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Thursday, November 29, 2012

One good cop...

This cop saw a homeless man outside of the shoe store, knowing the weather was cold and getting worse he went inside to buy a pair of boots for the man.
This man needs to be recognized and pointed out as the best police officers can be.
This man represents what some of them are, caring and looking out for the citizen, and the individual decision, to take his own money to help someone who needed it...
He is:
25-year-old Officer Lawrence DePrimo of the NYPD.

Personal thoughts.
I have said it before, its not organisations who are evil, they can't think and do not have the power of thought, it is the individual inside these organisation who are responsible for the evil that is been done, either for personal power, or financial gains, cps, cas, women's shelter, welfare, and especially the police are organisations who are there to make life easier for those who need help, but the individual inside them are the ones who take them down, and the good ones around them.
I have personally experienced this effect, those who threatened and those who helped, those whose position went to their heads and those knew the difference between personal power and the power to help...
One little girl cop who tried her best to put me away, if it wasn't for an RCMP officer she might of succeeded, another who changed her mind after she knew the whole story, and one cop, a father of a newly born baby girl who said, "what they did to you is wrong" and tried to help, another in the local welfare system tried his best to prevent my daughter from falling into the system and becoming a welfare recipient, but most of the rest (all admitted feminists) tried they best to cover their tracks, and as for the shelter in Carleton place Ontario, none helped, all believed they could do whatever they wanted, even if they knew it was wrong...since it is controlled by the local hags, aka radical man hating feminists, it did not surprise me. But I am still holding on to the belief they are not all the same...Maybe someday one will chock me...though I'm not holding my breath on that one.
Even I feel into the trap, at first I believed that all cops were bad, all welfare workers were corrupt, but I came to realize it was the individual inside those places who were.
As for the shelter system, I found no one who said, " this doesn't help our support any, if we demonize all men just because they are men and fathers and husbands", they destroyed my daughter simply because they could do it, and their twisted ideals they have come to implant into their very character that all men are created equal, "ALL BAD". I'll say it again, not one, and I knew some of them on a personal basis, tried to help, when I went to them, they turned on me....So as for now, this organisation is populated by very bad people, with bad intentions, not only for men, fathers, husbands, but for the women going there for help, because they will be blasted with anti male indoctrination, instead of the reality that most men are good and would put their lives on the line to help them.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

One evil woman, the product of feminism.

Now back to what makes this blog real, the exposure of what the feminist movement really is.
The last two blog was in recognition of "good women", strong with a character that makes them, important to remember.

This one on the other hand perfectly points out what feminism was created for and has become. When I saw this picture I had doubts it was real, but with a little research found it to be disturbingly true...
Why would any woman associate themselves with the feminist movement, is beyond me, outside of them either been uninformed, or simply full of hatred, for themselves and others...

The true definition of a feminist is someone who dislikes themselves, hate men, and strangely enough, wants to be, or desires, or aspire to be a man (now that's irony). And that is what's so sad about it, men and women are the balance to each other, one cannot survive without the other, not only because or procreation, but emotionally also. This world is stronger when we all know why we are here and what our existence means to the circle of life. One is not more important than the other, or below one to the other.

Here is some more of this hag aka;feminists, margaret sanger's famous quotes:
  1. The most merciful thing that a family does to one of its infant members is to kill it.
  2. She goes through the vale of death alone, each time a babe is born.
  3. Birth control must lead ultimately to a cleaner race.
  4. There is only one reply to a request for a higher birthrate among the
    intelligent, and that is to ask the government to first take the burden of
    the insane and feeble-minded from your back. [Mandatory] sterilization for
    these is the answer."
  5. Slavs, Latin, and Hebrew immigrants are human weeds ... a
    dead weight of human waste ... Blacks, soldiers, and Jews are a menace to
    the race.""Eugenic sterilization is an urgent need ... We must prevent
    Multiplication of this bad stock."
  6. Our failure to segregate morons who are increasing and multiplying demonstrates our foolhardy and extravagant sentimentalism ..

And that is were feminism started and why, to this day, though their message might of changed, the hatred did not. Today it is religion, spirituality, families, fathers and even stay at home moms, they attack and venomously try to demonize. Their message did not come to fruition back then, it certainly not going to achieve anything today. They might be attacking a different group, but the words are the same, hatred.
Margaret sanger also had connection to...the kkk.
And let's not forget...the negro project.
On this page, there is a video of her when she was older, still holding on to her beliefs that the population needed to be....weeded?
Feminism began with hatred and to this day, though the hatred has expanded, continues quietly, and discreetly....
Race, delinquents, the feeble minded, criminals, the sick, even children to this feminist are all who should be....exterminated?
Why would any woman, girl, daughter, wife, sister call herself a feminist, when the history of this movement is full of hatred is beyond me....

