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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Autism in the family...

My oldest daughter just informed me that her son has autism, that is the second one in her family.
How does this happen, seems that autism is getting more and more rampant in our society, is it family genes, or something worse, like those vaccine they get at an early age.
I always wondered if a cocktail of injections at such an early age can be dangerous, many parents are now having doubts about all those viruses put in a baby so early in their lives.
As a family it will be difficult but we will pull together to make sure these boys get the life they deserve.

It just pisses me off, when I see people in social programs, doing all they can, wasting funds to promote a political agenda against families, especially fathers, while we try so hard at keeping our loved ones united under such strain.
We seem, as parents to be getting it from all sides and it is not getting any better.
But our strenght and love for our children, will win out in the end...
We cannot be beaten, if we stand together.


Anonymous said...

all my payers to you and ur family, u have been through a lot and I am sure your family will have the strenght to overcome this. I have an autistic granddaughter and i know how hard it is, but with the love of family, anything is possible.

The Native Canadian said...

thank you