the kitchen, washing dishes and pregnant, we have daughters and that would be a nightmare. We want them to be the best they want to be.
The continuing message of the hags that women are permanent victims of men is not exactly the real message, the meaning behind it is not that all women are victims, but to make the weak minded believe that they are, if you succeed, then these people will return to those who preach this message and the funding can continue and even increase through false statistics. That is the real policy of the hags.

Women depend on us to be men, and we depend on them to be women, and we meet in the middle, with our individual gifts, create families, and with mutual respect, our children have a chance in life. But if one demonizes the other, kids do not stand one hell of a chance, and that is why we see so many kids pushing baby strollers.

We know what is right and what is wrong, society depends on the strenght of men to survive, our women and children depend on us to behave like men, if we give up, what chance do they have.

You know what I find ironic...
Put 2 men beside each other,
one, dirty, welder, construction worker, mechanic type,
and the other a lowly mangina,
put a multitude of ladies in front, and let them choose which one is more attractive.
90% of them with choose the man who has the dirty working look, because he looks like a provider and protector,
and the rest, the feminazi or hag, will choose the pink shirt wearing mangina.

Life has not changed, it will always be this way, the lowly hag will never change millions or years of evolution, its a lost cause, and they now know they have lost, that is why we see some now saying feminists are responsible for the breakup of the family, to those who are changing their tunes, trying to hold on to their posh position, we say this, to little to late.

The only thing we (men and women) have to do is...

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Patrirarchs, Matriarchs; Don't be ashamed of the word, embrace it and defend it...

What is real patriarchy? Well it is a family man who supports his wife and kids in their endeavours and tells them they can be whatever they wants, it is a father who will give anything to make sure his children are safe and have a good education and can care for themselves, it is a man who will put his life on the line to make sure this comes about.
Look at the ones who criticize this word today, do they know what it really means, what it did, or what it protects, no. The only thing they know is what they were told it means by those old hags aka feminazis who have infested our education system, that patriarchs are men who controlled women.
Name me one father who teaches his daughters to serve her husband, be barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen...As patriarchs  we push our daughters to go to school, get a good education and be self sufficient, we offer suggestions and opinions on how to do it, we not only push, but insist they continue school, and we pay for it with our sweat and hard work. And in turn, we die first, but that's OK, we are expendable right, I mean after all, we are just your fathers, husbands, sons and brothers.
The word patriarch means something totally different than what it meant back when, but back then life was a little harder, and protecting women and children meant something different than today. Hence, the end means are still the same, to make sure the people in our lives are safe and ensures they be what "they" want to be.

They gave Nazi salutes to the police and screamed in their faces that they were “f---ing scum and f---ing pigs,” including to the women police officers.
"Why some of them were not arrested is beyond me, as they were clearly physically intimidating other people. But failure to arrest violent thug leftists is now common at such events.
The ugliness and stupidity of the mob was invincible. Caked in bad makeup and piercings, their faces creased in hatred and self-loathing, they screamed at Farrell and anybody who wanted to hear him — supporters or opponents — and tried to block all of the exits and entrances. They laughed at and abused anybody who told personal stories about tragedy and suffering, chanted that men’s rights groups were hate groups, and proudly stated their intention was to close down the event and prevent free speech.
In spite of all this, Farrell did speak, and spoke well. But to think that feminism has so often become this, and to see the true shape of the contemporary women's movement is sad indeed. As the left so like to say, “shame, shame, shame.”

When I read statements like "men's rights group are hate group", you have to laugh, I mean we are choir boys compare to these "whatever they are". Men who have had enough and speak out, always make sure they tell the difference between hags and women.
Hags on the other hand....

It would be like me saying...

Which would be a direct attack on the women of our families...
I and men in general do not subscribe to this philosophy, neither does the majority of women, so why does the lowly man hating sub intellectual feminist???
In this report about Warren Farrell speaking at the University of Toronto we see exactly what the hags have thought in schools, and the brainwashed little girls and their white knight mangina boyfriends, who have been lead by the nose with hatred and false propaganda, and the irony of it all, these little girls are in college because their fathers are paying for it, and they basically call them women haters????
Fortunately as we see in the video above, thought they and their mangina supporters are vocal, they are no longer numerous because their messages is no longer viable in a open and informed society as we have today. The only thing they do have is that they are vocal..

