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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Local women's shelter in financial trouble, but spends money on promoting a statue?

This one I find extremely strange, as I have exposed in previous post, this shelter in Carleton place Ontario, is in supposed financial difficulty, but they have the money to travel all over the county to try to erect a statue in a family park to women who have been murdered. Nothing about men been murdered. Or children. Basically enforcing the idea that this is only a feminists self promotion.
The truth be told, more mothers kill their kids than fathers, noticed we never see this on the main steam media. So tell me, were in Canada or anywhere else for that matter is there a monument dedicated to murdered kids by their mothers????

The Associated Press took a look at statistics and case studies, and it’s a surprisingly large number of women killing their kids. Some experts say about 100 times a year. Others say one every three days! AP also found out that moms are more likely to kill their kids (under the age of 5) than dads.
"many cases go unreported or undetected, such as very young mothers who kill their newborns by smothering them or drowning them in a toilet after hiding the entire pregnancy.”
If one reads the ap story, they try hard to find excuses for the death of these kids by blaming it on stress or depression, sorry, but murder is murder...You will not see a feminist, or their propaganda wing in the media ever saying a man killed is wife because of stress and depression.
According to the hags, children are expendable???

Danielle Blais of Montreal drowned her six-year-old son Charles-Antoine in a bathtub. Like Tracy Latimer, Charles-Antoine had a handicap, in his case autism. Unlike Tracy, he had a life. He could get out of his bed. He attended school. He had the hope of one day becoming independent, perhaps even productive.

Like Robert Latimer, Danielle Blais was charged with murder for her act. Like Latimer, Blais was initially sentenced to two years in prison. Thereafter, the stories differ.
The Latimer verdict provoked a national outcry. The Crown appealed with the result, that he will spend at least ten years in prison.
And Blais? Her sentence was suspended. Few people, even in Montreal, have ever heard of her. There was no appeal. Did disabled activists react with outrage at this travesty of justice? Well, not exactly. The Quebec Society for Autistic Children hired her as a spokesperson – to explain how difficult it is to live with autism.

There are many sad stories such as this, but the local corrupt, anti parent(fathers) women's shelter will spend untold amount of money, they supposedly do not have to promote only women victims, while statistic shows, mothers kill their children more often than fathers...

CBC News, June 9, 2009

A 32-year-old woman in London, Ont., was rearrested on fresh charges Tuesday after an autopsy determined the remains of three babies — not one, as originally suspected — were found in a home on the weekend. Remains of an infant in advanced stages of decomposition was found in a bucket in the basement.
The Ottawa Sun, by Terri Saunders, April 21, 2009
Prosecutors are not seeking a jail sentence for an emotionally disturbed woman who smothered her newborn with a plastic bag to keep her pregnancy a secret.

The Toronto Star, Emily Mathieu, STAFF REPORTER, April 01, 2009

Mother tried to deny father access to boy
In the months leading up to the death of Jayden Marc-Anthony Bernard, the toddler's parents were involved in a bitter custody dispute, according to court documents.
The documents show the father of the 18-month-old boy, who was found dead inside a parked car last week, had filed for joint custody after the child's mother attempted to deny him access to his son.
Shortly after the boy's body was discovered, police charged his mother with first-degree murder.

The Toronto Star, March 01, 2008, By Peter Small, Courts Bureau Xuan (Linda) Peng has been found guilty of second-degree murder in the drowning death of her 4-year-old autistic daughter Scarlett in a bathtub in the family home.

Were is their statue, monument or anything honoring those who are supposed to be protected by their mothers...
This shelter is not interested in the realities, just their selfish promotion, to brag that they pushed to erect a statue.

Others have died in this county other than women, men, boys, but according to this radical feminist organisation, they do not count????


Published Wednesday, Nov. 17, 2010...A 47-year-old woman is charged with the first-degree murder of her husband in Lanark County, southwest of Ottawa.

cbc news, posted Feb.21 2011
Six young men took their own lives in the space of a few weeks, a series of shocks that left the town of Perth and people in the surrounding area not knowing how to respond.
  These suicide in my honest opinion were caused by social programs with the co-operation of local schools in their aggressive policies of trying to usurp parental authority, pushing kids to behave in a way contrary to traditional family values, hence confusing them to a point were they do not know were they belong.
If any statue should be erected in Stewart park in Perth Ontario, it should be a father, a mother, a child, holding hands. Or the most innocent of all victims, the child...

This shelter has done nothing to help women, the reason they are in financial difficulty is because they target rebellious teen girls with the help of local schools to increase false statistics, (many teens with active hormones do not like house rules, that's when they are more susceptible to suggestions, just say your parents abused you and we will give you a welfare check and housing, destroying any future mom and dad guided them towards), they also help women who look for a quick custody order against fathers, promote falsifying abuse for some women who want to by-pass waiting periods and be put in on the top of the list for welfare and housing, in the meantime, those who do need help are given the bare necessities, put in a small room with their kids and told to be quiet, forcing them to return back home...let's not forget the propaganda sessions they have to sit through of "men hold power through rape and sexual harassment", promoted by this specific shelter.
I am all for a statue in a family park such as Stewart park in Perth, but to promote families. In a tourist town like Perth, what will be the message, violence, or community living, healthy families. I will say it again, is there any monument anywhere to murdered children? NO! This shelter is broke, but they are spending money on a statue, something is wrong with this picture, but like josef goebells said, "propaganda is the tool to control what people think".  

Therefore, we are promoting a statue were families gather like Stewart park in Perth Ontario
but not one that is promoted by an organisation that does all it's best to demonise a segment of our society. What they are really trying to do is save their posh paying jobs, most of them do not care about women, if they did they would not waste the funds, (1.4 million a year, not counting donations), on promoting a statue, targeting kids in schools who are rebelious, or women who use this system to get custody of the kids.

