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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

In honor of Amanda Todd

I refuse to put the links from YouTube, I saw comments that actually attacked this poor child. And I am not going to give them any chances to spit out their crap.
What happened to this child is disgusting, the ones that hounded her and keep on doing it to this day should be ashamed. But then people such as that have no conscience, so any attempt to make them understand what they did, is futile.
We live in a new society, especially for kids, cells, cameras, people like feminists who say they are little adults, sex ed in grade one, immoral behaviour by adults, all have a responsibility for what happened to this child and others...
As parents we have new evils to confront, and teach to our kids, everyday new immoral laws and rules catches us by surprise, it can be overwhelming.
We try to keep morality in the family, take responsibility to teach when to open up as adults and we know when our kids are ready for it or not.
But, we compete with schools, politics, social programs, radical feminism, for the mind and future of our own kids.
Parents, Mom's and Dad's are the word for God in the mind of a child, they thrive and achieve according to what they experience with us, but when others stick their noses inside the family and try to overturn what we teach, this is the results.
What do they know of the workings inside the home, by intruding into it, they confuse and offer teenagers a way out of the family rules at a time they need it the most. It may also be parents fault for depending and giving to much power to those who have no kids and think they know more, we should never forgo our responsibilities to stangers, depend on schools to teach the right things, we have to stay vigilant, especially when they are teens, we must stay involved without crowding the child.
They have tried to divert their responsibility for situations such as this, but they are as responsible as those who hounded this child online.
They have been telling her she is a little adult in schools,  television and especially the internet, so she behaved as one. The point is, she was not ready for the ramification, she was to young.

They did the same thing to my daughter, that is why I am so pissed, I have seen this behaviour too many times, so far I have been lucky, but I have seen the stress and hardship she is going through because of those I have named who used her for their own benefit.

I offer my prayers to her parents and family, the lost of a child is always the worse thing we can go through, nothing equals to this.
I am not religous, but spiritual, I believe in the afterlife, and this innocent child is now with the Creator, her family, waiting for the rest to join her.
Though we have tears in the lost of this beautifull human being, we can be assured that we will see her again someday.

As parents we have to take back what was ours, if we do not get our heads out of the sands,  stop behaving like lemmings and realise that our kids are been used by unscroupulous people for their own beliefs and benefit, this will continue...


Anonymous said...

Chances are these bully's were raised by single mother's who used power and control to gain custody with the aid of the likes of erin lee todd.


The Native Canadian said...

I agree. morals, self-respect and honor is thought by parents of the house, that is "fathers" and mothers. When we have people such as her, thriving on the division of traditional families, for increase funding and self importance, telling women who crosses her path that all men are bad, or that we control women though sexual harrassement and rape, you have imbalance, and the results are what hapened to this child, and so many fatherless teens. On many occasions I have refered to shelters been a place where women get instant custody by going there and falsely claiming abuse, with the help of the staff, once this is done, it makes it twice as hard to get justice for children to see and have the love of a dad..Everything points to the idea that fathers are extremely important for the future and stability of children, since they have tried to take that away, through hate, we have lost children, the worse in suicide, but also to drugs and crime, not to mention teen mothers who r not ready for the world around them.

Anonymous said...

So sad, but ur absolutly right, they wont take responsibility, since their invasion into family life there has been an increase in suicides.