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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Tvo's Agenda's latest propaganda on feminism.

I Am a Young Woman: Hear Me Roar? Are young women still hearing the battle cry of feminism?
This was their title, but as I watched the show, not even once did they talk or debate the title of the show, surprise surprise, it was a defense of feminism, and the latest book, Naomi Wolf's vagina.
I have not read the book yet, but from what the critics have cackled it's about is her perspective on the new wave of feminism.
One critic (a feminist) writes "It is, not incidentally, a very silly book whose author is currently engaged in a one-woman campaign to deny anonymity to rape victims", well to this critic I would say, in some cases anonymity invites false accusations in which good men go to jail.
Or in my case, I have written in previous post, if a father fights them for the future of his daughter, if he fights their corruption, they can simple throw out there, "there is something wrong with a father loving his daughter this much". The sexual innuendos of that statement the local shelter in carleton place Ontario made to my own daughter is not only sick, perverted, but an attack on all fathers.
For years now they could make such disturbing attacks and no one would be the wiser, because of...anonymity, which they promote and defend, once this sick crap is thrown out there, they can rely on no one looking if it was true or not. Fortunately, with today's technology, especially web cam, cell cams, so on, their little personal trump card of false accusations is starting to expose what some really are...hateful women who uses any thing to destroy what men are, which is fathers husbands and sons.

On the show they had one old style feminist and young women who got their education in radical feminist controlled university. (women's studies)
I would of like to see those who fought for women's rights, Erin Pizzey for instance, instead of promoting those who use the word for personal advancement.
You can see in this show, the msm's refusal to even debate, why feminism has fallen so hard as of late, why young ladies of today stay so far away from calling themselves feminists.
The title of this show was, after all, Are young women still hearing the battle cry of feminism? But it had nothing to do with this.
It was a promotion of feminism, trying to defend it, Though I have to give credit to one of the guest who said one phrase about men, " I don't believe all men hate women"...but that was it.
It is hard to sit  there and listen to such tripe, when you have guest saying "I want all women to be feminists and even men", ...dream on...A cold day in hell we become this...

Feminism has become a venomous attack group on anything man, and what they still have not realize, the reason feminism has fallen, is because of their attacks. One can pretend to be a feminist, because they listen to one side of the argument, but once they continue listening, they soon realize that the constant attacks on what is their fathers, brothers, husbands and sons is the very reason so many young ladies are not associating with that group any more.

As I kept on watching this useless show, which nobody outside of universities women's studies ever does, they had a strong negative against the words Universal feminine, doesn't sound like a bad thing, so I looked it up and found this. An evolution of womanhood, in the circle of life itself, not trying to be someone they are not, (men), but trying to improve who they really are and their importance to balance. No wonder they were against it. If ever there is one word the hags are afraid of is feminine.
When a feminist tries to be a man, she starts to look like one, but sort of in between, not very attractive to any man, which is why they usually end up alone and angry.

One of them ever made reference to some women do not like penetrational sex, Hello...their called lesbians, why they are afraid of that word.

Anyway, as always, Canadian mainstream media and its push to make our society in their vision of what it should be, again, should pat themselves on the back for promoting what josef goebells once said, "if you push bullshit often enough people will believe it".
Unfortunately for them, the backlash against radical feminism has begun and history will judge them by the damages they did to the moral values of nations, the decadence of society and the destruction of generations of kids.

On another subject, but staying on the canadian main stream media propaganda, and how bad they are at it...
On the same day we had the American presidential debate, which the cbc showed, we all have to agree that Obama did not do so well, buuuuut...
The cbc had a poll, in which they "claimed" 73% believed Obama had won the debate.
None of the American media had Obama winning this debate, not even, cnn and msnbc.
There is something wrong with the cbc having a man crush on Obama and pushing propaganda all at the same time.
Not taking side on the debate but one has to agree, that Romney won that one and to be realistic, the incumbent always wins the first one anyway, but to push bull shit like 70%????
That is what one can call a television station with a political agenda, instead of reporting the truth.
And that is why, no one listens to the cbc or that many of the stations are loosing viewers.


Anonymous said...

Canadian media = joke, as for the agenda, is it still on?

Anonymous said...

The lesbian manhater moderator's at the CBC show what the cbc feminist's think of anyone who doesn't follow the feminist handbook of mythology by censorship and bias moderation.

No one can believe anything on the CBC anti-male/father station.

The sooner their government funding is cut----the better.


The Native Canadian said...

totaly agree, if tv stations promote instead of report, their funding should be cut...