Send an email to the Maire of Perth, in support of family unity.
John Fenik
Mayor of Town of Perth
(613) 264-8078

Any violence against any segment of our society should be treated equally, men, women, children have been victims and we all hope that in the near future, humankind will evolve to a point were this will simply disappear, but to promote one side, is to forget the others.
And that is wrong....

Local buinesses who support corrupt local women's shelter

The Smiths Falls Shoppers Drug Mart has been a supporter of the carleton place ontario interval house for a few years now, so has Valley Granite and Tile.
If they like supporting putting as many teen girls on welfare through interval house, its their choice after all its a free country, but I do not think they should have free advertisement, and a pat on the back for supporting an organisation that falsify their books to increase statistics and funding, who is broke because they promote demonizing fathers and husbands, victimize women and teens, who "coach" those who crosses their path to lie, this is the reason interval house is in financial difficulty.
The more they put women who uses this shelter for custody against fathers, who uses this shelter to get instant financial help through false statement, without looking into if it is true or not, the more the funds are abused.
The very idea that if they investigate false statements puts women in danger is their way of increasing their self importance and funding. In the meantime, tax money is wasted and those who need the help get the bare minimum.
They "coached" my underage daughter to say I locked her in the basement when I refused to sign for her to be on welfare, that is their way of by-passing parents, and they have been using this false excuse for decades.
This is a waste of tax payers money and an insult to our justice system, by not investigating if it is true or not they are basically saying they do not trust them????
When we do not speak about corruption, it empowers those who commit it to continue and expand, costing those who pay for it, namely the taxpayer.
As for shoppers drug mart and vallley granite and tile, EMC and others, if they want to support without looking into who they support so be it, but their action must be exposed and the truth will be told...
These policies against parents, mostly fathers, but I have talk to mothers who also went through this, are supported by the regional social program director, ontario works, family services, open doors, and some in the local police department, what is confusing is, don't they have sons, husbands, fathers themselves and do they believe the men in their lives are this.....???

This is a site belonging to this perticular shelter and its director...

I had a dream and that was to see that my kids fulfilled their dreams and this shelter and its staff destroyed that, with the co-operation of all local programs mentioned above, they destroy families to increase their statistics and believed they can do it without repercussions, and they will continue as long as businesses look the other way and blindly support them.

This is what is so disgusting, those who support and protect this shelter and its staffs policies, don't they have sons, fathers and husbands, and do they believe they will get power through rape and sexual harassment????

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

How an Ex Wife's Greed Destroyed a father's life.

You know what this tells us? It doesn't matter to a hag, aka feminist, if your a lawyer, a cop, a judge, a politician, a soldier, or a simple worker who tries to provide for his family.
They will even demonize women who try to defend men...
Who suffers because of their corrupt greed and anti family ideals???
Our kids....
I don't think so....

Monday, October 29, 2012

To a feminist, fathers and husbands feelings are nonexistent, passing their day victimizing women.


Feminist legacy; A wolfpack of dunken young girls stab a 63 year old man

The lack of balance in our society, is obvious, throw away dads and your have the lost of what he teaches, it takes two to give a child a chance in life, simple as that.

Can anyone truly say that there is enough responsible young people out there, to carry what is left of the nation to a secure future? I think not.
We lost to many of them to feminism's radicalism infesting our schools, social programs, welfare and child protection,
They destroyed a generation, what started out as a co-operation between men and women to make the world a better place was taken over by criminal predators of children, now known as the feminist movement.
The only answer to this problem is for the traditional family, the strenght of moms and dads to take back what is ours and repair the damages they did.
The hags aka feminism, aka feminazis has to go.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

When you pull out your dong at a feminist rally

Slutwalk cannot be reserved for women...... Men have a right to show off their body too.
First of all, one has to laugh at this situation, I mean what the fu#$ do they expect, ironically they call it the slut walks...
As the toronto cop said, justifiably, where all this slut talk began, if you dress like a slut, you attract the wrong kind of situation, and I totally agree and so does all the fathers and mothers of this world.

Here is the realities, dress like a slut, someone is going to show you what you advertised for...lol...
Man, are these feminist pissed or what...
you can see the video here...
I dont know why he did it, trying to make a point, a joke, see their reaction, but hey all the power to him, in my opinion, a woman who dresses like a slut has no respect for herself, and why should he show any...Not that I or any of us would do such a thing but still, funny as hell...

The irony here....
It's ok for feminists to dress and act like sluts, but if any man reacts to what they advertise...
or its ok to dress like a slut, but a man can't....
Still to see the reaction, lol...

To be serious about all this, the slut walk is an ideal that went to far, it shows lack of respect for ones self, and thats why the feminists of today is starting to be seen as a joke...

Monday, October 22, 2012

Russell Means, Native American Actor and Famed Activist, Dies at 72

This will be a great lost amongst our people.
I met Russell Means in 1990 and found him to be a powerful speaker and great defender of our peoples right to freedom and self determination...

Our prayers to the family and friends, he will be greatly missed.

Sunday, October 21, 2012


Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for others.
His dad died fighting for his country
Heart breaking, hopefully, that marine told him real men cry..

What else can we say?

This is the true heart of a man....

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Parents includes dads...Never accept feminist's definition on fathers.

As fathers many of us have been targeted by the hags,aka feminists, simply for been the father of the family, we see the results in our society, increase drug abuse, crime, teen pregnancies, even suicide.
Somewhere down the line, politicians are going to realize this is not working, the cost is too high, it only takes one person to tell the truth, to expose the realities of corruption. The pressure we as parents, are now putting on those who can repair this injustice is starting to make a difference, not fast enough for my taste, but they are starting to notice.