One wise old woman.

As much as I dislike the feminazi movement, what they represent and the lies they spew out, I also admire a strong "woman", because without them, there is no balance in life.
We either stand together, or if we listen to the hags who hate even themselves, we stay divided.
I and all fathers before me and after, want our daughters to be the best "they" want to be, not what the hags want them to be.
A fathers daughter cannot be a feminist if she has any kind of respect for her dad, what they have become is a hate group  based on one thing only, their dislike of men and themselves.
Both my daughters have a deep dislike for anything feminist, my oldest is a strong woman and mother, with a good character. My youngest, who was lured by the local hags, aka feminists, is now realizing what they have done, and the abuse they imposed on her while she was vulnerable. They might of hoped they converted her, but they definitely underestimated the power of family and a good father protecting his own children.
I might not be able to change the world, but the stone I threw, rippled amongst those who are in my circle...
And that is a start.
Not done yet.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

One brave woman

'Please spare my little girl': How Mexico's fearless female mayor sacrificed herself to save her daughter's life as she was abducted by drug gang, tortured and executed.
•Maria Santos Gorrostieta had been stabbed, beaten and burned

•She defied Mexico's powerful drug gangs, who twice tried to gun her down
•She was kidnapped in broad daylight in front of her terrified daughter
•The former mayor leaves behind three children

This blog recognizes the bravery and resolve of people such as her, to make this world a better place for our children...

May the Great Spirit, Creator of all life, give her peace and protect her children.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Native Americans recall era of forced adoptions, is it still happening today?

Video credit to legally kidnapped
It is strange that this happened after ww2, considering, we fought against the nazis, declared them to be bad people, evil society, one of these "Fascist" policies was to go to other countries and forced the people of occupied counties to give up their kids and these kids where put in "forced adoption" if they had blond hair and blue eyes, and given to "arian" German families, so they could be raised as a pure Germanic race.
The “Lebensborn”Program
Kidnapping of children by Nazi Germany

This happened in Norway, the Netherlands, Denmark, Poland ,so on. Yet this "evil"  policy was in full swing "after" the second world war, to grab kids from native families and put in "forced adoption" so they could be raised as Europeans?.
Now move over, today we have more than proof that this is still going on, First nation people are always judged to be drug addicts and drunks before anything else, if your first nation, you are guilty before been given the benefit of the doubt.
And sometimes our own do it to us.....Which is pretty sick if you think about it. Just like those in occupied countries who collaborated with the Nazis in implementing their political agenda.
They did it to me, and I don't even drink....
The local shelter which has 3 native women, did nothing other than obey their masters and destroyed my family, was it because we were natives?
We had two things going against us, one is I was the father, and two we were natives...
Of this I no longer have any doubts...
Many other families in North America are going through this, and some of us are getting it from both sides.

So, I guess the question here is why is a Nazi policy adopted openly?
If one did not co-operate with their policies, you would have a visit from their para-militaries, the ss, homeland security, the gestapo, and you were told you had no choice.
Today, para-militaries, (police) come to your door and tell you, you have no choice, and your left standing there wondering why this is happening.
The next time you see a native family, or someone who says we are nothing other than drunks and welfare recipient, try to understand what we are going through, and the heartbreaks we endure.
Is everyone in the system bad, of course not, I had cops who were disgusted by what they did, workers and politicians who tried to help, the thing is, there are those who are so corrupt that they follow Nazi policies and that in turn, destroys families, increases welfare roles, drug and alcohol abuse, teen pregnancies, crime, and if we let them do it, it promotes racial intolerance, family divisions, boosts national debt, and in the long term, it will come back to bite us in the ass.
Because these policies are not sustainable financially.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

How to handle corrupt individuals in the Social programs and others.

