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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Mothers realizing what the feminist agenda really is.

The only way we can have equality in our schools is moms and dads fighting together to make sure we rid our children's schools of the venom these hags spew out.
Today's kids who attend schools will eventually be the future leaders of our society and to promote one over the other will continue the division we are experiencing today, not to mention the disgusting attitude of the feminists ideal of demeaning boys infesting our school system.
More and more I have noticed mothers who are sick of the hags demonizing their boys, as parents we can make this world a better place, if we stand together.
The very idea the hags promote through the media that most women support them is a lie, latest figure show that in the past 20 years, only an average of 22.7% of women consider themselves feminists.

Take away those who have no idea what the hags really stand for and the number goes down considerably...
The picture above is a perfect example of what we have all realize what these hags message really is, though this is local, that is the ideal they bring to our schools which I have personally experienced. All the local social programs, schools, and others like some in the justice system not only promote the dehumanisation of men and especially male children in our education system, but by their actions, they are weakening our nations future.
To promote one side is to forget the other, and no nation can survive in the long run with these policies.
We, parents are all for the equal right for our children, we know that this will make their future a better place for them to grow, and as our parents did, make the world a better place than we had.
The rights of boys and girls are intertwined, one cannot have it without the other, and I am glad to see that Mothers are as sick of the hag's (aka feminazis), true agenda, to step on the future of our sons for personal benefit.


Anonymous said...

Bravo to that mom!

Anonymous said...

we need to inform as many mothers as possible of the real agenda of feminisnts

The Native Canadian said...

I agree, the more mom's are informed about the true face of feminism, and their opinions of their sons, the better our world will be.