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Saturday, November 24, 2012

How to handle corrupt individuals in the Social programs and others.

Though this video is about cps, or c.a.s, and exposes the corruption inside this corporation of theft of children for greed and power, we have to realise, that it is not an entity like c.a.s., c.p.s., welfare, women’s shelters, schools, the police force, even the women’s movement, that is corrupt, it does not have a conscience, a soul, it does not think or impose their will on people. It is the people running them that are corrupt, self-absorbing, self-promoting, power hungry, heartless, fools. That, is what we have to remember.
I see thousands of sites online, millions of hits when you research the issue of family abuse by organisations funded by governments,  all referring to the corruption of the organisations themselves and this is where the mistake is made, and believe me they do not want you to know this, it would expose where their power is based.
It is not the police who are abusing teens because of a skateboard, it is not c.a.s, or c.p.s. that are taking kids illegally, it is not a women’s shelter who is coaching teen girls or women to turn on family or husbands, it is the people inside these organisations who are abusing their positions.
When they turned my daughter against me, I had to deal with many people, at first it was, in my mind, the organisations themselves, then when I researched their names, I got a new outlook on the situation. They have their mitts, not in one, but in many other organisations, giving them more lobbying power than we realise. Taking on a program, does not give justice,since people in other organisation they associate with, comes to their rescue. Without knowing it, behind the scene, you are taking one, 2 or 3 well established, government funded, union supported, government lobbying powerhouses, leaving you, wondering what went wrong, when you find your efforts turn into overwhelming attack from them, simply for trying to protect your children from what the world has become.
So you see, it was not the corporations who caused me such a heartbreak, it was the individuals, ask for their help, you get nowhere, take them on politically, cause them what they perceive as trouble and they have the power to cause you such pain, it can overwhelm you.
The problem they have with me is, I have nothing to lose, I will sleep under a bridge if I have too, I will continue until I expose what they did.
Oh! Did I mention they monitor this site, in hopes that I threatened someone? They have tried everything to put me away, including declaring a false lock down of the local shelter in Carleton place Ontario, to try to  make me out to be the bad guy. My only argument with them was always for them not to put my daughter on welfare and luring her into a world of dependency. Which they did.
What you have to do is go after these people individually, name them, put their names online as many times as you can, so that if some, media, governments investigator, or people who want info, looks them up, and what they have done to you, will come up. Always be honest and never threaten anyone. They thrive on personal power and what amounts to been patted on the back, so if you expose them, thanks to freedom of speech, and if your honest, they can't do anything about it. It might not give you full justice instantly but it will help you get some degree of it.
This is your family, not theirs to play with.
Like I said, it is not c.a.s., shelters, welfare, schools, even the police force that does this, it is the…individuals. So, expose them individually, facebook, twitter, blogs, emails, whatever you can think of, it will make a difference, they still have not caught up to the realities on the Internet, they think they can do anything, now we have a way to expose what they do to our families.
This is not an attack on the left or the right politically, this is exposing what the few are doing to destroy our families for profits, either from a non-caring attitude, personal adoration or the ideals that traditional families stand in their way.
Unfounded attacks on good fathers simply because they are men, going after teens and young single mothers are the main victims on their radar screen.
These policies destroy the foundation of a nation, the future does not look bright if we continue on this path, If you’re a teen, why work if you can party on welfare, and teens are ripe for putting  them on false statistics because many at that point in their lives do not like house rules.

And don't forget, the people you vote for, are the ones who finance these people and their self adoring power. Email them as many times as you can, politely, and remind them, they work for you not them.
Support the traditional family, and you provide a good future for your children.


Anonymous said...

eeeeexcelent!!!well put...

Mike said...

got a point there, it is the choice of the person to be an ass. Never looked at that way, good one.

The Native Canadian said...

thank you

Anonymous said...

Name 'em and shame 'em.

The man down under has a place waiting for these people.


The Native Canadians said...

Agree, name them, shame them...