Though this video is about cps, or c.a.s, and exposes the corruption inside this corporation of theft of children for greed and power, we have to realise, that it is not an entity like c.a.s., c.p.s., welfare, women’s shelters, schools, the police force, even the women’s movement, that is corrupt, it does not have a conscience, a soul, it does not think or impose their will on people. It is the people running them that are corrupt, self-absorbing, self-promoting, power hungry, heartless, fools. That, is what we have to remember.
I see thousands of sites online, millions of hits when you research the issue of family abuse by organisations funded by governments,  all referring to the corruption of the organisations themselves and this is where the mistake is made, and believe me they do not want you to know this, it would expose where their power is based.
It is not the police who are abusing teens because of a skateboard, it is not c.a.s, or c.p.s. that are taking kids illegally, it is not a women’s shelter who is coaching teen girls or women to turn on family or husbands, it is the people inside these organisations who are abusing their positions.
When they turned my daughter against me, I had to deal with many people, at first it was, in my mind, the organisations themselves, then when I researched their names, I got a new outlook on the situation. They have their mitts, not in one, but in many other organisations, giving them more lobbying power than we realise. Taking on a program, does not give justice,since people in other organisation they associate with, comes to their rescue. Without knowing it, behind the scene, you are taking one, 2 or 3 well established, government funded, union supported, government lobbying powerhouses, leaving you, wondering what went wrong, when you find your efforts turn into overwhelming attack from them, simply for trying to protect your children from what the world has become.
So you see, it was not the corporations who caused me such a heartbreak, it was the individuals, ask for their help, you get nowhere, take them on politically, cause them what they perceive as trouble and they have the power to cause you such pain, it can overwhelm you.
The problem they have with me is, I have nothing to lose, I will sleep under a bridge if I have too, I will continue until I expose what they did.
Oh! Did I mention they monitor this site, in hopes that I threatened someone? They have tried everything to put me away, including declaring a false lock down of the local shelter in Carleton place Ontario, to try to  make me out to be the bad guy. My only argument with them was always for them not to put my daughter on welfare and luring her into a world of dependency. Which they did.
What you have to do is go after these people individually, name them, put their names online as many times as you can, so that if some, media, governments investigator, or people who want info, looks them up, and what they have done to you, will come up. Always be honest and never threaten anyone. They thrive on personal power and what amounts to been patted on the back, so if you expose them, thanks to freedom of speech, and if your honest, they can't do anything about it. It might not give you full justice instantly but it will help you get some degree of it.
This is your family, not theirs to play with.
Like I said, it is not c.a.s., shelters, welfare, schools, even the police force that does this, it is the…individuals. So, expose them individually, facebook, twitter, blogs, emails, whatever you can think of, it will make a difference, they still have not caught up to the realities on the Internet, they think they can do anything, now we have a way to expose what they do to our families.
This is not an attack on the left or the right politically, this is exposing what the few are doing to destroy our families for profits, either from a non-caring attitude, personal adoration or the ideals that traditional families stand in their way.
Unfounded attacks on good fathers simply because they are men, going after teens and young single mothers are the main victims on their radar screen.
These policies destroy the foundation of a nation, the future does not look bright if we continue on this path, If you’re a teen, why work if you can party on welfare, and teens are ripe for putting  them on false statistics because many at that point in their lives do not like house rules.

And don't forget, the people you vote for, are the ones who finance these people and their self adoring power. Email them as many times as you can, politely, and remind them, they work for you not them.
Support the traditional family, and you provide a good future for your children.

Your Servitute to Slavery - Agenda 21 For Dummies

World government at this time in our history is a very bad idea. We are not ready for it.
Plus, it would be easier for this type of government to control the population for the elite.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Men's right are children's rights

Men, are the main recipient of violence, especially with wars, protecting our women and our children.
The hypocrisy of the feminist movement is that they expect us to fight and die to protect their right to demonize the very people who assures their freedom???
Now if that is not massive hypocrisy I don't know what is?

Ironic isn't it...

Scientists predicts time of death? Ya right!

University of Toronto professor discovers gene that predicts time of death

This is another try at destroying religion, God, and the traditional family life, all of which are in the way of radical left wing professors, feminists and their supporters .
Destroy religion and you make people dependent on the state, you increase your power base and that way you can change the world according to....whatever they want.

Before these leftover of the hippie movement took over our schools, bureaucracy, life was a hell of a lot better, freedom was something we died for, fought for and defended. Today, we notice a little at a time, what we use to be able to do back then, say, or take for granted is now pressed under their control, an increasing number of people and parents are now afraid to express themselves, culminating in increases in drug abuse, teen pregnancy, crime, disrespect for parental authority & oneself, and total dependency on the state.

Pretend you can predict the time of death and you can push the ideals that the Creator does not exist. Since people in history have always looked to a higher power of creation, take that away and you will have those who have turned their backs look up to the state, through schools and programs... They know exactly what they are doing and know full well people need someone to look up too, to guide them, and point the way.
Personally, I follow only one law, and it has worked for me and my ancestors, it got us were we are, and has guided us through some very difficult time in our history.

