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Friday, November 23, 2012

Still not convinced they are after our kids to change society according to their views?

Judge: Parents have no right to know what homosexual activist taught their children in school

Been against this issue is not an attack on gays or homosexuals or whatever they call themselves these days, it is what we parents have been upset about, what schools, gays, hags, or any other small minority have been doing as of late. re-educating our children, taking over parental responsibility which ensures a good society based on the traditional values that made our respective countries the best in the world.
Since these small minorities seem to have taken over our schools we have had nothing but problems, drug abuse, teen pregnancy, crime, lack of respect for parents, all this is directly attributed to the re-organising of schools according to what basically amount to contradiction of parental teachings and we have seen the results.
Were is the peace we had going to school, sure there was teasing, but it was not as deadly as it is now. Standing up for yourself in the school yard gave us some experiences to be able to stand up for ourselves as adults.

Teens are committing suicide more and more because they do not know, as we did, were they belond and that parents are the answer, schools, the state, tells them they know best, and actually admit as of late that they co-paret with us, what do they know of the way a home is run, the confusion they spread amongst our kids is becoming unacceptable.

We see how deep this twisted ideals of their views is, when a so called judge, dictates what parents can and cannot do, what they can or cannot be informed of what goes on in schools, and since they have stuck their noses where it doesn't belong, we have had nothing but pain and tears.
Parents and families are the ultimate security of children and a nation, I have said it before and will say it again, the fall of any society is always attributed to the destruction of families, without us, a nation falls.
Feminists and the gay lobby are allies with each other, both are trying to change what is, I have always and still do believe we all have the right to live in peace, no matter what our lifestyle is, but no one has the right to change and re-educated our kids according to their views without asking if we agree or not.
This has happened in history, the Bolsheviks and the Nazis both went after the kids, they knew in order to change things according to their twisted ideals, it was easier to go after the kids...How did that work out for them? The backlash of an angry populace can be terrible, so if I was them I would be very careful on how far I would dare to go.
These people who are trying to change our world, are doing it the same way the Nazis did, control the media, schools, social programs, attack traditional religion and parents, because these are the last bastion of morality. And without morality been the primary policy in a nation, that nation falls. It is...inevitable.
And let's not forget it is men, fathers, sons, husbands, that ensures security and peace against those who would try to take it, we are the primary beings in their way...That is why they try so hard to demonize us.
Well i say this with conviction, we are watching...
I suggest you read your history....it is not if the system falls anymore, it is when...
This is not an attack on the alternate lifestyle, I could care less what they are, it is not my place to judge, everyone has the right to live in peace, and I have the right to my opinions, but by going after the schools, they are causing confusion and we see the results....

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