Feminism is parasitism. The whole agenda of feminism is to usurp fruits of labour of men and fathers by threatening, shaming and berating. This parasitic structure will not last for long. They are realizing their power is diminishing and since they are stuck in their behaviour, the real face of feminism is starting to show how useless it is to listen to anything they say and how ridiculous their message is….Feminism has not only become parasites but the buffoons of our society, they try to be substantial with loud voices and uninformed brainwashed little girls who actually get their education thanks to...the family patriarch...

So, be a patriarch, be proud of it, your daughters depend on your strenght, your sons are watching and learn from your behaviour towards others and the women in your circle will be safer and more free to be what they wish to be.
Or be a matriarch, like my grandmother was, were we went to her for wisdom and opinions, do not be afraid of the words, it got us this far and they know damn well, it will get us through this mess they, the hags have created...that is what scares them the most about those words, it is the threat to their power.
Matriarchy has a lot of meaning for us, it is the balance in our lives, it is the respect we offer to our women, it is the position they hold...
and to have a native woman, say all men hold their power through rape, is particularly offensive and hypocritical since she comes from that society. One would expect someone who comes from this society, (native), to have a better perspective on what men and women can achieve together. It is sad to see someone of my own people, a woman, to speak such words when she knows damn well...its not true...She could offer a balance in the position she holds, a different view, but instead she attacks anything man, and family, which is a contradiction to who she is supposed to be, and that is, to me anyway, hypocrisy and a failure to be who she is. So how can anyone believe anything she says?

Ma·tri·arch (ma-tr-√§rk) .

1. A woman who rules a family, clan, or tribe.

2. A woman who dominates a group or an activity.

3. A highly respected woman who is a mother.

You do not see us demonizing this word...
I personally always enjoyed the words of my family's Matriarch, my Grandmother, after she died, the family suffered an irreplaceable lost. She was an important strenght to the family circle. I would never demean the word, it is too...important.
Feminism, has caused a lot of damages to our society and families, they used words like patriarch to attack senselessly what was the strenght of families, and they did it out of hate for they own lives. When one does not like ones life, usually they attack others to satisfy they sense of inferiority.
This "EVIL" will happen more and more if we forgo our importance in the family and how we made this world what it is. Men and women are tied at the hip in the circle of life, to demonize one is to do it to the other, and that is imbalance, the problem with this is, some with small minds, will listen...

Patriarchy and Matriarchy is the title we gave to our elders, our grandparents, because of the wisdom of their years, not what the hags aka feminists, use it for their own inferiority complexes and self hatred.
The time has come to expose what they really represent, otherwise there will be more drugs, alcohol, teen pregnancies, and God forbid, suicides because our kids do not know who to turn to...
Patriarchy and matriarchy are honorable words, it means people will come to you for your wisdom. This is a matriarch, a clan mother, something the man hating feminists should be aware of. It means wisdom. Same as patriarch.

Here is a thought:
Piss off a hag aka feminist and their manginas, call yourself a Patriarch or a Matriarch, put it on your sites, promote it for what it really is, because what it represent and what they say it does are two totally different things.
Stand tall and remember who is watching your every move...your kids.

I am Warrior, protector, provider, I am Patriarch, those who come after me, depend on the wisdom of my years, ask for my opinions and if my words help, then I am not ....forgotten.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

5 year old with a hello kitty ping bubble gun branded terrorist.

Well the school system in all it's wisdom averted another school shooting, a 5 year old little girl said she was going to shoot her friends with bubbles, using a hello kitty bubble gun, and she was questioned by adults for 2 hours, without the parents present, enforcing what I have been saying, they are pushing aside mom and dad and believe they parent our kids.
Theoretical; This child, most probably heard the school shooting on tv, from such stations as cnn and msnbc, who explained in detail, for almost a week, how to do it and what weapon to use. And offer some nut, the exact thing they so desire, publicity and historical notoriety.
Now a 5 year old only captures part of what they hear, they have no idea of what it means and what it represent, to them life is a game, full of fun and giggles. So why is there so many idiots in the world who do not know the mind of a child and traumatise such a young girl by putting her through questionable procedure.
Don't you just want to bitch slap these fools and say, "SHE'S 5 YEARS OLD YOU DUMB ASS".

