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Friday, October 19, 2012

The world in kaos, is it "our" fault?

As a free people we do not like dictators, but in some places in the world, we have to accept the fact that dictatorships are more acceptable for our safety.
Under mubarak and kadafi, Islamic extremism was under control. We might not of agreed with these folks but they were more preferable than the ones we have now. And like we use to say in the 70's and 80's, "they might be tyrants and dictators but they are our dictators".

We patted ourselves on the back when we brought down kadafi, h.clinton bragged about him, "we came,we saw, he died" . Our dictators are in some twisted way in a twisted world, more safe than the ones we helped lately.
Is cutting off the heads of Christians part of their new ‘democratic’ revolution?

Islamic hate for the western world is everywhere, even  on facebook...

If you think Iran is a problem now, imagine if the government, which is in "their own way" democratic, falls. We might not like the ayatollahs, but we will not like what will come after them.
There was a time when the world listened to Canada, now we seem to be behaving like a satellite. Why did we pull our ambassador from Tehran? Is someone getting ready for something. Is this the same situation, (WMD's) as in Iraq? Were is the smoking gun...again?
Dictatorships might no be palatable, but it is more preferable in some parts of the world than what is happening now, or what is coming.

Let's not be so secure with our iphones and ipads, the war to end all wars, ww1, is going to be a walk in the park compare to what is coming, this is not armies against armies. Finding our enemies will be difficult, the worse war we can experienced is the one which our foes walk amongst us.
For instance; We know were Irans conventional army is, we know were their weapons are, were the bases are, even were their nuclear plants are, but we can't find a terrorist with a backpack climbing into a bus full of women and children.

When are we going to admit, we might of chewed more than we can handle, that there is some situations we cannot control. So far we in Canada have been lucky, unlike the u.s., england and spain. Is the death of our innocent citizen worth sticking our noses in places we do not understand, to impose our way of life on someone who does not want it?

The attack on the americans in bengahzi is a perfect example of what is going on, islamic extremists are waiting for any reason to attack us, even some unimportant little film, which no one really saw or showed interest in it, till now.

While listening to h.clinton press conference, she said the lybian government was working with them, this is the same people who worked hand in hand with al qaida against kadafi and are allowing al qaida camps in the east of the country. We should not appease, we should hold the sitting government responsible for their citizen's actions. Does anyone remember the chamberlain appeasement and what it cost us?

Instead of the clinton speech, which sounded like appeasement, a warning to those who hold power to rain in their extremist or else, would have a better response. Believe me, the libyan and other governments in the region do not want a war with us, and I am talking about all out war. A good warning would do more good to put them in their place than an appeasement speech.
Remember when Reagan went after Kadafi...

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