My personal experiences with social programs and the local shelter showed me that they are using our children to increase their self worth, self power, and self promotion. If it was only me that was targeted I could say it was a miserable mistake, and if they really cared about children falling into the system unnecessarily, they would of worked with me. But no....
As I investigated I found they have been doing this for years, using kids, destroying families, demonising fathers because of their hatred of men. The increase spending on these corrupt policies is costing the tax payer, in ways that those who need real support are not getting it.

erin lee toddThe interval house in carleton place, directed by erin lee todd and her staff, falsified a lock down to make me look bad because I was complaining to m.p,'s, mpp's, senators, ministers, so on. I have never been close to this place, and ironically, never been to Carleton place Ontario...I was never impolite, always diplomatic, was even complimented on my communication with these people by some cops, and threatened by others. In their minds I was not allowed to criticize, but they were allowed to do whatever they wish with my daughter...I think not.
My thoughts was always, getting angry was not the way to go, it would of fallen into their web of deceit. What they never counted on, because of their policies of "all men are bad" is going up against a parent, father, man, who was not a bad person, but a good parent who was willing to do anything for his child, and they had no idea how to react other than try to demonize. Not once in their limited minds were they capable of switching their hatred, because they have been so entrenched into these twisted ideals that it never crossed their minds they might be wrong.
And now, this particular shelter is broke, and asking for more money to continue their destructive path against families. Sorry but the cost is to high...

We, fathers have had enough, victimizing us, or demonizing us is having an adverse effect, you can see this by their useless cry of "war on women", what fuc#$%  war on women, we do not war on our wives and daughters, we are after all protectors, tagging us as bad because of the few, is one big mistake on their part.
They have no idea what they started, and how far we are willing to go to protect, provide and ensure a good future for our children, with the help of our women of course.
I am sure that the staff of this particular shelter I have exposed, never thought for one minute that most of us are "not" the bad people they make us out to be, they had no idea how far we are willing to go and fight to put an end to their venom.
Tagging us as knuckle dragging trogs carrying a club is what they try to make us out to be, and that is the error they make....
We can fight back within the existing rules, use their game against them, and we do not have to get angry to do it....
It is illegal and a crime to make false accusations, it is illegal and a crime to falsify reports, it is illegal and a crime to fraud social programs with false statistics....But most importantly, we have more votes than they do....
Want to bring hags down, research, be patient, polite, diplomatic, and always remember, they believe that you are a bad person because your a man, that all women are our victims, that is their Achilles heal...
Confuse a hag, show the strenght of a man is not only physical but intellectual also....they are not exactly the smartest cookie in the jar, they depend on you been angry, and when your not, they go in circle like a chicken without a head.
And if they say your anti woman when you fight for your family, remind them how many daughters, niece, or granddaughters you have and that we do not want them to be barefoot, in the kitchen, and how stupid that statement really is...
Don't worry you can't offend sub intellectuals, hags are like a horse with blinders, you can't converse with them, they can only go one extremely limited way...."your bad, your a man".

And most importantly....Thrive on who you really are....a man, a father, husband.... Protector, Warrior.

Friday, October 19, 2012

The world in kaos, is it "our" fault?

As a free people we do not like dictators, but in some places in the world, we have to accept the fact that dictatorships are more acceptable for our safety.
Under mubarak and kadafi, Islamic extremism was under control. We might not of agreed with these folks but they were more preferable than the ones we have now. And like we use to say in the 70's and 80's, "they might be tyrants and dictators but they are our dictators".

We patted ourselves on the back when we brought down kadafi, h.clinton bragged about him, "we came,we saw, he died" . Our dictators are in some twisted way in a twisted world, more safe than the ones we helped lately.
Is cutting off the heads of Christians part of their new ‘democratic’ revolution?

Islamic hate for the western world is everywhere, even  on facebook...

If you think Iran is a problem now, imagine if the government, which is in "their own way" democratic, falls. We might not like the ayatollahs, but we will not like what will come after them.
There was a time when the world listened to Canada, now we seem to be behaving like a satellite. Why did we pull our ambassador from Tehran? Is someone getting ready for something. Is this the same situation, (WMD's) as in Iraq? Were is the smoking gun...again?
Dictatorships might no be palatable, but it is more preferable in some parts of the world than what is happening now, or what is coming.

Let's not be so secure with our iphones and ipads, the war to end all wars, ww1, is going to be a walk in the park compare to what is coming, this is not armies against armies. Finding our enemies will be difficult, the worse war we can experienced is the one which our foes walk amongst us.
For instance; We know were Irans conventional army is, we know were their weapons are, were the bases are, even were their nuclear plants are, but we can't find a terrorist with a backpack climbing into a bus full of women and children.

When are we going to admit, we might of chewed more than we can handle, that there is some situations we cannot control. So far we in Canada have been lucky, unlike the u.s., england and spain. Is the death of our innocent citizen worth sticking our noses in places we do not understand, to impose our way of life on someone who does not want it?

The attack on the americans in bengahzi is a perfect example of what is going on, islamic extremists are waiting for any reason to attack us, even some unimportant little film, which no one really saw or showed interest in it, till now.

While listening to h.clinton press conference, she said the lybian government was working with them, this is the same people who worked hand in hand with al qaida against kadafi and are allowing al qaida camps in the east of the country. We should not appease, we should hold the sitting government responsible for their citizen's actions. Does anyone remember the chamberlain appeasement and what it cost us?

