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Thursday, November 29, 2012

One good cop...

This cop saw a homeless man outside of the shoe store, knowing the weather was cold and getting worse he went inside to buy a pair of boots for the man.
This man needs to be recognized and pointed out as the best police officers can be.
This man represents what some of them are, caring and looking out for the citizen, and the individual decision, to take his own money to help someone who needed it...
He is:
25-year-old Officer Lawrence DePrimo of the NYPD.

Personal thoughts.
I have said it before, its not organisations who are evil, they can't think and do not have the power of thought, it is the individual inside these organisation who are responsible for the evil that is been done, either for personal power, or financial gains, cps, cas, women's shelter, welfare, and especially the police are organisations who are there to make life easier for those who need help, but the individual inside them are the ones who take them down, and the good ones around them.
I have personally experienced this effect, those who threatened and those who helped, those whose position went to their heads and those knew the difference between personal power and the power to help...
One little girl cop who tried her best to put me away, if it wasn't for an RCMP officer she might of succeeded, another who changed her mind after she knew the whole story, and one cop, a father of a newly born baby girl who said, "what they did to you is wrong" and tried to help, another in the local welfare system tried his best to prevent my daughter from falling into the system and becoming a welfare recipient, but most of the rest (all admitted feminists) tried they best to cover their tracks, and as for the shelter in Carleton place Ontario, none helped, all believed they could do whatever they wanted, even if they knew it was wrong...since it is controlled by the local hags, aka radical man hating feminists, it did not surprise me. But I am still holding on to the belief they are not all the same...Maybe someday one will chock me...though I'm not holding my breath on that one.
Even I feel into the trap, at first I believed that all cops were bad, all welfare workers were corrupt, but I came to realize it was the individual inside those places who were.
As for the shelter system, I found no one who said, " this doesn't help our support any, if we demonize all men just because they are men and fathers and husbands", they destroyed my daughter simply because they could do it, and their twisted ideals they have come to implant into their very character that all men are created equal, "ALL BAD". I'll say it again, not one, and I knew some of them on a personal basis, tried to help, when I went to them, they turned on me....So as for now, this organisation is populated by very bad people, with bad intentions, not only for men, fathers, husbands, but for the women going there for help, because they will be blasted with anti male indoctrination, instead of the reality that most men are good and would put their lives on the line to help them.

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