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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Message to Dads from our kids at Chistmas.

A 'dad' is tenth most popular Christmas list request for children
What does the next generation say about the alienation of fathers and children?
In my opinion, we can see what will happen when they take over the world of politics and business, they will remember who really made their lives and their dads, miserable ,and they will bring with them the memories of what was "impose" on them, and those who said, "dads where not important", will go out in the garbage of history.
We might have a ways to go, but the radical left wing man hating hag aka; the feminist, is already on its way out and things are not looking up for them.
You can always tell which direction we are headed by the action of kids, and it looks like Dad is in the picture.
Daddy is irreplaceable, he is stability, strenght, love and when old hags pick on Daddy, kids remember...and bring it with them as adults.
I have noticed this, we might be at the beginning of change, it is inevitable, they went to far, but know this you old hags with an inferiority complex, the beginning of the end for you is here and irreversible. You should of known better than to take us on, you should of studied your history better.
So, on this Christmas day, I wish all dads and their kid, best wishes, and may the Creator of all life, Bless you all...
Never give up, because as we can see, our kids did not...


Anonymous said...

Having gone through the idiocy of the micro managed world of Family Court etc, and lived the downsides of that I would say these things to you.

The Feminazi's are as crazy as crazy comes. The Justice Industry loves Feminazi's because they make a lot of money off of their craziness.

A lot of men are assholes, and that gives the Feminazi's a reason to exist.

Using recent words of a US Republican politician, it's like a "Circular firing squad".

My young Son lives with me, and my youngest, my Daughter lives with her mother and we are separated once again this Christmas because of nothing that really should have mattered, but only what a modern woman seems to think is important. The enigma of romance, as in the soaps, and the I am woman, I am strong even if I have to sacrifice my babies because the Feminazi half wits told me I should do that so I can be strong.

Given that no one can control half wits, I can only offer this advice. If you feel you sympathize with the femi nazi's don't for heaven sakes have children. If you are a male asshole, get a vasectomy as the law doesn't allow society to decide that would be the best thing to do. Society ends up paying the costs for both of the above groups however.

Should this subject be a required course in our public schools?

Lastly, I met a 40 something year old woman some years ago who had worked as a Social Worker in Child protection for approx a decade. She had moved on from that and told me she would sell shoes before doing that again.

The Native Canadians said...

using families for political and financial benefit is not only sinfull, but criminal, and it will not last, we wont let it.

Anonymous said...

Love ur site man, love the way you put thing down, keep it up.