Instead of the clinton speech, which sounded like appeasement, a warning to those who hold power to rain in their extremist or else, would have a better response. Believe me, the libyan and other governments in the region do not want a war with us, and I am talking about all out war. A good warning would do more good to put them in their place than an appeasement speech.
Remember when Reagan went after Kadafi...

False accuser finds herself in jail

Tiffany Marie Smith behind bars for making false accusations!

In Canada and anywhere in the western world, we have laws against making false accusations.
Hags, aka feminists, who run the social programs, especially their command and control headquarters, aka women's shelters have been given carte blanche to accuse any man, husband, fathers, of abuse, rape, assault, and anything else they can think of to demonize any male they come in contact with, without repercussions.
They do not do this to help victims but to increase their statistics in order to get more power, self promotion and funding. What upsets me is that the real victims in most of these cases are children, and as parents we cannot allow this.
I am glad to see that these venomous policies are now starting to be reverse, not fast enough for my taste, but with action on the political scene and the Internet, pressure can be put on those who are "supposed" to protect people against illegal accusations and hopefully they now have realized that blind support for criminal acts can cost votes.
Those who do make false accusations cannot proceed without the help of lawyers, judges, feminists organisations, women's shelters, and others, these organisations have to be held accountable for their actions, this way, the real victims will have a chance, instead of been used as a statistic.
To demonize a segment of our society, aka men, all  men, for the action of a "few" is wrong. We have died in wars, thorn to pieces, to protect to right to freedom for everyone, and we certainly are not going to give it away to those who are corrupt.
When it is found through investigation, that a woman with the help of others, makes false accusations, all should be held accountable for their actions, this will make our society a better place, not only for the fathers and husbands of this world but for our children.
After all, aren't they watching what we do?

Media distrust reaches ‘new high’

Media distrust reaches ‘new high’, polls.

And not so far from home....
I help child protection, and the youth centers of Quebec by doing propaganda on the backs of parents of Quebec for money...Me, I could care less about the children of child protection, its the money that counts.
Children be damn, its all about the money?

I hope this statement was taken out of context, or exaggerated, because if it was not, the attacks on families is deeper than I thought.

In the long term they will loose this war they started, after all there is more of us than them, but, the damages they have caused to make the next generation dependent on the state instead of parents will take a long time to repair...
Though these people are a minority, somehow they have entrenched themselves in every aspect of our society. The defense of family rights is not right or left wing, it is national. In order for a nation to survive, it needs the family to be healthy, this is were morals come from, hard work, and dependence on ones self to achieve hopes and dreams.
Since the state and its social organizations with the co-operation of the media have stuck their noses inside the family home, we have had increases in crime, drugs, alcoholism, teen pregnancy, and therefore the taxes we pay to support the very policies that are causing the problem...make sense???
We all have to live in the present, going back in time is not the way to do things, but if we do not remember what the past generations gave us, in values, then how can we build a future?

Parents must have faith in themselves to raise children, depending on others, like c.a.s., or teen help organisation, or any other social programs, simply shows the child that you can't handle them and gave up.
This is one of the worse mistake a parent can do, children, even the worse rebellious mind, thrive on love and discipline, even if you do not see it at the moment, it is always the long term that counts.
How can someone (social workers) who got their so called experiences in university, or the hag, aka feminists with a chip on their shoulder, know anything about what happens inside the home of the individual, that is were most of the mistakes are made.
If parents depend on strangers, strange and unless ideas will come your way...

Parents is the joining of two different people with different ideas into one, when we put this into effect, with respect with each other's place in the circle, then we give our children a chance to excel.
Anyone with children know that raising them is one of the hardest things we can do, but the rewards of this hard work, which ages you before your time, stresses you out, comes in the long term, when they leave home, you and your spouse standing on the porch waving goodbye, knowing that you  gave them the best of yourselves.
Depending on social programs which have political agendas, and are corrupt to the bone, will take that away from you. If your a good parent, and most of us are, you will realize too late the mistake of dependence on others, instead of pride in your achievements, there will be tears and worry.
No one can take from you what is yours, been a parent is better than anything this world has to offer, children are the ultimate pride in a human being. The ultimate achievement.
Give this to a stranger and you have lost it....

And the media's co-operation, and lack of exposing such corruption shows that they are as responsible for the downfall of our society as those who openly work for it's destruction.

Do feminist, believe in the freedom of choice? Not really.

Catholics assaulted, spat upon, and spray-painted as they defend cathedral from feminists
 The hags say they believe in a woman's right to choose, if there is to be a choice, then one has to look at places that offers a different point of view, like the catholic church.
But the hags don't want the church to offer that other point of view to women, therefore they take away a woman's right to choose when they try to shut down someone whom they do not agree with...

The right to choose is based on respecting the opposing side,making sure it has a voice in order to promote freedom.
And freedom means making sure the opinion of those you do not agree with has the right to exist in order to offer ....the right to choose.

But not to the hags, it's their way on no way...go figure. Maybe that's why they are loosing support amongst women.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The politics of division...The fall of the western world

Threats to Assassinate Romney Explode After Debate

Imagine for one minute if this was against the other guy.....

