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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Realistic view of feminism.

And to put it in  my own way, corporation have used the sub intellectual feminist to increase their profit margin, and though some women have now come to realise this, the lowly hag has not, her primary concern is to demonize men at the expense of women and children.
The reason I and so many men and women disagree with feminism is because we have wives and daughters, we want them to have equal rights, women's rights, the very idea that men want their daughters to be in the kitchen, barefoot, and pregnant is one of the most ridiculous BS anyone has ever come up with.
Here is a little piece of reality to the hags of this world, in the old days, it was not the fathers who thought their daughters how to be a good wife and do what the husband said, it was the mothers.
It is a nightmare for any father to see his daughter pushed down by another man.
If someone would do this to one of my daughters, I would explain to him the wrongfulness of his ways, in my own way, and so would any father, so why are we the bad guys.
Freedom, any freedom, depends on a man willing to fight and die for it. Even the hags right to spew out their idiotic venom.

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Anonymous said...

well put, love ur site.