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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Predatory social workers, a failed society and the inevitable return of the Warrior.

More and more we see the predators in our social system. These were supposed to be programs to help families, but these programs are been infested by snakes who will prey on the weak. Mainly children.
There is different kinds of predatory behaviour, what I have been exposing, women's shelters preying on the vulnerable for political ideals and self promotion, C.A.S. preying on young single moms to increase their workloads and demand more money, schools who mess around with children's minds by teaching them sex ed at an early age or that parents are bad(confusing kids so badly that some have nowhere to go but suicide), but the worse lately seems to be low life child predators with child porn on their computers and working in schools, social programs, and other place where children play or gather..
 Former teacher caught with child porn awaits sentencing


 Former university lecturer social work  sentenced to suspended jail term for child porn

Jr. high teacher arrested for violent sex crimes

Ex cop jailed for child porn


B.C. woman charged with possession of child pornography

It is now infecting all aspect of our society, not just social programs..
Personally, I think that men have had enough of the shit, nagging about it on the web is not enough, it does expose these scumbags predators yes, but when they do get caught, they go to a place where they are protected, given 3 meals a day, aka prison.
When someone, and that is both sexes, prey on children, they have crossed the line, there is no more use for them and we certainly cannot trust them in the future. So what to do, why is this so rampant lately, well, they are protected by those who themselves have no idea what realities are, the rights of the accused seem to take precedence over the right of the victim.
I tried to imagine what a child goes through when such an evil is put upon them, "why is this happening, were is mom and dad, what did i do to deserve this" so on, the cries and tears are to much for me to take as a man, I am here for one purpose only, to protect the weak, not to follow, not to conform to the political ideals of the twisted mind, but to protect. Even to die for it.

We live in a world were the weak have taken over the reigns of power, they do not have the stomach to do what must be done, as they make this world according to their beliefs, they forgot or do not care about justice, and sometimes justice has to be....excessive, to give the message that this is appalling, destructive, unwanted and..evil. And the only way to get rid of evil acts, and that is what child porn is, is to eliminate it, without prejudice.

I say this, if they do not want to "impose" justice, then they should step aside. History shows that when society  is corrupt beyond repair, when countries are bankrupt financially and morally, there is revolution, the American revolution, the French revolution, the Russian revolution, all happened because men have had enough of their families been used or abused by the few corrupt individual, some of these revolution worked out, some did not...But the point is, when things crash, when traditions are thrown out for twisted ideals, it usually ends up badly and as we look at the economy of the western world, we are on the edge of this happening again.

It is up to us, men, soldiers, cops, the working man, to make sure our families are safe, if we do not do it, then we have failed as men...fathers...husbands...sons...our children and wives depend on us, for their freedom and security.

As for the hags(aka feminists or feminazis) who have screwed up our world we fought so hard for:
We have daughters, wives, mothers, which we love very much, and grandchildren, we do not want them to be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen, no father, husband, son, wants this, this is only man hating, self hating hags definition of the men they had bad experience with, tagging all of us the same. If you cant see the problems you have caused, thats your problem, move aside or be pushed aside, your choice.

This world is under our protection, without a strong male figure, you have decadence and a fallen society full of predators and injustice.
If I see an act against the weak, I will take action, I will "explain" in my own way what they did was...evil...I risk been criminally charged, ironic isn't it?...but as a man, I have no choice, it is what I was created for...and no one has the right to take it away from me.

Honor is the only thing a man can give himself
and the only thing he can loose by his action,
or inaction...
Any boy can become a man, few men are Warriors.

Which one are you?


Anonymous said...

What is dangerous is people do not realize how bad it is and how bad it is getting, social workers and others are preying on kids and families, and the media instead of exposing it, either say nothing or pats them on the back. making thing even worse.

Allison said...

I keep on asking myself the same thing, were are the warriors. This is the time, we are loosing our families to what amounts to comunistic ideals.