I am not taking sides but I looked at the names on twitter, they do exist and saw the threats.
As a society, we are been attacked by all sides, if it is not the hags, aka feminists, demonizing men, its politics, religion, so on...
As long as we "allow" this to continue, we cannot evolve into a better society, been at each others throats, because of difference of opinions, only enforces and empowers those who believes their are the ruling class...
Our world is now compose of only one thing, one power base against the other, demonize, and attack, policies be damn...
And that is how Rome fell, and all empires before and after.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

In honor of Amanda Todd

I refuse to put the links from YouTube, I saw comments that actually attacked this poor child. And I am not going to give them any chances to spit out their crap.
What happened to this child is disgusting, the ones that hounded her and keep on doing it to this day should be ashamed. But then people such as that have no conscience, so any attempt to make them understand what they did, is futile.
We live in a new society, especially for kids, cells, cameras, people like feminists who say they are little adults, sex ed in grade one, immoral behaviour by adults, all have a responsibility for what happened to this child and others...
As parents we have new evils to confront, and teach to our kids, everyday new immoral laws and rules catches us by surprise, it can be overwhelming.
We try to keep morality in the family, take responsibility to teach when to open up as adults and we know when our kids are ready for it or not.
But, we compete with schools, politics, social programs, radical feminism, for the mind and future of our own kids.
Parents, Mom's and Dad's are the word for God in the mind of a child, they thrive and achieve according to what they experience with us, but when others stick their noses inside the family and try to overturn what we teach, this is the results.
What do they know of the workings inside the home, by intruding into it, they confuse and offer teenagers a way out of the family rules at a time they need it the most. It may also be parents fault for depending and giving to much power to those who have no kids and think they know more, we should never forgo our responsibilities to stangers, depend on schools to teach the right things, we have to stay vigilant, especially when they are teens, we must stay involved without crowding the child.
They have tried to divert their responsibility for situations such as this, but they are as responsible as those who hounded this child online.
They have been telling her she is a little adult in schools,  television and especially the internet, so she behaved as one. The point is, she was not ready for the ramification, she was to young.

They did the same thing to my daughter, that is why I am so pissed, I have seen this behaviour too many times, so far I have been lucky, but I have seen the stress and hardship she is going through because of those I have named who used her for their own benefit.

I offer my prayers to her parents and family, the lost of a child is always the worse thing we can go through, nothing equals to this.
I am not religous, but spiritual, I believe in the afterlife, and this innocent child is now with the Creator, her family, waiting for the rest to join her.
Though we have tears in the lost of this beautifull human being, we can be assured that we will see her again someday.

As parents we have to take back what was ours, if we do not get our heads out of the sands,  stop behaving like lemmings and realise that our kids are been used by unscroupulous people for their own beliefs and benefit, this will continue...

Monday, October 15, 2012

Interval house Carleton place ontario, financial trouble, asks then backs off from united way funding.

 Carleton place ontarios women's shelter, revealed it is in discussions with the United Way of Lanark County about coming in under their umbrella for more funding.
This shelter is in the hole for $60,000 because of their policy of targeting teenage girls in schools, accepting any claim of abuse, even if it is not true, women using the shelter for custody purposes against fathers, women falsely claiming abuse for easy emergency access to welfare, shelter staff traveling all over the place to promote their importance instead of following their mandate to help the locals, this is why they have financial trouble.

But one week later, their discussion to come under united way funding abruptly ended...why???
Personal Theory:
They would have to open their books to the public?
Their policy of targeting teens is not accepted?
Falsifying the statistics to get more funding is frowned upon?
Why did they reverse their decision not to seek united way funding inside of one week?
Aren't they in dire need of money?  What are they afraid of?
I found it amazing coming from an organisation that is supposed to help, in need of more funds, would back off from coming under the united way so quick.

Erin lee todd,  director of interval house amongst other things locally, begging local politicians in the hope money will be handed to her without question, sounds like oliver in oliver twist, please sir, I want more..

If the local committee wants to help, they should first demand that erin lee todd and her administrative staff resign, re-organize this shelter to follow the "local" mandate to help, increase investigation on false claims of abuse instead of accepting that word as law. Stop pandering to teenage rebellion as a source of funding, women who fraudulently use the shelter system to get custody of children against fathers, and those who uses said shelters to get on welfare faster by making false accusations, stop targeting all men as abusers, these policies are a waste of funds, reverse them and the financial hole they are in will fix itself. Shelters alienate a good portion of potential support, namely men, by having a policy of all men are bad. Not only do they alienate the men, but women also who believe the majority of men are good fathers, husbands and sons, and do not subscribe to the notion that men hold power through rape and sexual harassment.

The members of the local committee composed of men; and women who have sons and husbands are going to finance an organisation that says, male power is upheld by rape????

Their policy of not reporting false accusations is based on the notion that if they do, it will put the woman in danger. Pretty good policy if you think about it, that way they can put these false report into their statistics. Problem is, that is what is causing their financial woes.

Here is the scary part......

How would you like to have this person counsel your kids...

The counsel they gave my daughter;;
"there is something wrong with a father loving his daughter". This one is particularly disgusting...We all know what they meant by that one.
"Your father will not sign for welfare, if you claim abuse there is nothing he can do".
And a fake lock down of the shelter by this director, (may I had that I "never" thought of going even close to this place at anytime) sending girlfriends from the local police to scare and threaten, making sure anyone who disagree with her look bad so no one look into her behaviour...
What they do, with the help of local welfare workers is an illegal act under the laws of this land, false accusations, frauding welfare, and denying the accused, namely men, their days in court to face their accusers, which are entrenched in the charter of rights, smacks of waste, and only increases taxes to continue funding what is a flawed system.

I can't say that all shelters are like this one, but I have yet to find one that is not. The waste of funds is the main reason why those who need the help, barely get it, if the funds would go directly to the mandate these organisations are supposed to follow, those in need would be better treated and helped, but they get the bare necessity and are pushed aside.
The main policy of today's shelters is politics, money, personal power, and self importance for those running it.
Families are destroyed, a generation of kids are made dependant by social programs, they have their mitts in our schools and hence families and they ask for more money to continue these acts of terror on the traditional family, I think not....
What began has a good idea by erin pizzey a long time ago has become a tool for those who use it for personal gain, they have ruined a needy organisation, demonized a segment of our society and victimized the other.