Still not convinced they are after our kids to change society according to their views?

Judge: Parents have no right to know what homosexual activist taught their children in school

Been against this issue is not an attack on gays or homosexuals or whatever they call themselves these days, it is what we parents have been upset about, what schools, gays, hags, or any other small minority have been doing as of late. re-educating our children, taking over parental responsibility which ensures a good society based on the traditional values that made our respective countries the best in the world.
Since these small minorities seem to have taken over our schools we have had nothing but problems, drug abuse, teen pregnancy, crime, lack of respect for parents, all this is directly attributed to the re-organising of schools according to what basically amount to contradiction of parental teachings and we have seen the results.
Were is the peace we had going to school, sure there was teasing, but it was not as deadly as it is now. Standing up for yourself in the school yard gave us some experiences to be able to stand up for ourselves as adults.

Teens are committing suicide more and more because they do not know, as we did, were they belond and that parents are the answer, schools, the state, tells them they know best, and actually admit as of late that they co-paret with us, what do they know of the way a home is run, the confusion they spread amongst our kids is becoming unacceptable.

We see how deep this twisted ideals of their views is, when a so called judge, dictates what parents can and cannot do, what they can or cannot be informed of what goes on in schools, and since they have stuck their noses where it doesn't belong, we have had nothing but pain and tears.
Parents and families are the ultimate security of children and a nation, I have said it before and will say it again, the fall of any society is always attributed to the destruction of families, without us, a nation falls.
Feminists and the gay lobby are allies with each other, both are trying to change what is, I have always and still do believe we all have the right to live in peace, no matter what our lifestyle is, but no one has the right to change and re-educated our kids according to their views without asking if we agree or not.
This has happened in history, the Bolsheviks and the Nazis both went after the kids, they knew in order to change things according to their twisted ideals, it was easier to go after the kids...How did that work out for them? The backlash of an angry populace can be terrible, so if I was them I would be very careful on how far I would dare to go.
These people who are trying to change our world, are doing it the same way the Nazis did, control the media, schools, social programs, attack traditional religion and parents, because these are the last bastion of morality. And without morality been the primary policy in a nation, that nation falls. It is...inevitable.
And let's not forget it is men, fathers, sons, husbands, that ensures security and peace against those who would try to take it, we are the primary beings in their way...That is why they try so hard to demonize us.
Well i say this with conviction, we are watching...
I suggest you read your history....it is not if the system falls anymore, it is when...
This is not an attack on the alternate lifestyle, I could care less what they are, it is not my place to judge, everyone has the right to live in peace, and I have the right to my opinions, but by going after the schools, they are causing confusion and we see the results....

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Feminists stage a violent protest against men at the University of Toronto

Feminists stage a violent protest against men at the university of Toronto. Begins with the perfect example of a mangina.

In any free society, we must have both side of the argument respected; dictatorships, totalitarian regime, bolshevism, fascism, and so on, have thrive when people only hear one side of an argument.
It is strange isn't it, that hags aka feminists, and their supporters, copy the policies of those who we fought so hard to get rid of.
What  is particularly disturbing is this is been done in schools.
When the Germans realize that their armies ran away to fast in front of the enemy in the 1800, they changed their society and thought nationalism in schools, hence the Prussian style of obeying the state, which gave rise to...Adolf Hitler and the second world war.
When Lenin realise he had to change Russia after the civil war, he went after the schools and the state took over the education system, giving rise to...Josef Stalin.
When the hags and their sub intellectual supporters realize they had to change the western world according to their views, they went after the schools.(let's hope this is not what someone will write in the future to describe the fall of the western democracies, we are not there yet, but damn close)

Realistic view of feminism.

And to put it in  my own way, corporation have used the sub intellectual feminist to increase their profit margin, and though some women have now come to realise this, the lowly hag has not, her primary concern is to demonize men at the expense of women and children.
The reason I and so many men and women disagree with feminism is because we have wives and daughters, we want them to have equal rights, women's rights, the very idea that men want their daughters to be in the kitchen, barefoot, and pregnant is one of the most ridiculous BS anyone has ever come up with.
Here is a little piece of reality to the hags of this world, in the old days, it was not the fathers who thought their daughters how to be a good wife and do what the husband said, it was the mothers.
It is a nightmare for any father to see his daughter pushed down by another man.
If someone would do this to one of my daughters, I would explain to him the wrongfulness of his ways, in my own way, and so would any father, so why are we the bad guys.
Freedom, any freedom, depends on a man willing to fight and die for it. Even the hags right to spew out their idiotic venom.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Message to the haters and those with an inferiority complex

Patriarchy and the return of man.

