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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Local women's shelter in financial trouble, but spends money on promoting a statue?

This one I find extremely strange, as I have exposed in previous post, this shelter in Carleton place Ontario, is in supposed financial difficulty, but they have the money to travel all over the county to try to erect a statue in a family park to women who have been murdered. Nothing about men been murdered. Or children. Basically enforcing the idea that this is only a feminists self promotion.
The truth be told, more mothers kill their kids than fathers, noticed we never see this on the main steam media. So tell me, were in Canada or anywhere else for that matter is there a monument dedicated to murdered kids by their mothers????

The Associated Press took a look at statistics and case studies, and it’s a surprisingly large number of women killing their kids. Some experts say about 100 times a year. Others say one every three days! AP also found out that moms are more likely to kill their kids (under the age of 5) than dads.
"many cases go unreported or undetected, such as very young mothers who kill their newborns by smothering them or drowning them in a toilet after hiding the entire pregnancy.”
If one reads the ap story, they try hard to find excuses for the death of these kids by blaming it on stress or depression, sorry, but murder is murder...You will not see a feminist, or their propaganda wing in the media ever saying a man killed is wife because of stress and depression.
According to the hags, children are expendable???

Danielle Blais of Montreal drowned her six-year-old son Charles-Antoine in a bathtub. Like Tracy Latimer, Charles-Antoine had a handicap, in his case autism. Unlike Tracy, he had a life. He could get out of his bed. He attended school. He had the hope of one day becoming independent, perhaps even productive.

Like Robert Latimer, Danielle Blais was charged with murder for her act. Like Latimer, Blais was initially sentenced to two years in prison. Thereafter, the stories differ.
The Latimer verdict provoked a national outcry. The Crown appealed with the result, that he will spend at least ten years in prison.
And Blais? Her sentence was suspended. Few people, even in Montreal, have ever heard of her. There was no appeal. Did disabled activists react with outrage at this travesty of justice? Well, not exactly. The Quebec Society for Autistic Children hired her as a spokesperson – to explain how difficult it is to live with autism.

There are many sad stories such as this, but the local corrupt, anti parent(fathers) women's shelter will spend untold amount of money, they supposedly do not have to promote only women victims, while statistic shows, mothers kill their children more often than fathers...

CBC News, June 9, 2009

A 32-year-old woman in London, Ont., was rearrested on fresh charges Tuesday after an autopsy determined the remains of three babies — not one, as originally suspected — were found in a home on the weekend. Remains of an infant in advanced stages of decomposition was found in a bucket in the basement.
The Ottawa Sun, by Terri Saunders, April 21, 2009
Prosecutors are not seeking a jail sentence for an emotionally disturbed woman who smothered her newborn with a plastic bag to keep her pregnancy a secret.

The Toronto Star, Emily Mathieu, STAFF REPORTER, April 01, 2009

Mother tried to deny father access to boy
In the months leading up to the death of Jayden Marc-Anthony Bernard, the toddler's parents were involved in a bitter custody dispute, according to court documents.
The documents show the father of the 18-month-old boy, who was found dead inside a parked car last week, had filed for joint custody after the child's mother attempted to deny him access to his son.
Shortly after the boy's body was discovered, police charged his mother with first-degree murder.

The Toronto Star, March 01, 2008, By Peter Small, Courts Bureau Xuan (Linda) Peng has been found guilty of second-degree murder in the drowning death of her 4-year-old autistic daughter Scarlett in a bathtub in the family home.

Were is their statue, monument or anything honoring those who are supposed to be protected by their mothers...
This shelter is not interested in the realities, just their selfish promotion, to brag that they pushed to erect a statue.

Others have died in this county other than women, men, boys, but according to this radical feminist organisation, they do not count????


Published Wednesday, Nov. 17, 2010...A 47-year-old woman is charged with the first-degree murder of her husband in Lanark County, southwest of Ottawa.

cbc news, posted Feb.21 2011
Six young men took their own lives in the space of a few weeks, a series of shocks that left the town of Perth and people in the surrounding area not knowing how to respond.
  These suicide in my honest opinion were caused by social programs with the co-operation of local schools in their aggressive policies of trying to usurp parental authority, pushing kids to behave in a way contrary to traditional family values, hence confusing them to a point were they do not know were they belong.
If any statue should be erected in Stewart park in Perth Ontario, it should be a father, a mother, a child, holding hands. Or the most innocent of all victims, the child...

This shelter has done nothing to help women, the reason they are in financial difficulty is because they target rebellious teen girls with the help of local schools to increase false statistics, (many teens with active hormones do not like house rules, that's when they are more susceptible to suggestions, just say your parents abused you and we will give you a welfare check and housing, destroying any future mom and dad guided them towards), they also help women who look for a quick custody order against fathers, promote falsifying abuse for some women who want to by-pass waiting periods and be put in on the top of the list for welfare and housing, in the meantime, those who do need help are given the bare necessities, put in a small room with their kids and told to be quiet, forcing them to return back home...let's not forget the propaganda sessions they have to sit through of "men hold power through rape and sexual harassment", promoted by this specific shelter.
I am all for a statue in a family park such as Stewart park in Perth, but to promote families. In a tourist town like Perth, what will be the message, violence, or community living, healthy families. I will say it again, is there any monument anywhere to murdered children? NO! This shelter is broke, but they are spending money on a statue, something is wrong with this picture, but like josef goebells said, "propaganda is the tool to control what people think".  

Therefore, we are promoting a statue were families gather like Stewart park in Perth Ontario
but not one that is promoted by an organisation that does all it's best to demonise a segment of our society. What they are really trying to do is save their posh paying jobs, most of them do not care about women, if they did they would not waste the funds, (1.4 million a year, not counting donations), on promoting a statue, targeting kids in schools who are rebelious, or women who use this system to get custody of the kids.

Send an email to the Maire of Perth, in support of family unity.
John Fenik
Mayor of Town of Perth
(613) 264-8078

Any violence against any segment of our society should be treated equally, men, women, children have been victims and we all hope that in the near future, humankind will evolve to a point were this will simply disappear, but to promote one side, is to forget the others.
And that is wrong....


Jenny said...

"to promote one side, is to forget the others"

Well put, if anything, children are more abused than women or men, yet like you said, were is their statue?

Anonymous said...

I agree that putting this kind of monument in a family park gives the wrong message. Women r not the only ones who suffer from violent crimes, so do kids and men.

Anonymous said...

Typical feminist hag's,put themselves above and beyond children.
The only reason there is any mention of 'children" at all is in an attempt to gain sympathy for themselve's.

Hag's around the witches pot,everyone of 'em.

If women were so caring they would never put their own children through the hell of the divorce industry.


The Native Canadian said...

Totaly agree with you outdoors.