The majority of men are good fathers, husbands and sons, the majority of women do not consider themselves permanent victims, and our kids should never be a source for false statistics and funding.

The few that are bad, men and women, do not represent our way of life, and should not be used to identify the majority.
And any politician who support, or look the other way while handing out money blindly are as corrupt as they are....

I still say, shelters are a needy program in our society, but not under the policy they have now, targeting all men as these people do, reduces support and hence funding.

To re-post one of their ridiculous notions that we are in season for increase abuse on women, let's not forget the grey cup and the super bowl is coming our way, Christmas and eventually the stanley cup, and according to erin lee todd, that is when we buy beer, watch the big game and beat our women....
"While the rush of the big game can be intoxicating to sports fans, the rush of emotions, coupled with alcohol itself, can fuel domestic violence after the game as well. Lee-Todd noted that the levels of domestic abuse rise after big sporting events like the Super Bowl."

This is what she wants us to believe....
and is promoting to get more money...
When this is what super bowl, grey cup, stanley cup really is, family and friends...

So, When one makes false claims to increase statistics, it comes back to bite you in the ass, those who depend on them suffer, interests dies down, funding dries up, and when the time comes to ask for more, like they did with the united way, they may have things to hide, and can only depend on those who are uninformed about their activity and blindly support an organisation festering with hidden corruption...

Personal thought:
I am sick of these "people" with the help of local  media such as the EMC, making a segment of our society, men, out to be all bad and nasty, they know we are not, but in their own little minds, thriving for personal power and a pat on the back, have done nothing but reduce what was a good society in North America, envied by most in the world, dependant on the few. By no means are we perfect, but with time and co-operation between us we were getting there.
I, as so many men and women who are parents compete for the future of our children with people such as these, we see more drugs, more crime, more teen pregnancy, more kids on welfare, "we" did not do this, "we" do not want this, this is not our doing, we will never stop fighting for our kids, but if they go to far...."we" will stop them.
The power, strenght, security, stability of nations depend on parents, we are the ones who give to a nation the citizen who will guaranty our respective country it's future. Any state or it's affiliates that does not recognize this is doomed to failure.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Local shelters demands more money, but refuse to tell the truth about domestic violence.

Why should the tax payer provide more money for women's shelter if their policies is to lie about the realities of domestic violence? If we continue on providing them with unlimited funds, whenever they ask or cry out that they are under funded, without looking at the reasons why, we are also the cause of the problem.
As I have said before, the shelter system is extremely corrupt, they have targeted teenage girls especially in local schools, promoted the idea, all boyfriends are abusive, parents are bad if they push too hard for an education, don't like house rules, just whisper "abuse" and we will arrange it for you to get a welfare check and housing. THAT IS WHY THEY ARE BROKE.

What about telling the truth, if someone makes false accusations, charge them with a crime, after all it is illegal to make such false statement in this country, prevent the use of shelters by women who want custody of the kids, do not pander to teen rebellion, co-operate with  parents, the money they save will go to those who do need the help.
Instead of thinking we and politicians are stupid and do not realize they are buttering the books for power and falsifying statistics for more money, they should concentrate on the mandate given to them by the taxpayer, be honest and this way they would get more respect and we would take them more seriously.
The videos below perfectly illustrate what I have been reporting, manipulating statistics, adding all violence, men and women into one number, and declaring it as their own, old hags with a chip on their shoulders, who have been give carte blanche for so long, that they forgot why they are there to begin with. Someone who is genuinely in need of help is pushed aside because it cost to much or the funds are been used to visit schools, other municipalities, to promote themselves as the speakers for all women.
If only they would be honest...but let's not hold our breath on that one...

Now, we, men and women are against domestic violence, but if the truth is not reported, by hags aka feminists and their propaganda arm, the media, then the real problem is not addressed and these statistics they put out cannot be taken seriously, hence those who do need the help and support do not get it because the funds are re-directed to increase false reports and also used to promote attacks on half of our society.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Getting ready for war...even if we have to start it?

Calling for a false flag attack to get us into war with Iran...allied with...Russia and China...

Never mind Iranian children, or ours, never mind no smoking gun, never mind iaea never found weapons grade uranium, it worked with Iraq, so lets do it again.
Another person in history had this type of policies, it cost 50 million lives.
But who cares right, there is too many people on earth, or what i have come to believe, stupid people have taken over the rains of power. I mean, it's not as if they will experience it or their kids...
Many have seen what war is really like, it is not the clean view, cnn, fox, cbc, ctv, cbs, nbc, abc, global shows you on tv, that is propaganda, it is 100 times worse.
If your not willing to see for yourself, do not support this one, this could be the one that we go to far...
Just like that Austrian did.....
But hey, don't take my word for it....go ahead and wave the flag....the false flag.
In the western world voting averages out to a little over 50 %, if they will not tell you what it means, let me tell you....the other half and growing, is sick of the system we have inherited...it is corrupt, decadent and sees the population as their slaves, to serve and obey.
They take what is not theirs, tell you it is for the best, and you find out they have their mitts in the money bag....
and what do we do....NOTHING.
I never saw this either, till they came for my family, my kids, and when I looked, I saw a system based on greed, manipulation and gross disrespect for the will of the people.
We are no longer consulted, we are told.
And that is the beginning of the fall of empires.
In history we have seen so many powers who have gone to far, and it always ends the same way, we pay for their arrogance, we suffer, our families die, our kids starve, and for what....their sense of self importance? How much will this one cost us this time.
Trust me on this, they will keep going, and this time what will be left will not be pretty.