Full story  excerpts;
“This logic, which was not said in malice, came from the mind of this beautiful 5-year-old child who was playing with her friends, whom she hugs every day,”
The girl was initially kicked out for 10 days in what the school categorized as a “terroristic threat.”
That suspension was reduced to two days and labeled as a “threat to harm others.”
The questioning apparently began around 10:30 a.m., and that the girl’s mother was contacted at 1:30 p.m.
“You’re telling me that this child was questioned by adults, in a situation where there was no parent or parental guardian, and then she was, initially, given an incident category of ‘making terrorist threats?’”  “And this from a 5-year-old? What’s going on here? Can’t kids be kids anymore?”
The girl’s mother said she is also upset that she was not contacted when, for three hours, her daughter was questioned
“All I know,” said the mother, “is what my daughter has told me and she said she was told she could go to jail, which is a very traumatic thing for a 5-year-old to live with.”
Before being allowed to return to school, the girl had to undergo psychological testing from an independent practitioner.
The incident goes on her permanent school record. She has been branded a troubled person. But she was suspended for her words. She had no gun. She had a bubble-making machine.”
Anyway, let's be realistic here;
What they should of said; "Sweetie, you can't shoot someone with bubbles it can irritate the eyes", and then call the parents. These would be the words of reasonable adults. But whoever said hags and manginas running our schools where ever...logical.

Man, we are screwed, idiots to the left of us, fools to the right, and our kids are in the middle.

We have a saying, "We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children."
These are our children, if we do not protect them from the fools, if we give our rights to the local idiot running the funny farm, what does that say of us, and what chance does a 5 year old girls have.

Here is my opinion, based on historical facts....If, and a big if, these radical left wing fools and buffoons, would ever take over any country in the western world, they would be the first to take over any public organisation, they would cancel elections, impose their will and, we would have to call them...commissars. 
Feminism is no longer about women's rights, its long past this, it is a political ideal, an organisation that wants to change the way we live and they are doing it by attacking, not only men, but stay at home moms, women who choose to care for the family, and even women who are in the work place but refuse their ideology, not to mention some poor little 5 year old girl with a hello kitty bubble gun.
They have faked statistics, frauded the taxpayer, payed themselves inflated salaries, and if you look deeply into their character, you will find someone who has an inferiority complex.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Quebec Canada; Just like the communist regime of the USSR. Holding prayer meetings is illegal.

Quebecer fined for arranging Catholic Mass in rented building

Denying any freedoms for whatever reason, is not only a dangerous affair, but it also insults our grandparents, who gave us this world through their beliefs and hard work.
You want to be an atheist, fine, I want to be spiritual, you want to be muslim or whatever, fine, I want to be catholic.
Again this has nothing to do with their arguments, but to re-organize what our ancestors gave us and create a world according to their ideals. Take away freedoms for whatever reason and what is next, give them one and they will move to the next one, till one day you will find yourself....without the basic freedoms you used to enjoy.
Who...does it insult, to believe, to pray, to be who you want to be, I have never seen a religious person going to courts or fining someone for been atheist, so why are they doing it?
Doesn't freedom demands you accept the diversity of all????
If they want a socialist utopia, which has been tried and always failed, they must destroy religion and the traditional family, because we stand in their way, we teach hard work, respect, and not to depend on anyone to our kids, and that is a threat to their idealism.

Bad cops- good cops

Are cops who abuses their positions really cops, or are they criminals who infiltrated an organisation that was created to serve....
People who go around abusing their position are criminals, plain and simple, unfortunately for the good ones, the bad always makes the news more than the good, so it is up to the good to clean up their ranks, otherwise, they will be judged by the actions of the few...
Poetic but real...
And if the good cop, say nothing about bad behaviour, and hold to the out of date code of; the brotherhood do not turn on each other, then the brotherhood isn't much to hold on to...
Respect is not given, it is earned by action.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The hags (aka; feminist) prayer "The State is My Shepherd, I Shall Not Want."

It says it all doesn't it, even though it is sarcasm, it perfectly shows what I have been saying all along, the hags power is been "eroded" by the next generation of the young, they are no longer buying into the "all men are bad" or that the state is the answer. The demise of feminism will not come at the hands of men only, it will come at the hands of fathers, husbands, wives, daughters, together we can make a world pleasant for everyone, divided we will be at each others throats, and fuel the hags insatiable thirst for power at the expense of our kids.

