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Thursday, December 20, 2012

What schools have become...

You need to de-register your children from the government indoctrination programming and vaccine poisoning agenda and home school them . Keep your children safe from the criminals running the farm .
Ever noticed how many children are getting autism, right after the poison they force you to inject into your kids. I  have 4 grandsons, 2 of which are autistic, they tried to find the autism gene in the parents and family, nothing there, so where did it come from? I am now convinced it comes from the cocktail of viruses they inject into babies. I researched, read, investigated if it could be something else and found nothing.

Then you have your teens coming home from school with a totally different attitude then they had when they were younger and not indoctrinated by these corrupt self serving fools? You raise them one way, and once in schools they come home a different person and if they dare to be kids, these "teachers" who can't handle their own lives will tell you to put them on Ritalin. That is nothing other than lazy shits who have forfeited their responsibilities.

There are many schools who indoctrinate kids against parents, st johns catholic high school in perth ontario, (I noticed the main troublemaker at this school, deanne strong vice principal is gone, hopefully fired). This school has a drug problem and the useless staff does nothing about it. And when your kids sees they can do this and there is nothing you can do about it, you lost them, not their fault, as teens they are at a crossroad and these animals at schools know it and use it to their advantage.
When this happens, your teen follows life away from what you have thought them, and you not only have a rebellious teen on your hand but a broken heart, slowly seeing the waste you worked so had to prevent.
Schools today believe they co-parent our children Who the hell ever gave them that right???They have one thing in mind...
To steal our kids, turn them into something they believe they should be, make them dependant, increase their power, lobby government for inflated salaries and when they are done with the children, they throw them away like a dirty rag, just like this school and the local social programs did to my daughter.
And who has total control of schools today....old self hating hags...aka feminists and their pink shirt wearing mangina supporters.

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Anonymous said...

"Co-parents" is what these indoctrination center's describe themselves as.