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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Still do not believe feminism is a sub intelectual ideal?

"A story that took place in Canada has received a lot of attention of Russian and Western media. A Canadian couple decided not to unveil the sex of their child until the child decides for itself whether he/she wants to be a man or a woman. The father of the child said that parents choose too much for their children. The mother of the child added that she didn't want to unveil the sex of her child because it would be up for the child to decide whom he (or she?) would like to eventually be."
More here...Boys and girls abolished in Sweden

The stupidity of this is beyond understanding, it is the systematic destruction of children's identity for political purposes. To actually involve kids in a personal ideal is criminal and these people should never be allowed to have children. One thing is for sure, these kids will be bullied and teased at school and emotionally scarred and for so called parents to make their kids go though this for their personal twisted views, well that is abuse itself.
What we have to ask ourselves, is this what we want, is this what we want schools in Canada to teach our kids, is it normal to raise children this way, and by-pass millions of years of evolution? This is not an ideal to make society a better place, it is a position a few sub intellectual have taken to change humanity itself. Not that they are a threat to do it, but the pain they will impose on children around them will have multiple repercussion for the rest of their lives.
I don't know whether to laugh at these low lives who impose such twisted views on the young, or cry for these kids who will go through one mixed up and painful childhood, instead of growing up in a secure and healthy atmosphere.

Here is my position on this, anyone supporting this type of stupidity is a child abuser.....


Mike said...

stupid feminists. how did it get so bad, why did we let it get so fucked up. using kids for God sakes.

Anonymous said...

Mike-To many people just ignored feminist's and pretended this stuff wasn't happening.

Re-read those quotes earlier in the blog.


The Native Canadians said...

I think its the white knight effect, to many of us believed we had to protect women no matter what, even the very small minority of them who call themselves feminists, and they used this against us, but I do beleive we have now realize they have gone to far. Men and women are waking up to this disturbing reality: "they will use kids to promote their twisted ideal" and that is the mistake they made, all adults will protect a child first, physically and emotionally. I personally find what they are doing is child abuse, and abuse of anykind is...unacceptable to any adult.