Add the "obama is god, rise for your lord and saviour" from jaime foxx, and you have a clear picture of what they are trying to do, "dependency", on the state, and they are doing it, not to make your life and mine better, but to add the vote to their ranks, if you depend on the state, you are not going to vote for conservatism.
Now some say foxx said it as a joke, ok, might be, but he did say it, and I don't know about you but saying such things it might not make the Creator too happy, because some did not take it as a joke, there are people out there who will follow those words. I do not believe for one minute obama is the anti-christ either, I might not like his financial policies, but he's no frigin anti-christ.
To be honest I think foxx said it to make waves and then it promotes is new movie "django".

The point is, when you push the envelope to far, it causes a backlash, history is full of instances where this has happened before, Robespierre, brought Napoleon, the Dumas republic, (or whatever it was called after the csar), brought lenin and stalin, Spain's communist government, brought franco, the Wiemar republic brought us...hitler.
Every time our society falls under the control of the state, brought on by the corrupt, thriving for power, something bad happens. I know some on the left want good things for people, and so does those on the right, but every time they try, someone passes in between the ranks and grabs power, and just makes things worse.
We cannot afford to follow anymore, we, the people, must take responsibility for ourselves and for our children, the best gift an adult can have, is to be a parent, and family is what makes a nation strong,  and prosperous, this is what gives kids a chance in the world.
I live in an area, where when you visit the housing projects, you see children pushing babies, single parents, mostly young girls, no future, dependent, and their children will be also.
This is used by the corrupt, to increase their power, the more people on welfare, the more votes. more money, bigger salaries. It is not about left or right, it is about letting those who use this to benefit themselves.
Make no qualms about it, the social programs are "controlled" by the hags and a few "manginas" who have forfeited their responsibilities as men and women, for personal gratification. At the expense of our families.
Our immortality is our children and our grandchildren, they belong to no one, state or otherwise, if we do not fight to pass to them the strenght they need, through wisdom and hard work, to be there when they need us, then what does that say about all of us, and who will take up the slack?
When we refuse to fight back as parents, we invite those who thrive on personal power to inject themselves into our children's lives, (teen help lines, welfare, housing, child protection, children counselors so on) and how is that working out, increase drug abuse, teen pregnancy, alcoholism, homelessness, crime, lack of respect for the elders, uneducated generation, and this is passed down, increasing the numbers and down the line, this will not boded well for the future of any nation. How do I know this???
I am native, believe me...I know, because it was done to us.
Look at the end result of been dependant on the state.
No dreams, no hope, no future....
I have no problem with the state helping out, but it must be done with the co-operation of parents, families, mom and dad.
No where in history where the state usurped the family has it ever ended up well, all have fallen...
And the main proponent of the fall of the western world is...feminism and manginas.
This is what they want....

But this is who we really are...

So that our families can have this...peace, freedom and prosperity....

We are all a strand in the web of life, if we forgo our place, the web collapses....and family is the strenght of the web.

Monday, January 14, 2013

The Imaginarium of the feminazi marxist mind.

Sweden is in a feminist marxist stranglehold, and so is most of scandanavia for that matter, and life there is getting more and more ridiculous everyday, pointing out the imaginative ways the marxist feminist and mangina is trying to change million of years of evolution is sometimes funny, sometimes sad. But as they keep on pushing forward with their idiotic agenda, more and more, even in sweden, land of feminist utopia, people are raising an eyebrow and saying enough.
They are so out of ideas, that now they are going after....and get this,
Gender neutral toilets, God forbid, men stand up to pee, that is sexist.
Gender neutral words, like hen, instead of him or her, ya ok, moms and dads are going to call their boys or girls, hen. (cluck)
Gender neutral toys, what they really mean by that is, get rid of toy guns and cars and make boys play with dolls.
Gender neutral schools, teach boys how to be manginas.
Gender neutral names, this is my son, Maiseph, mix Mary and Joseph, this is my daughter Willate, mix William and Kate, I know it's silly but hey, if the shoe fits.
Gender neutral nursery,
Gender neutral schools,
And my favorite, gender neutral babies, now look at this site and this is in my country of Canada, now tell me this is not psychological abuse on a child...What is interesting on that site, is there is no support in the comments for what those abusive parents did to this boy child... It was not gender neutral, as it was turning a boy into the daughter they really wanted. They won't let him wear combat pants, but will dress him in dresses...gender neutral my ass...

