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Monday, November 26, 2012

Native Americans recall era of forced adoptions, is it still happening today?

Video credit to legally kidnapped
It is strange that this happened after ww2, considering, we fought against the nazis, declared them to be bad people, evil society, one of these "Fascist" policies was to go to other countries and forced the people of occupied counties to give up their kids and these kids where put in "forced adoption" if they had blond hair and blue eyes, and given to "arian" German families, so they could be raised as a pure Germanic race.
The “Lebensborn”Program
Kidnapping of children by Nazi Germany

This happened in Norway, the Netherlands, Denmark, Poland ,so on. Yet this "evil"  policy was in full swing "after" the second world war, to grab kids from native families and put in "forced adoption" so they could be raised as Europeans?.
Now move over, today we have more than proof that this is still going on, First nation people are always judged to be drug addicts and drunks before anything else, if your first nation, you are guilty before been given the benefit of the doubt.
And sometimes our own do it to us.....Which is pretty sick if you think about it. Just like those in occupied countries who collaborated with the Nazis in implementing their political agenda.
They did it to me, and I don't even drink....
The local shelter which has 3 native women, did nothing other than obey their masters and destroyed my family, was it because we were natives?
We had two things going against us, one is I was the father, and two we were natives...
Of this I no longer have any doubts...
Many other families in North America are going through this, and some of us are getting it from both sides.

So, I guess the question here is why is a Nazi policy adopted openly?
If one did not co-operate with their policies, you would have a visit from their para-militaries, the ss, homeland security, the gestapo, and you were told you had no choice.
Today, para-militaries, (police) come to your door and tell you, you have no choice, and your left standing there wondering why this is happening.
The next time you see a native family, or someone who says we are nothing other than drunks and welfare recipient, try to understand what we are going through, and the heartbreaks we endure.
Is everyone in the system bad, of course not, I had cops who were disgusted by what they did, workers and politicians who tried to help, the thing is, there are those who are so corrupt that they follow Nazi policies and that in turn, destroys families, increases welfare roles, drug and alcohol abuse, teen pregnancies, crime, and if we let them do it, it promotes racial intolerance, family divisions, boosts national debt, and in the long term, it will come back to bite us in the ass.
Because these policies are not sustainable financially.


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