Ironic isn't it, hags, aka feminists, owe their freedom of speech to....PATRIARCHS.


To those with an inferiority complex, here is a bone for ya....I bet it burns your asses that you owe your freedom to men...

A parents promise.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Having babies stops women being equal to men? Really?

Former equalities minister claims 'mediocre' men can climb the career ladder while mothers take time off work

First, LYNN, this is why your the "former" equality minister, you probably spewed out this ideal of yours around the table and someone who has kids said...holy shit....

Now, if one thinks about all this and what this sub-intellectual person said, it is not only against men, it is directed at children. She is using the bad old men issue to demonizing kids, and basically saying babies are in the way of someone like her to become a man. That is what it's all about, jealousy and a desire to be something she is not.
Here is my suggestion to her, stop trying to be a man, stop been jealous of men, and be a woman, there is plenty of chances in today's world to achieve and still be a woman, no man is going to stand in your way, we have daughters and we want them to achieve also, we do not desire to see them in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant, we want them to be the best they can be.
Such stupid and silly jealousy is not only laughed at by men, but also women.
Reality is, women carry babies for 9 months, men support, protect and provide while they are pregnant, and when baby is born, its not a disease, its a blessing. And if you want to continue in your career, husband is going to support you.
Having children is not a weakness you silly little girl, it is a strenght, when mom and dad looks at their child they work harder to give them the best this world has to offer, having children does not prevent one from climbing the ladder of success, it pushes one to get to the top faster.
And this is why hags aka feminists have become the clowns of our society...They hate who they are...

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Predatory social workers, a failed society and the inevitable return of the Warrior.

More and more we see the predators in our social system. These were supposed to be programs to help families, but these programs are been infested by snakes who will prey on the weak. Mainly children.
There is different kinds of predatory behaviour, what I have been exposing, women's shelters preying on the vulnerable for political ideals and self promotion, C.A.S. preying on young single moms to increase their workloads and demand more money, schools who mess around with children's minds by teaching them sex ed at an early age or that parents are bad(confusing kids so badly that some have nowhere to go but suicide), but the worse lately seems to be low life child predators with child porn on their computers and working in schools, social programs, and other place where children play or gather..
 Former teacher caught with child porn awaits sentencing


 Former university lecturer social work  sentenced to suspended jail term for child porn

Jr. high teacher arrested for violent sex crimes

Ex cop jailed for child porn


B.C. woman charged with possession of child pornography

It is now infecting all aspect of our society, not just social programs..
Personally, I think that men have had enough of the shit, nagging about it on the web is not enough, it does expose these scumbags predators yes, but when they do get caught, they go to a place where they are protected, given 3 meals a day, aka prison.
When someone, and that is both sexes, prey on children, they have crossed the line, there is no more use for them and we certainly cannot trust them in the future. So what to do, why is this so rampant lately, well, they are protected by those who themselves have no idea what realities are, the rights of the accused seem to take precedence over the right of the victim.
I tried to imagine what a child goes through when such an evil is put upon them, "why is this happening, were is mom and dad, what did i do to deserve this" so on, the cries and tears are to much for me to take as a man, I am here for one purpose only, to protect the weak, not to follow, not to conform to the political ideals of the twisted mind, but to protect. Even to die for it.

We live in a world were the weak have taken over the reigns of power, they do not have the stomach to do what must be done, as they make this world according to their beliefs, they forgot or do not care about justice, and sometimes justice has to be....excessive, to give the message that this is appalling, destructive, unwanted and..evil. And the only way to get rid of evil acts, and that is what child porn is, is to eliminate it, without prejudice.

I say this, if they do not want to "impose" justice, then they should step aside. History shows that when society  is corrupt beyond repair, when countries are bankrupt financially and morally, there is revolution, the American revolution, the French revolution, the Russian revolution, all happened because men have had enough of their families been used or abused by the few corrupt individual, some of these revolution worked out, some did not...But the point is, when things crash, when traditions are thrown out for twisted ideals, it usually ends up badly and as we look at the economy of the western world, we are on the edge of this happening again.

It is up to us, men, soldiers, cops, the working man, to make sure our families are safe, if we do not do it, then we have failed as men...fathers...husbands...sons...our children and wives depend on us, for their freedom and security.

