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Sunday, November 11, 2012

French politicians want to replace mum and dad with parent "1" and "2"

France is re-organizing their society according to the gay lifestyle.
I always said, live and let live, I do not agree with the gay lifestyle but I do not go around trying to convert them, leave me alone and all will be fine.
But....to organize someones society according to a extremely small minority is beyond stupid, it reflects how dumb some have become.
For countries such as sweden using the word hen instead of him or her, or france's parent 1 and 2, just to make swedens small feminist minority or france's gays happy is inviting problems.
This will promote resentment amongst the majority and invite major problems.

In my opinion the socialists of France know exactly what they are doing, they are using the gay excuse to diminish the traditional family and make their population more dependent on the government.
Imposing ones ideals on the majority such as this can have dire consequences, they can manipulate the polls all they want, but no parent is going to agree with this unless they are gays or hags, aka feminists.
And in my opinion, this has everything to do with getting rid of the strong father figure and replacing it with the state. We are in their way to total control, and I am sure that they have no problem figuring out that in the long run, the minorities they are pretending to pander too are no threat, what is scary is that these minorities have not figured out they are been used.

They are not going to succeed, long term anyway, because when things go wrong, they way they are going now, history shows someone is always blamed, and suffers for it.
Those who are trying to change what is, according to their views better be careful, this is exactly how the Bolsheviks and the Nazis came to power, by offering stability, and we all know how that ended....
Both were small voices during the upevil in their respective country, but they came up the middle and the rest is history.


Anonymous said...

This is fucking crazy but then this is france were talking about.

Anonymous said...

France is already screwed.They will never convert the now overwhelming muslim population.


The Native Canadian said...

So true.