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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Native mother's children taken by occupational forces.

From Cess Ssec

It is hard as a man to listen to this, it does not matter if you white, yellow, black or red. As protectors of the weak, we have an instinct that drives us to fight back.
Out west in Canada, been native puts you on the top of the list for them to grab your kids.
If your native, your a drunk and a drug user first, then you have to prove your not to get your kids back. This way they can increase their statistics, falsely, and demand more money saying they are overwhelmed.
As for the para-military aka cops, stealing kids, the "we are only following orders" has been used as an excuse in the past, and they were convicted of been war criminals in Nuremberg Germany in 1948 on...When you know it is wrong and you do it anyway it is no longer an excuse but a crime.
This fight against such corruption is not a racial thing, it is a parental, a family thing. Why is it, compared to 50 years ago, there are more grab and snatch of kids today than then? It is because this social system has become political and financial, an industry if you will...
They will use all kinds of excuses, which are lies.
The more they grab,
the more they can falsify their statistics
the more money they get the next year,
the more workers they can hire,
the more their unions become powerful,
the more lobbying power they get...
The more your taxes go up to pay for their corruption...

A couple of hundred years ago we had our own natives who would hunt down and sell out other tribes, they called themselves scouts, we called them traitors, so were Europeans that co-operated with the Nazis during the occupation of Europe, it was bad then, is is bad now. These people are the lowest of life forms.
So, this is not white against red, or others, we have those who will sell us out for a few buck also, this is a family issue, to protect our kids.
As I have explained in this blog, the women's shelter in Carleton place Ontario has 3 native women working there, some of which I knew personally, one I believed a friend, and they still sold out my daughter for statistics and money.
So, we can only imagine, how upset one gets when we as parents are getting it from all sides, even from the ones you trusted, when the only thing we want is to give our children a better life than we had.

Doesn't concern you, GOOD FOR YOU, but think about this, who is going to be there for you and your kids, when they come knocking at your door...
Not that they haven't already, you just did not notice yet, they are by-passing your door for the moment and re-educating you children through schools, or do you agree that kindergarten and grade one kids should be thought sex ed and gay lifestyles???
Or that any kind of discipline by parents is openly thought in schools as a form of abuse...

By the way, in my opinion, the mixed messages they are spewing in schools is causing increase suicides amongst teens, when they get confused, they do not know were to go to get that moment of truth and reflection. In the old days, parents where the place to go to get what they needed. Today, some university feminist who has never put a foot in your house, to know what is the truth, tells your kids how to behave, while you told them something else, resulting in....confusion, fear and a lost of direction. And that is what causes suicide in teens.

This is why this blog supports independence for the first nations, we did not have these tears before the Europeans occupied our lands, we had a close to perfect system, no crime, happy children, and "no wars".
We can still live in peace, but it is obvious that if we do not take our future into our own hands, we are going to disappear.


Anonymous said...

I have had dealing with apples too, we all have. that is what is so sad, our own stabbing us in the back.

The Native Canadian said...

Amen bro', totaly agree.

Emma said...

that is so sad, as a mom myself, I can feel the pain of that woman and mother.