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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

What happens when good people tries to speak up!

The problems with today's society is the corruption and the refusal to admit there is something wrong. If governments refuse to admit or fix the problem, if the perception is they are also corrupt, or defend it, or simply put up with it, it trickles down the line, if they take what's not their, why shouln't we do it too? Good servants of the people are overwhelmed by the sheer number of those who get rich financially or with power, they know very well that some should never be there or have no place in the positions they hold.
The problem is, if they say something, they risk their careers, if they do not, they risk their souls. It is like been caught between a rock and a hard place, but if they would only look around, organize and see how many others feel the same way, they might find that their numbers are higher than they thought. If only they would say something as a group instead of the individual who simply realises, this should not be.
Brainwashing students, home invasions, drug abuse, militarizing the police, aggressive behaviour towards the population, is only adding to the numbers who dislike or hate, this does not promote a good society, it only enhances the problem further and this problem festers until a spark makes it blow into open revolution.
The western world seems to think, safely behind their fenced off neighborhoods, and prison windows of their homes that the Arab spring could never happen in their back yards. And that is a weakness we are all responsible for, after all, they can`t be corrupt unless we allow it, or say nothing about it.
And when one good person decides to do the right thing, this happens....
We know thing are about to fall apart, we have become so dependent on others for our safety and comfort, imagine for one minute, something like 1929 happening today with all the dependency we have come to accept. Back in 1929, there was no welfare state, so they coped better than we would today. Where will all those people who depend on the state go to express their frustrations.
The only thing we need to prevent all this to happen is good people, to say something, No you can`t do this anymore, and to realize their numbers and support is higher than they think, the people just want what is right, their family, their children and a future worth supporting.
Give us this, and we have an overnight fix, continue on trying to take it away and it will come back to bite you in the ...you know what.

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