A new dawn is approaching and their end will come at their hands. Problem is, these people never go out quietly, they drag others down with them.
Nothing will change with those in power now, if we want what is best for our families and our children, we have to look somewhere else, start all over again. They are too entrenched in their greed, to...inferior, to do what is right, we will have to do it ourselves.
We are at an impass in the western world, we either follow like lemings, or we say...enough.
It is after all up to us, fathers, husbands, sons....the protector of freedom.
Corruption can only exist if a good man does nothing.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Interesting parallels...Rome and the western world of today.

Question: “If we could go back in time to a few months before the fall of Rome and warn the people of their impending doom—would they believe you, or would they call you an ‘alarmist’ or ‘conspiracy theorist’?” Who would have believed that one of the greatest, most influential empires on earth could have been wiped out completely? Most of the citizens of Rome certainly didn’t, despite the fact that they had many signs leading up to it. One scholar accurately stated that Rome didn’t necessarily “fall”—as in buildings being obliterated or wiped out—but instead it was a slow, gradual “rot” from within.

What follows are some of the causes of the fall of the Roman Empire. Please know this is a very abridged version; there are many more involved aspects of this subject and I highly encourage you to read more about it on your own. Unfortunately one can’t help but notice the many similarities between “us” and “them”.

Cause #1: Division between Leaders and their Senate

Roman Emperors had the power to rule Rome’s religious, civil and military affairs with the Senate acting as an advisory board. However, when the Emperors started using their own form of “Executive Orders”—overruling and/or ignoring the Senate and doing whatever they wanted to do–that’s when the real problems started. Basically, Roman Emperors became “too much” of everything—too powerful, too wealthy, and too corrupt.

Cause #2: Decline in Morals

The decline in morals within the rich upper classes had a devastating impact on Romans. Orgies, incest, gambling and prostitution flourished, along with barbaric practices such as gladiator competitions in the Coliseum arena. This affected the lower classes because they were the people who were sold into slavery, raped without consequence and were sadistically murdered and tortured in Coliseum competitions.

Cause #3: Political Corruption and the Praetorian Guard

The Praetorians were an elite group of soldiers that protected the Emperors. Although they started out as the “good guys” the Praetorians eventually became drunk with power and literally got away with murder, rape and torture of Roman citizens. They organized masses of soldiers that ultimately contributed in overthrowing and assassinating emperors.

Cause #4: The Roman Empire Fast Expansion & Too Many Enemies

“Barbarian” is an Ancient Greek term used for describing what they considered “uncivilized “people and/or non-citizens. Many of the lands the Romans conquered were “Barbarian” countries and as a result the Barbarians despised Romans. It didn’t help that once the Barbarians were relocated into Rome they were taxed at a much higher rate than regular Roman citizens, which led to frequent riots and rebellions.

Cause #5: Non-stop Wars & Heavy Military Spending

Because of ongoing wars, the Roman army became stretched very thin and required constant recruiting so they allowed their “former” enemies—the Barbarians and other foreign mercenaries—to join their army. (Note: Providing your enemy with weapons and not expecting them to use those weapons against you is never a good idea…See #6.)

Cause #6: Barbarians Learned Roman Military Tactics—from the Roman Army Themselves

Once the Roman army allowed the Barbarians to join their military, they were essentially teaching the enemy all their tactical secrets–which, of course, the Barbarians eventually used against them.

Cause #7: Failing Economy and High Inflation

The Roman government was constantly on the verge of bankruptcy due to military spending, high taxation and high inflation. Bottom line: They were spending more than they could afford. The free food rations for the poor were costing Rome and Constantinople a fortune. And Rome’s upper class love for luxury items caused them to send more and more of their gold to the orient to pay for products like silk and spices—gold which had no return. This led to a shortage of gold and ultimately Roman currency was devalued to such an extent that the bartering system returned to what was once the greatest civilization in the world.

Cause #8: High Unemployment Rates

Cheap slave labor resulted in high unemployment rates among the Roman working class, including the Plebs in Rome who became dependent on handouts from the state. Because of this, the Romans attempted a policy of unrestricted trade but this ultimately caused the Plebs to be unable to compete with foreign markets. The Plebs’ standard of living was drastically affected resulting in a massive divide among the rich and the poor classes in Rome.

Cause #9: Mob Rule and the Expensive Gladiator Games

Realizing that their unemployed and bored citizens would soon become restless, Roman emperors created the Gladiator games in part to keep the “mobs” occupied. The cost of the games was exorbitant and excessive, and corrupt politicians/lobbyists used the games to curry favors with the mob. The cost of the games eventually came to one third of the total income of the Roman Empire.

Cause #10: Decline in Ethics and Values

Once morals had left the state, ethics and the value of life was also in decline. The values, ideals, customs, traditions and institutions that had once made Rome great were now in fast decline. There was little regard for human (or animal) life, and basically their system of judging right/wrong, good/bad was completely skewed. Chaos and non-conformity prevailed and citizens were considered “intolerant” if they didn’t go along with whatever debauchery that came their way.

Cause #10: Slave Labor

The number of slaves increased drastically during the first two centuries of the Roman Empire. The wealthy classes were completely dependent on slaves for their every move, including bathing. Slaves were treated as subhuman and in many cases were treated much worse than animals (although animal abuse was rampant, too). The poor treatment of slaves led to the Servile War, led by the most famous gladiator slave, Spartacus.

Cause #11: Natural Disasters

In addition to the ongoing wars, revolts and uprisings among the mobs, natural disasters such as earthquakes, plagues and famines prevailed.

Cause #12: Christianity

As Christianity became popular, immoral and depraved Roman society started becoming unstable. People were starting to see that their way of life was wrong and their previously futile, hopeless lives were given meaning for the first time. Roman Emperor Constantine the Great proclaimed himself a Christian, leading many in Rome to move from antagonistic to pacifistic.