Then we have this; I Don’t Want My Preschooler to Be a ‘Gentleman’
How many ladies want men to be a gentleman, I wonder....
After reading it, it was clear she understood nothing about been a gentleman, it is the other side of been a lady, to be realistic, who teaches their kids to be either a gentleman, or a lady, mothers, this is were a child first hears it. It is enforced and nurtured by the father, but it is mom who first uses it. To be a gentleman is to open doors, pull a chair, move aside, defend, provide, to be a lady is to respect yourself, to be the best you can be, to stand tall, also to provide in some cases. I can see it now, "i am sorry, out of respect for you, i am not going to hold the door, pull a chair, provide or defend", see how far that will get you with the ladies...Been a gentleman does not mean you disrespect the ladies for God's sake, it means respect. For your mother, your wife, and especially your sons and daughter, because what they see, they will imitate.

The video above perfectly explain, the real path and cost of out of control feminism, the point is, they did not stop at equality, but continued at trying to change evolution itself, and that has the recipe for one hell of a backlash. The question here is, aren't we weakening society in the western world by doing this kind of abuse, especially on the next generation of boys, will a gender neutral male, fight for freedom, get his hands dirty to build a bridge, a road, a ditch, is the rest of the developing world following our oh so interesting path to gender neutral society, or are we too secure in believing or realising, that the rest of the world, outside the western world, no one believes in this ...crap.
I can see it now, gender neutrals, lets put a gender neutral word to that, gentrals, defending our freedom against a muslim army, or chinesse or north korean, or Iranian, or, well you get the point. (my apologies to these countries, not picking on you, but trying to make a point)
We all want war and conflicts to be abolished, it is said that in time of peace, a son buries his father, but in war, a father buries his son, and we do not want that, we have to realise though, in what kind of world we live in, for now. And it is not the imaginarium world of the feeble minded feminist and their manginas.
No one can deny, the feminist and their mangina supporters have a marxist mentality, to change the world according to their views, and that is what marxism is, to change what is, into what they believe should be. It did not work in those who adopted this philosophy, they returned to the capitalist system, yet, some, in our society want to try it anyway.
It will never take here, especially in the americas, we are a rough and hard society, fortunately, crap like gender neutral always happen in europe first, and as we can see what it is doing to their children, we certainly do not want it here.

To all the hags(aka;feminists) and mangina of lanark county ontario...

Remember....you started this.

The death of feminism will come from men and "women".

I see more and more women online expressing they views against feminism.
And this comes about by the message these hags have put out there, when they demonize boys and men, they demonize the son and husband of a woman.
And I plan to continue on pointing out what the real message is of these hags...hatred, with the characteristic of an inferiority complex.
There is now an establish difference between a woman and a feminist.
A feminist is a hag who lives with hate and an inferiority complex, and a woman is someone who walks side by side with those she loves.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Why are Hags(aka feminists) changing their tune????

How feminism is to blame for the breakdown of the family...This from a feminist..lol

The hags have realized that they are loosing support, especially amongst the young, so now they are trying to reverse what they have been saying for the past 40 years.
For decades they vilified fathers as been to controlling, husbands as been to abusive, and now they say they were wrong????
I don't think so.....
You can also see it the report, trying to blame fast foods, ya OK, we are losing our families because of french fries, hot dogs and hamburgers...oookkk...

They are trying to hold on to their power by contradicting what is their basic idealism:

The nuclear family must be destroyed... Whatever its ultimate meaning, the break-up of families now is an objectively revolutionary process." -- Linda Gordon

"We can't destroy the inequities between men and women until we destroy marriage." -- Robin Morgan

"Since marriage constitutes slavery for women, it is clear that the women's movement must concentrate on attacking this institution. Freedom for women cannot be won without the abolition of marriage." -- Sheila Cronin

"Marriage as an institution developed from rape as a practice." -- Andrea Dworkin

Under patriarchy, every woman's son is her potential betrayer and also the inevitable rapist or exploiter of another woman." -- Andrea Dworkin

And we are supposed to believe they are changing their colors? I don't think so....

