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Friday, October 19, 2012

Media distrust reaches ‘new high’

Media distrust reaches ‘new high’, polls.

And not so far from home....
I help child protection, and the youth centers of Quebec by doing propaganda on the backs of parents of Quebec for money...Me, I could care less about the children of child protection, its the money that counts.
Children be damn, its all about the money?

I hope this statement was taken out of context, or exaggerated, because if it was not, the attacks on families is deeper than I thought.

In the long term they will loose this war they started, after all there is more of us than them, but, the damages they have caused to make the next generation dependent on the state instead of parents will take a long time to repair...
Though these people are a minority, somehow they have entrenched themselves in every aspect of our society. The defense of family rights is not right or left wing, it is national. In order for a nation to survive, it needs the family to be healthy, this is were morals come from, hard work, and dependence on ones self to achieve hopes and dreams.
Since the state and its social organizations with the co-operation of the media have stuck their noses inside the family home, we have had increases in crime, drugs, alcoholism, teen pregnancy, and therefore the taxes we pay to support the very policies that are causing the problem...make sense???
We all have to live in the present, going back in time is not the way to do things, but if we do not remember what the past generations gave us, in values, then how can we build a future?

Parents must have faith in themselves to raise children, depending on others, like c.a.s., or teen help organisation, or any other social programs, simply shows the child that you can't handle them and gave up.
This is one of the worse mistake a parent can do, children, even the worse rebellious mind, thrive on love and discipline, even if you do not see it at the moment, it is always the long term that counts.
How can someone (social workers) who got their so called experiences in university, or the hag, aka feminists with a chip on their shoulder, know anything about what happens inside the home of the individual, that is were most of the mistakes are made.
If parents depend on strangers, strange and unless ideas will come your way...

Parents is the joining of two different people with different ideas into one, when we put this into effect, with respect with each other's place in the circle, then we give our children a chance to excel.
Anyone with children know that raising them is one of the hardest things we can do, but the rewards of this hard work, which ages you before your time, stresses you out, comes in the long term, when they leave home, you and your spouse standing on the porch waving goodbye, knowing that you  gave them the best of yourselves.
Depending on social programs which have political agendas, and are corrupt to the bone, will take that away from you. If your a good parent, and most of us are, you will realize too late the mistake of dependence on others, instead of pride in your achievements, there will be tears and worry.
No one can take from you what is yours, been a parent is better than anything this world has to offer, children are the ultimate pride in a human being. The ultimate achievement.
Give this to a stranger and you have lost it....

And the media's co-operation, and lack of exposing such corruption shows that they are as responsible for the downfall of our society as those who openly work for it's destruction.

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