As for the hags(aka feminists or feminazis) who have screwed up our world we fought so hard for:
We have daughters, wives, mothers, which we love very much, and grandchildren, we do not want them to be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen, no father, husband, son, wants this, this is only man hating, self hating hags definition of the men they had bad experience with, tagging all of us the same. If you cant see the problems you have caused, thats your problem, move aside or be pushed aside, your choice.

This world is under our protection, without a strong male figure, you have decadence and a fallen society full of predators and injustice.
If I see an act against the weak, I will take action, I will "explain" in my own way what they did was...evil...I risk been criminally charged, ironic isn't it?...but as a man, I have no choice, it is what I was created for...and no one has the right to take it away from me.

Honor is the only thing a man can give himself
and the only thing he can loose by his action,
or inaction...
Any boy can become a man, few men are Warriors.

Which one are you?

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Feminism's legacy

How the fuc#$ could any daughter do this to her own father?
 This is the hag's legacy, by not weeding out their ranks of false accusers for financial benefit, it has become an easy way to get revenge against anyone a woman is pissed at if he is male...
This is not a few bad women here and there, this has become a disease.
Mad at a man, make a false statement, your dad, your husband, your boyfriend, so be it, you will get all the support from the twisted man hating hags, aka feminists, and the more the better, after all they can add these false accusations to their statistics, inflate them and then say its on the increase...

With all due respect I want to believe not all women are like that, but given a chance, most will do it, either for revenge, custody, or money...
Did you know that even if it is shown to be a false accusation, the hags still keep it in their statistics, and then claim abuse is on the increase.
Welcome to the new world, were those who defends with their lives, your honor, your freedoms and your rights to make such false accusations, your dads, brothers, sons, are treated like your enemies...
You should be real proud...

French politicians want to replace mum and dad with parent "1" and "2"

France is re-organizing their society according to the gay lifestyle.
I always said, live and let live, I do not agree with the gay lifestyle but I do not go around trying to convert them, leave me alone and all will be fine.
But....to organize someones society according to a extremely small minority is beyond stupid, it reflects how dumb some have become.
For countries such as sweden using the word hen instead of him or her, or france's parent 1 and 2, just to make swedens small feminist minority or france's gays happy is inviting problems.
This will promote resentment amongst the majority and invite major problems.

In my opinion the socialists of France know exactly what they are doing, they are using the gay excuse to diminish the traditional family and make their population more dependent on the government.
Imposing ones ideals on the majority such as this can have dire consequences, they can manipulate the polls all they want, but no parent is going to agree with this unless they are gays or hags, aka feminists.
And in my opinion, this has everything to do with getting rid of the strong father figure and replacing it with the state. We are in their way to total control, and I am sure that they have no problem figuring out that in the long run, the minorities they are pretending to pander too are no threat, what is scary is that these minorities have not figured out they are been used.

They are not going to succeed, long term anyway, because when things go wrong, they way they are going now, history shows someone is always blamed, and suffers for it.
Those who are trying to change what is, according to their views better be careful, this is exactly how the Bolsheviks and the Nazis came to power, by offering stability, and we all know how that ended....
Both were small voices during the upevil in their respective country, but they came up the middle and the rest is history.

Native mother's children taken by occupational forces.

From Cess Ssec

It is hard as a man to listen to this, it does not matter if you white, yellow, black or red. As protectors of the weak, we have an instinct that drives us to fight back.
Out west in Canada, been native puts you on the top of the list for them to grab your kids.
If your native, your a drunk and a drug user first, then you have to prove your not to get your kids back. This way they can increase their statistics, falsely, and demand more money saying they are overwhelmed.
As for the para-military aka cops, stealing kids, the "we are only following orders" has been used as an excuse in the past, and they were convicted of been war criminals in Nuremberg Germany in 1948 on...When you know it is wrong and you do it anyway it is no longer an excuse but a crime.
This fight against such corruption is not a racial thing, it is a parental, a family thing. Why is it, compared to 50 years ago, there are more grab and snatch of kids today than then? It is because this social system has become political and financial, an industry if you will...
They will use all kinds of excuses, which are lies.
The more they grab,
the more they can falsify their statistics
the more money they get the next year,
the more workers they can hire,
the more their unions become powerful,
the more lobbying power they get...
The more your taxes go up to pay for their corruption...

A couple of hundred years ago we had our own natives who would hunt down and sell out other tribes, they called themselves scouts, we called them traitors, so were Europeans that co-operated with the Nazis during the occupation of Europe, it was bad then, is is bad now. These people are the lowest of life forms.
So, this is not white against red, or others, we have those who will sell us out for a few buck also, this is a family issue, to protect our kids.
As I have explained in this blog, the women's shelter in Carleton place Ontario has 3 native women working there, some of which I knew personally, one I believed a friend, and they still sold out my daughter for statistics and money.
So, we can only imagine, how upset one gets when we as parents are getting it from all sides, even from the ones you trusted, when the only thing we want is to give our children a better life than we had.