And just for the hell of it, for you ladies out there...If you make love to your husbands, this is what they think you are...

"The institution of sexual intercourse is anti-feminist" -- Ti-Grace Atkinson

"I claim that rape exists any time sexual intercourse occurs" -- Robin Morgan

"Men use the night to erase us." -- Andrea Dworkin

"When a woman reaches orgasm with a man she is only collaborating with the patriarchal system, eroticizing her own oppression." -- Sheila Jeffrys

All heterosexual intercourse is rape because women, as a group, are not strong enough to give meaningful consent."-- Catharine MacKinnon

And what they think of your sons.

Every woman's son is her potential betrayer and also the inevitable rapist or exploiter of another woman." -- Andrea Dworkin
In my opinion, don't think for one moment you are not making a dent in reversing the damages they caused to the family, they are trying hard to take away our message that families includes dad, the thing is, whatever they try, because of what they did, we just can't trust them...
We are better off to eradicate feminism, for the sake of our daughters and sons, than to accept anything they say...
The "I'm sorry we were wrong" message they are now trying to push just does not cut it...
But all in all, it makes me happy to see a prominent feminist say "feminism is to blame for the breakup of the family", it means we are making a difference.
We just won't let them forget what they did to our families.

Ted Nugent Schools CNN's greasy Piers Morgan

Whether one agrees with Nuggent of not, he has a point, but most importantly, for now, the guns are there, especially the illegal ones, when those with legal guns are disarmed, the crime rate goes up...
To change the character of a nation, it would take generations, not a few days. And that is what people such as morgan don't understand.
Morgan brings his british mindset to america, and you cannot turn one country into another, and that's why the guy is causing more damages than good.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Little uninformed feminist girls.

Really, you are the world, OK, you can be, as long as you FIRST admit that the reason you are the world is because your fathers died to make sure you had the right to speak FREELY.

We never said we were perfect, but we did say we would protect and provide to the best of our abilities...
You little girls have a choice who to respect,
Us, with all our imperfection like yourselves or these...

We either make the world a better place together for the next generation....

Otherwise...More will be hurt by this division....

caused for political reason by haggish buffoons with an inferiority complex.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Cnn's piers morgan wants guns banned??? Hypocritical idiot.

In a segment on Piers Morgan’s CNN program, columnist for the Daily Beast, Buzz Bissinger, shockingly states:

“Piers, challenge Alex Jones to a boxing match, show up with a semi-automatic that you got legally and pop him.”
Abby Huntsman (Huffington Post) : “I’d love to see that in uniform.”

Piers Morgan: “I’ll borrow my brothers uniform.”

Earlier in the episode, another guest expressed hope that Alex Jones’ children would not be killed, which Jones’ says terrorized his children and family as they watched on from home.
Just for the hell of it, look at the first comment, a picture of kim il un, the most repressive regime on the planet, no wonder they want to keep their guns, maybe they have a point.
Whether you agree with alex jones or not, the point here is the anti gun lobby with morgan at its media head for now, are against violence but morgan is all for it if it is against someone who does not hold his opinion. If you are against guns, this is not helping any, since millions and more every day are listening to alex jones. Now morgan and friends are against violence and guns but they openly promote murder???
These people pushed on by piers morgan, are against guns but promote killings, My point, why take sides, at least we know were the supporters of gun rights stand, what is disgusting is those against, doing this shit.
Doesn't help those of us who are trying to make a better world for our kids, when idiots like morgan and company are this stupid, does it.
Right, left, where do we go? Who do we listen to, right now we are going to have to take the reigns and straighten this all out ourselves. We need a new look on life away from the established system.
Personally I no longer trust the left, its infested with radicals who would take freedoms away to have their own little utopia, which by the way has been tried before and has not worked out too well.
They attack everything is sight lately, religion, traditional families, they have align themselves with others like the gay lobby, I suggest to this lobby to look at what radical left did to them once in power in other countries.
I don't know about you but things are not going well in the western system, we are in for one hell of a fight for the future, they will not win, but the damages they have done, will take generations to fix.
Morgan in his "debates" always says they was very lttle gun deaths in england, ok. But not to tell the whole story is...propaganda. And in america propaganda once identified will turn those who are listening to you into the opposition.  Morgan should get his statistics right, report the truth, instead of imposing his views...

