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Friday, November 23, 2012

Scientists predicts time of death? Ya right!

University of Toronto professor discovers gene that predicts time of death

This is another try at destroying religion, God, and the traditional family life, all of which are in the way of radical left wing professors, feminists and their supporters .
Destroy religion and you make people dependent on the state, you increase your power base and that way you can change the world according to....whatever they want.

Before these leftover of the hippie movement took over our schools, bureaucracy, life was a hell of a lot better, freedom was something we died for, fought for and defended. Today, we notice a little at a time, what we use to be able to do back then, say, or take for granted is now pressed under their control, an increasing number of people and parents are now afraid to express themselves, culminating in increases in drug abuse, teen pregnancy, crime, disrespect for parental authority & oneself, and total dependency on the state.

Pretend you can predict the time of death and you can push the ideals that the Creator does not exist. Since people in history have always looked to a higher power of creation, take that away and you will have those who have turned their backs look up to the state, through schools and programs... They know exactly what they are doing and know full well people need someone to look up too, to guide them, and point the way.
Personally, I follow only one law, and it has worked for me and my ancestors, it got us were we are, and has guided us through some very difficult time in our history.

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