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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Local shelters demands more money, but refuse to tell the truth about domestic violence.

Why should the tax payer provide more money for women's shelter if their policies is to lie about the realities of domestic violence? If we continue on providing them with unlimited funds, whenever they ask or cry out that they are under funded, without looking at the reasons why, we are also the cause of the problem.
As I have said before, the shelter system is extremely corrupt, they have targeted teenage girls especially in local schools, promoted the idea, all boyfriends are abusive, parents are bad if they push too hard for an education, don't like house rules, just whisper "abuse" and we will arrange it for you to get a welfare check and housing. THAT IS WHY THEY ARE BROKE.

What about telling the truth, if someone makes false accusations, charge them with a crime, after all it is illegal to make such false statement in this country, prevent the use of shelters by women who want custody of the kids, do not pander to teen rebellion, co-operate with  parents, the money they save will go to those who do need the help.
Instead of thinking we and politicians are stupid and do not realize they are buttering the books for power and falsifying statistics for more money, they should concentrate on the mandate given to them by the taxpayer, be honest and this way they would get more respect and we would take them more seriously.
The videos below perfectly illustrate what I have been reporting, manipulating statistics, adding all violence, men and women into one number, and declaring it as their own, old hags with a chip on their shoulders, who have been give carte blanche for so long, that they forgot why they are there to begin with. Someone who is genuinely in need of help is pushed aside because it cost to much or the funds are been used to visit schools, other municipalities, to promote themselves as the speakers for all women.
If only they would be honest...but let's not hold our breath on that one...

Now, we, men and women are against domestic violence, but if the truth is not reported, by hags aka feminists and their propaganda arm, the media, then the real problem is not addressed and these statistics they put out cannot be taken seriously, hence those who do need the help and support do not get it because the funds are re-directed to increase false reports and also used to promote attacks on half of our society.


Gilles said...

its all about money, sad if one thinks about it.

Anonymous said...

they have been lying for years, once one lies about something, one has to lie to cover the lie and so on.