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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Questioning women's shelter worker qualifications !

I never thought of them this way, until they caused me so much pain and trouble, now, no one is ever going to convince me otherwise than, man-hating, family destroying, knuckle dragging, sub-intellectual, spinsters, with an inferiority complex...
Ask any of them where they get their experience from, they will tell you they were abused, bad relationships, and on....How does this give them experiences outside of hating anything man, and bringing their hatred with them to a shelter?
How does this help the ones that need understanding and good counsel, when they get..."all fathers, husbands are bad?"
Women's shelter are now in the grips of radical hateful feminazis, they use the shelter program to promote their hatred, division and if that is not enough, they have now targeted schools.
By alienating men, they have reduced the advantage of helping those who do need it, after all, if we want to help to boost someones confidence is it not preferable to show, not all men are the same.
Making someone dependant on an ideal, makes them come back, and that, to them, is financial security at the expense of people.
Their primary ideals now a days is, "if your a man your not allowed to criticize us", giving them carte blanche to do whatever they want, just like they did to my daughter, and that invites...corruption and financial mismanagement.


Anonymous said...

These same qualificaton's are all thats needed to be a judge in northwest Ontario.


The Native Canadian said...

so true...

Anonymous said...

Love it