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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Feminists stage a violent protest against men at the University of Toronto

Feminists stage a violent protest against men at the university of Toronto. Begins with the perfect example of a mangina.

In any free society, we must have both side of the argument respected; dictatorships, totalitarian regime, bolshevism, fascism, and so on, have thrive when people only hear one side of an argument.
It is strange isn't it, that hags aka feminists, and their supporters, copy the policies of those who we fought so hard to get rid of.
What  is particularly disturbing is this is been done in schools.
When the Germans realize that their armies ran away to fast in front of the enemy in the 1800, they changed their society and thought nationalism in schools, hence the Prussian style of obeying the state, which gave rise to...Adolf Hitler and the second world war.
When Lenin realise he had to change Russia after the civil war, he went after the schools and the state took over the education system, giving rise to...Josef Stalin.
When the hags and their sub intellectual supporters realize they had to change the western world according to their views, they went after the schools.(let's hope this is not what someone will write in the future to describe the fall of the western democracies, we are not there yet, but damn close)


Zorro said...

We're not there yet? Buddy, we're long past there and then some.

Public schools in North America went totally femnazi over 20 years ago. I'm 52 and I can remember fembot bullshit in the 3rd grade.

The Native Canadians said...

what I was trying to refer too is what will hapen in the future if we do not wake up today. What I meant is, bolshevics, fascism have fallen to the history books, capitalism has not...yet. If the fembots continue on their path, and as u say, they have been there for a long time, The generations they are destroying will eventually take over the system, and to make people dependent as they are doing, will eventually destroy the capitalist system; working hard to achieve.

Zorro said...

I understand your point, and I agree. My point is that we are past the point of no return. We have pumped so much "evil patriarchy" bullshit into the school system, the media and other social institutions of cultural development that our ultimate collapse--though it won't happen for some time--is a foregone conclusion. It will happen. We're toast, we're just not done yet. But there's no stopping it.

Nobody is being taught what capitalism is, only that it is the economic arm of the evil patriarchy and is used to oppress women and minorities. It's all crap propaganda, but that's what they're teaching in the schools.

The lefties took over the school system and the media because they knew that's how you turn a culture. You don't worry about elections: you pre-program the next generation's electorate.

And they did it.

The Native Canadians said...

totally agree...