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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Local buinesses who support corrupt local women's shelter

The Smiths Falls Shoppers Drug Mart has been a supporter of the carleton place ontario interval house for a few years now, so has Valley Granite and Tile.
If they like supporting putting as many teen girls on welfare through interval house, its their choice after all its a free country, but I do not think they should have free advertisement, and a pat on the back for supporting an organisation that falsify their books to increase statistics and funding, who is broke because they promote demonizing fathers and husbands, victimize women and teens, who "coach" those who crosses their path to lie, this is the reason interval house is in financial difficulty.
The more they put women who uses this shelter for custody against fathers, who uses this shelter to get instant financial help through false statement, without looking into if it is true or not, the more the funds are abused.
The very idea that if they investigate false statements puts women in danger is their way of increasing their self importance and funding. In the meantime, tax money is wasted and those who need the help get the bare minimum.
They "coached" my underage daughter to say I locked her in the basement when I refused to sign for her to be on welfare, that is their way of by-passing parents, and they have been using this false excuse for decades.
This is a waste of tax payers money and an insult to our justice system, by not investigating if it is true or not they are basically saying they do not trust them????
When we do not speak about corruption, it empowers those who commit it to continue and expand, costing those who pay for it, namely the taxpayer.
As for shoppers drug mart and vallley granite and tile, EMC and others, if they want to support without looking into who they support so be it, but their action must be exposed and the truth will be told...
These policies against parents, mostly fathers, but I have talk to mothers who also went through this, are supported by the regional social program director, ontario works, family services, open doors, and some in the local police department, what is confusing is, don't they have sons, husbands, fathers themselves and do they believe the men in their lives are this.....???

This is a site belonging to this perticular shelter and its director...

I had a dream and that was to see that my kids fulfilled their dreams and this shelter and its staff destroyed that, with the co-operation of all local programs mentioned above, they destroy families to increase their statistics and believed they can do it without repercussions, and they will continue as long as businesses look the other way and blindly support them.

This is what is so disgusting, those who support and protect this shelter and its staffs policies, don't they have sons, fathers and husbands, and do they believe they will get power through rape and sexual harassment????

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