Doesn't concern you, GOOD FOR YOU, but think about this, who is going to be there for you and your kids, when they come knocking at your door...
Not that they haven't already, you just did not notice yet, they are by-passing your door for the moment and re-educating you children through schools, or do you agree that kindergarten and grade one kids should be thought sex ed and gay lifestyles???
Or that any kind of discipline by parents is openly thought in schools as a form of abuse...

By the way, in my opinion, the mixed messages they are spewing in schools is causing increase suicides amongst teens, when they get confused, they do not know were to go to get that moment of truth and reflection. In the old days, parents where the place to go to get what they needed. Today, some university feminist who has never put a foot in your house, to know what is the truth, tells your kids how to behave, while you told them something else, resulting in....confusion, fear and a lost of direction. And that is what causes suicide in teens.

This is why this blog supports independence for the first nations, we did not have these tears before the Europeans occupied our lands, we had a close to perfect system, no crime, happy children, and "no wars".
We can still live in peace, but it is obvious that if we do not take our future into our own hands, we are going to disappear.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Evolved slavery and The Illusion of freedoms

It says it all doesn't it?
Add the iphone, the ipad, the internet, the tv, and we are pushed further into our little circle of security, our homes, and even that, in today's world, is no longer safe.
In the meantime, outside our safe delusional safe circle, they are slowly taking away what we use to take for granted, our freedoms, our money, our sense of individuality.
And most of us aren't even noticing, because we believe to be safe in our little circle, but when they are done outside, they will come, inside.
Oh but wait a minute, they already have come inside, through schools, social programs, dependency, targeting our children....
Someday, the excuses we use, "it does not concern me", will come to bite us in the ass...
When they come a knockin...

Thursday, November 8, 2012

A little at a time, Dads are making an impact.

In the election down south there were propositions to redefine marriage, it barely passed in some, did not in others, but that's not what I want to point out.
In Walsh County, North Dakota, the Equal Parenting Initiative, the voters approved a ballot initiative on Tuesday that would require family courts to give equal rights to fathers and mothers in custody cases. It passed with 2/3 of the vote.. My question is, who the hell would vote against it, and obviously, the traditional family still has extensive support, even if the hags aka feminists, and their mangina supporters want to destroy it. And their redefining of the family does not have much support outside of their little group.

Fathers and Families is a Shared Parenting Organization
Fathers and Families is a non-profit organization that is educating the public, families, educators, and legislators about the importance of shared parenting and how it can reduce conflict in children, parents and extended families

The more we explain, that the destruction of the traditional family is not a good thing for a nation and point out those who have that policy, have increased dependency, welfare roles, teen pregnancy, drug and alcohol abuse, crimes, the more these "people" will lose support. We took the path of the hippies of the 60's, these are the ones who are now infecting the structure of our society, but they are diminishing in numbers and the next generation has realized it has not worked. We are not there yet, they will cause more damages, but if we curb their efforts, and get more involved in exposing what they stand for, it has become easier to point out, their way has not worked, it has weakened our society and our freedoms to raise our children to be respectful, to achieve through hard work, and to be proud of who they are without depending on others to tell them. I would like to point out that their way has also increase teen suicide, because the teens do not know were to go when they are in conflict, with the infestation of schools by these people, they tell our kids, parents are wrong, offer conflicting direction and when a teen is confused, they no longer know were to go, hence the increase in suicides compare to when mom and dad were the first and last in who to go to... The hags and their supporters, are been reduced in numbers and power by the next generation, girls do not think of themselves as permanent victims of boys, and find this to be stupid, on many sites I found women and young ladies defending their dads, brothers, bf's, they do not sign up to the feminist agenda, and usually find them to be nothing other than man haters for one reason or another with a dose of inferiority complexes . The feminist of today, has a strong majority of lesbians, and that is what the problem is, they want to advance their views, not women's rights. As for women's rights, it is there, protected by...yes... men, that's husbands, sons and fathers.

I have no doubt, these hateful hags will die off, that someday soon, we will look at this period of our history as one of the worse mistake we ever made, by not exposing in detail who they really are, and that statement such as this....

erin lee todd

was nothing more than hateful words against a segment of our society,  and those who said it will be historically remembered for it.