As for piers morgan, he is a greasy tabloid editor who sensationalizes things with lies and false reporting, why the hell anyone would listen to him is beyond me, he fled england for a reason...
For CNN's Piers Morgan, trouble just seems to be a calling. But then again, it's not as if the cheeky British isn't responsible for much of his own grief.
Throughout his career Morgan seems to have been involved in a litany of ethically questionable issues, but the latest involves charges stemming from his time as editor of Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper, from 1995-2004. Reuters reported in late December that during this time the paper may have engaged in phone hacking.

If journalistic ethics have been breached, look around for Piers Morgan

Fired for faking soldier abuse photos
This isn't the first time Morgan, who loves to sensationalize and embellish, has been at the center of a journalistic ethics controversy. He was sacked from his position as editor of the Daily Mirror in 2004 for faking pictures of British soldiers in Iraq allegedly abusing a prisoner - photos that British Ministry of Defense officials said needlessly endangered the lives of British troops deployed at the time.

"According to one report Mr. Morgan refused the demand to apologize, was sacked and immediately escorted from the building," the BBC's Nicholas Witchell.

Clearly, Piers Morgan is a hack with little regard for journalistic integrity, which makes us wonder how and why CNN would stake its reputation on him.
Full story here

Morgan is not helping, he is making things worse, and cnn is loosing credibility for it, just like the british papers did while he was there. When you have a cause, you must show your side has a better understanding of the issue, and better answers, you must listen the other side and show both sides of the argument, especially if one is in the media. That way you can take the high road so to say, but when you demonize one side you make them the victims, you look stupid and arrogant, as morgan is doing, and you already lost the argument.

One does not have to go far to see the result of the radical lefts way of doing things, look at the hags, aka radical feminists, they are loosing on all fronts, because they dared to attack one segment of our society, men, sons of women, this is the same thing, you go to far, you demonize one side instead of talking to them, and you have already lost.
Morgans way, is promoting the sales of guns, after the massacres, people were willingly giving up guns, now, they are buying them back in droves. Especially the semi autos.
A good journalist brings both sides of the argument, he does not impose his will on opposing views, morgan is a hack.
CNN has now become the tv tabloid of america...and they bitch about fox.....

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Who is really responsible for the increase in male teen suicides.

Hags(aka feminists) and manginas.
Who now controls (for the moment soon to be rectified) the schools and the counseling service?
When a parent forfeits their responsibility, when they do not ask the help of their families elders, (because they threw them in a old folks home), when they depend on others with a university degree who have never stepped into your home and circle of life, then parents are partly responsible for what is going on in our society.
We now have an epidemic of boys committing suicide at a faster rate than girls, latest figures put it at 2/3 of suicides are boys.
So, if a parent depends on a school's counseling service; ask yourself,who controls that service?
Yes, feminists and manginas.
They have been through an education system, as we now know, in universities that demonizes, dehumanizes men. They bring their hatred, their inferiority complex and their anti male lessons they learned in women's studies and they "counsel" boys in schools who have emotional problems with that hated they brought with them....
Now you know why it is happening, they are responsible for the increase in the suicide rate in boys as if they pulled the trigger themselves.
Yes, there is an alarming rate amongst girls also but the issue for now is the boys....
Ladies.....here is what they think of men, and what boys will become,

these are you sons they are talking about, this is what they will and do to your sons in schools and in teen counseling organisations such as open door, teen help lines and others....
This is what they brought with them from university courses on women's studies, there are "no" men or boys studies, it is not "allowed" by the hag movement. So how would they know the psychology of boys? How would they be able to help a young man who is having issues at school other than...suck it up????
So why would you trust these hags and their mangina friends to openly find the root cause of someone who is having emotional problems when they believe that these boys will grow up to be abusers????

If you throw them at these hags aren't you partly to blame if, God forbid, something happens?
As a parent you control your local schools if you speak with one voice, if you do not, this will go on and on...
And the cost will be......tears.
Pardon my french but...
Ladies, these are your sons they are talking about and these hags say they speak for you....