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Thursday, November 8, 2012

A little at a time, Dads are making an impact.

In the election down south there were propositions to redefine marriage, it barely passed in some, did not in others, but that's not what I want to point out.
In Walsh County, North Dakota, the Equal Parenting Initiative, the voters approved a ballot initiative on Tuesday that would require family courts to give equal rights to fathers and mothers in custody cases. It passed with 2/3 of the vote.. My question is, who the hell would vote against it, and obviously, the traditional family still has extensive support, even if the hags aka feminists, and their mangina supporters want to destroy it. And their redefining of the family does not have much support outside of their little group.

Fathers and Families is a Shared Parenting Organization
Fathers and Families is a non-profit organization that is educating the public, families, educators, and legislators about the importance of shared parenting and how it can reduce conflict in children, parents and extended families

The more we explain, that the destruction of the traditional family is not a good thing for a nation and point out those who have that policy, have increased dependency, welfare roles, teen pregnancy, drug and alcohol abuse, crimes, the more these "people" will lose support. We took the path of the hippies of the 60's, these are the ones who are now infecting the structure of our society, but they are diminishing in numbers and the next generation has realized it has not worked. We are not there yet, they will cause more damages, but if we curb their efforts, and get more involved in exposing what they stand for, it has become easier to point out, their way has not worked, it has weakened our society and our freedoms to raise our children to be respectful, to achieve through hard work, and to be proud of who they are without depending on others to tell them. I would like to point out that their way has also increase teen suicide, because the teens do not know were to go when they are in conflict, with the infestation of schools by these people, they tell our kids, parents are wrong, offer conflicting direction and when a teen is confused, they no longer know were to go, hence the increase in suicides compare to when mom and dad were the first and last in who to go to... The hags and their supporters, are been reduced in numbers and power by the next generation, girls do not think of themselves as permanent victims of boys, and find this to be stupid, on many sites I found women and young ladies defending their dads, brothers, bf's, they do not sign up to the feminist agenda, and usually find them to be nothing other than man haters for one reason or another with a dose of inferiority complexes . The feminist of today, has a strong majority of lesbians, and that is what the problem is, they want to advance their views, not women's rights. As for women's rights, it is there, protected by...yes... men, that's husbands, sons and fathers.

I have no doubt, these hateful hags will die off, that someday soon, we will look at this period of our history as one of the worse mistake we ever made, by not exposing in detail who they really are, and that statement such as this....

erin lee todd

was nothing more than hateful words against a segment of our society,  and those who said it will be historically remembered for it.

So, strong support for the traditional family is not for us adults, but for the next generation of kids to have a good life, void of pain & sorrow and full of happiness and security.
We do this, we do it for our children...


Anonymous said...

u the man. love ur site.

Anonymous said...

Awesome post! One observation:

"...will loose support..."

s/b "lose"

The Native Canadian said...

sorry i must of overlooked that...i fixed it, hope it makes u happy.

outdoors said...

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Emma said...

those 2 hags as you correctly describe them are fustrated women of which no man have touched them in years. Thats why they hate men. lol

The Native Canadian said...

Thanks outdoors.