So, strong support for the traditional family is not for us adults, but for the next generation of kids to have a good life, void of pain & sorrow and full of happiness and security.
We do this, we do it for our children...

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Autism in the family...

My oldest daughter just informed me that her son has autism, that is the second one in her family.
How does this happen, seems that autism is getting more and more rampant in our society, is it family genes, or something worse, like those vaccine they get at an early age.
I always wondered if a cocktail of injections at such an early age can be dangerous, many parents are now having doubts about all those viruses put in a baby so early in their lives.
As a family it will be difficult but we will pull together to make sure these boys get the life they deserve.

It just pisses me off, when I see people in social programs, doing all they can, wasting funds to promote a political agenda against families, especially fathers, while we try so hard at keeping our loved ones united under such strain.
We seem, as parents to be getting it from all sides and it is not getting any better.
But our strenght and love for our children, will win out in the end...
We cannot be beaten, if we stand together.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Today' feminism, a lesson in deceit.

What we try to do on this blog is to inform in the inequality of the feminist movement of today, the idea that only women are victims is untrue, more men die of violence in the world but most importantly, kids. In addition, statistic shows, that "women, mothers" commit more of these crimes than men and fathers. Yet, the feminists only concentrate on women’s monument, I do not think some are very interested in honouring women more than taking credit for such monument. If they were interested in victims, they would concentrate more on the most innocent of victims first, CHILDREN.
As we have exposed the local man haters effort in putting a monument in a family park, were children play, basically saying all men are bad, spending funds they "claim" they do not have, instead of helping those who go to them for help, we can plainly see they do not consider the children to be the first victims. And that to me is disturbing...
As adults, we are supposed to have the instinct to protect the young before ourselves, but if we put ourselves before the young what does that say of our society?
We would have a better world if only the truth would be advance, but according to the hags,aka feminists, only one segment of our society counts, children are expendable....
And if men, fathers, husbands, which a strong majority are good providers, respectful and will put their lives on the line for the weak, dare to speak the truth,

we are wrongly tagged as male chauvinists, or misogynist, whatever the hell that means...
According to the hags, misogyny means this:
"Misogyny is the hatred or dislike of women or girls. According to feminist theory, misogyny can be manifested in numerous ways, including sexual discrimination, denigration of women, violence against women, and sexual objectification of women".
The problem most of us have with this description is this, we men have mothers, wives and daughters, so the majority of men, and I would put the numbers at 90% do not hate, dislikes, sexually discriminates, denigrate, commit violence, sexually objectify our daughter, wives and mothers???
We know there is bad people out there, men and women, but they are a very small minority, unfortunately according to the hags, all men are bad, and all women are their victims, the irony is, if it wasn't for men fighting wars against oppression, they would not have the right to express themselves freely.
Men give their lives for freedom....

Against those how would take it away...
The only thing we ask in return...

But we get this from those who can't even like themselves...

Maybe they would like better for us to stay home and let these guys run things?

What is creepy is feminists actually look up to guys like that....
"The book Fanshen opened the door for many of us to communist theory and practice—and it gave us an enormous amount of help in our immediate organizing and theory building, as well as serving as a step to the works of Mao himself". carol hanisch.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Mothers realizing what the feminist agenda really is.

The only way we can have equality in our schools is moms and dads fighting together to make sure we rid our children's schools of the venom these hags spew out.
Today's kids who attend schools will eventually be the future leaders of our society and to promote one over the other will continue the division we are experiencing today, not to mention the disgusting attitude of the feminists ideal of demeaning boys infesting our school system.
More and more I have noticed mothers who are sick of the hags demonizing their boys, as parents we can make this world a better place, if we stand together.
The very idea the hags promote through the media that most women support them is a lie, latest figure show that in the past 20 years, only an average of 22.7% of women consider themselves feminists.

Take away those who have no idea what the hags really stand for and the number goes down considerably...
The picture above is a perfect example of what we have all realize what these hags message really is, though this is local, that is the ideal they bring to our schools which I have personally experienced. All the local social programs, schools, and others like some in the justice system not only promote the dehumanisation of men and especially male children in our education system, but by their actions, they are weakening our nations future.
To promote one side is to forget the other, and no nation can survive in the long run with these policies.
We, parents are all for the equal right for our children, we know that this will make their future a better place for them to grow, and as our parents did, make the world a better place than we had.
The rights of boys and girls are intertwined, one cannot have it without the other, and I am glad to see that Mothers are as sick of the hag's (aka feminazis), true agenda, to step on the future of our sons for personal benefit.