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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Who really controls the women's shelter industry.

Ah, women's shelters! Southern Ontario resident Mariel Davison offers up a rather damning story of what happens when naively impartial volunteerism collides with women's shelter groupthinking.

Davison has an honours degree in psychology. A few years ago, considering herself an "equal opportunity feminist," she volunteered to serve at a local women's shelter. During eight weeks' "training," Davison was subjected to relentless male-bashing and junk science. That, and the puzzling incongruity of the female-as-victim message with the battered lesbians who also sought refuge -- lesbian violence was a taboo subject amongst trainees -- led to further intellectual inquiry.
"I was told I had too much education to volunteer at the shelter."

In a just world, Englishwoman Erin Pizzey, who founded the world's first shelter for battered wives in 1971, would be a sought-after speaker on the subject of domestic violence. In the real world, however, Pizzey's name is a byword for politically incorrectness.

Pizzey's crime? A humanist, she challenged the belief system dictated by radical feminists, who colonized her shelter and made her presence untenable. Their ideological mantra, still alive and kicking, insists that men are the default perpetrators in domestic violence, while women are invariably innocent victims who inflict violence only in self-defence. But Pizzey knew from her own experience (her wealthy, socially elite parents were mutually abusive, and her mother violent to Erin), and from what the women in her shelter told her, that most partner violence is reciprocal.
Holding women responsible for their violence was so at odds with the received wisdom of the movement's activists that, for her whistle-blowing pains, Pizzey's dog was killed and her entire family received death threats. Undaunted, she pursued her equal-responsibility crusade in the United States for many years in a fusillade of articles and books.
Feminists; if you do not tow the line...well.

The domestic-violence industry is a closed shop, from Women's Studies courses (don't look for Pizzey's or Dutton's research there, since there are none), to women-only shelters, to Status of Women, to the National Judicial Council, to the Supreme Court of Canada. They're all reading from the same myth-riddled hymnbook.
Pizzey told her standing-room-only audience that for gender politics "Canada is the scariest country on the planet." Scary to men who suffer because of it, certainly, but apparently not to most other Canadians, who remain curiously indifferent to the demonstrable misandry permeating the institutions that define and shape our culture.

Excellent article..full story here...

I suffered two broken ribs and a ruptured spleen at the hands of my daughters mother, because I tried to prevent her from going out to do hard drugs while pregnant, I ended in the hospital for 2 months and the kid was born addicted to hard drugs, and still to this day, the local shelter tries their best to demonize me every chance they get...with the help of their girlfriends in the local constabulary...(or local feminist cops), why? Because I dared to fight back...
Just for the sake of argument, what would of happened if I would of called the cops, it would not of been taken seriously, what would of happened if I would of defended myself? I would of been charged...
So you see, for shelters it is not about the children or even the victim, its about their power and the financial benefit that comes with it...All men are bad, no matter the situation.
Now it is not that we men consider ourselves to be victims of women as much as the truth is not been told and because of it, our society is suffering, any violence against anyone, if it is not treated as such, promotes it's growth...If violent women get away with it, then why stop.


Anonymous said...

Actually, it's "toe the line."

Anonymous said...

"Tow the line" is correct.

As in tow..like "pull" or "follow".

"Toe",is on your foot.


Anonymous said...

Women's shelter's in this area provide shelter space for violent women.

Even when the male calls for assistance,the feminist trained cop's will do their best to arrest him for even daring to report a violent women.

Cop's help the abuser kidnap the kid's and then take her to the shelter while the victim is victimized again by the local thug's.

He has to take anger management because anything the abuser says is truth,anything the man says,doesn't matter.


The Native Canadians said...

Wow, thats the best u can do 1st comment, "toe", let me guess locals not happy with the existence of this blog...right?

The Native Canadians said...

excelent point outdoors, exactly what hapened to me, feminist cops trying their best to "warn" and threatened me, when I fought back.

Anonymous said...

The "toe" comment probably comes from a highly educated feminist shelter worker that has the power to kidnap children.
Shows how smart they are.