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Friday, October 19, 2012

False accuser finds herself in jail

Tiffany Marie Smith behind bars for making false accusations!

In Canada and anywhere in the western world, we have laws against making false accusations.
Hags, aka feminists, who run the social programs, especially their command and control headquarters, aka women's shelters have been given carte blanche to accuse any man, husband, fathers, of abuse, rape, assault, and anything else they can think of to demonize any male they come in contact with, without repercussions.
They do not do this to help victims but to increase their statistics in order to get more power, self promotion and funding. What upsets me is that the real victims in most of these cases are children, and as parents we cannot allow this.
I am glad to see that these venomous policies are now starting to be reverse, not fast enough for my taste, but with action on the political scene and the Internet, pressure can be put on those who are "supposed" to protect people against illegal accusations and hopefully they now have realized that blind support for criminal acts can cost votes.
Those who do make false accusations cannot proceed without the help of lawyers, judges, feminists organisations, women's shelters, and others, these organisations have to be held accountable for their actions, this way, the real victims will have a chance, instead of been used as a statistic.
To demonize a segment of our society, aka men, all  men, for the action of a "few" is wrong. We have died in wars, thorn to pieces, to protect to right to freedom for everyone, and we certainly are not going to give it away to those who are corrupt.
When it is found through investigation, that a woman with the help of others, makes false accusations, all should be held accountable for their actions, this will make our society a better place, not only for the fathers and husbands of this world but for our children.
After all, aren't they watching what we do?

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Anonymous said...

"all should be held accountable for their actions,"

There is no special grants or money to be made in that.