Cause #13: Barbarian Invasion

The Barbarian armies consisted of the Visigoths, Huns and the Vandals. They attacked when they saw Rome at her weakest—failed economy, high unemployment, and all the while aiding and abetting her enemies. Ultimately it was the Roman army-trained Barbarians that helped overthrow Rome in 410, and the Vandals finished her off in 455.

So to summarize, Rome’s ultimate collapse was basically due to a slow and steady decay from the inside out.

October 6, 2012 at 5:00 am / by Ann-Marie Murrell

I found this article very interesting especially the decadence which is so promoted by western government of today.

Sex ed to kindergarten kids,
Gay lifestyle thought in schools
Easy access to porn and lack of morals thought to this generation
Self promotion of those with power instead of serving the public
Para militaries, (cops) propping up the system instead of protecting the people
Feminism demonizing men, fathers, husbands, the very segment of our society which ensures freedom with their lives.
Feminists backing sex selection as valid reason for abortion, The murder of children simply because they are females.
Targeting our daughters as permanent victims
Only one segment of our society allowed in governments, (ie. the rich)
Corrupt bureaucracy, answerable to no one
Demeaning the military
Underestimating our enemies
Buying votes with taxpayers money
Increasing national dept to the point of bankruptcy
But most importantly; believing we as Rome did, that we are invincible.
Let me put this one again....Old hateful hags aka feminists and their allies and supporters, demonizing men, the very people they depend on to spit out their venom. (this one is the gravest, because if we decide not to fight anymore to protect a corrupt regime, well, we have made as many enemies as Rome did, we are at that level in our history....The stupidity of feminism and organisations such as this, whether gays or manginas are actually promoting their own demise, because without the very men they keep on targeting as bad, are the very men who ensures their freedom.)
I could go on and on....

There is a point in time were we are going to have to face reality, the enemies of freedom and peace, are those who have not realised that we live in a world which has not changed since the Roman empire, we still have wars, conquests, greed, corruption, imperial aspirations, division, starvation, and what I find truly amazing is the belief we are "evolved". Nuclear weapons, bio weapons, chemical weapons, smart weapons, the belief of a few twisted politicians that it is better to destroy the world than to be conquered, better be dead than red, remember that one. Personally I found that one very stupid, I would rather be red than dead, live to fight another day? If man is dead, who teaches your kids, the conquerer....
Those of us who understand the system is so corrupt, that it cannot be changed, the corrupt are so entrenched, so greedy with power, they forgot histories lesson, they can only go so far.
So be it...we are just going to have to start all over again.....
Is the fall imminent, of course not, but we are getting close.

So, to all the hags aka feminists, their allies, the cowardly mangina, you want freedom to spit out your crap, so be it, we might not agree, but without the beer drinking, cussing, tobaco chewing, woman loving, children adoring, hard working man you so despise, YOU DONT EXIST....
We will always be here, you will not.....

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Tvo's Agenda's latest propaganda on feminism.

I Am a Young Woman: Hear Me Roar? Are young women still hearing the battle cry of feminism?
This was their title, but as I watched the show, not even once did they talk or debate the title of the show, surprise surprise, it was a defense of feminism, and the latest book, Naomi Wolf's vagina.
I have not read the book yet, but from what the critics have cackled it's about is her perspective on the new wave of feminism.
One critic (a feminist) writes "It is, not incidentally, a very silly book whose author is currently engaged in a one-woman campaign to deny anonymity to rape victims", well to this critic I would say, in some cases anonymity invites false accusations in which good men go to jail.
Or in my case, I have written in previous post, if a father fights them for the future of his daughter, if he fights their corruption, they can simple throw out there, "there is something wrong with a father loving his daughter this much". The sexual innuendos of that statement the local shelter in carleton place Ontario made to my own daughter is not only sick, perverted, but an attack on all fathers.
For years now they could make such disturbing attacks and no one would be the wiser, because of...anonymity, which they promote and defend, once this sick crap is thrown out there, they can rely on no one looking if it was true or not. Fortunately, with today's technology, especially web cam, cell cams, so on, their little personal trump card of false accusations is starting to expose what some really are...hateful women who uses any thing to destroy what men are, which is fathers husbands and sons.

On the show they had one old style feminist and young women who got their education in radical feminist controlled university. (women's studies)
I would of like to see those who fought for women's rights, Erin Pizzey for instance, instead of promoting those who use the word for personal advancement.
You can see in this show, the msm's refusal to even debate, why feminism has fallen so hard as of late, why young ladies of today stay so far away from calling themselves feminists.
The title of this show was, after all, Are young women still hearing the battle cry of feminism? But it had nothing to do with this.
It was a promotion of feminism, trying to defend it, Though I have to give credit to one of the guest who said one phrase about men, " I don't believe all men hate women"...but that was it.
It is hard to sit  there and listen to such tripe, when you have guest saying "I want all women to be feminists and even men", ...dream on...A cold day in hell we become this...

Feminism has become a venomous attack group on anything man, and what they still have not realize, the reason feminism has fallen, is because of their attacks. One can pretend to be a feminist, because they listen to one side of the argument, but once they continue listening, they soon realize that the constant attacks on what is their fathers, brothers, husbands and sons is the very reason so many young ladies are not associating with that group any more.

As I kept on watching this useless show, which nobody outside of universities women's studies ever does, they had a strong negative against the words Universal feminine, doesn't sound like a bad thing, so I looked it up and found this. An evolution of womanhood, in the circle of life itself, not trying to be someone they are not, (men), but trying to improve who they really are and their importance to balance. No wonder they were against it. If ever there is one word the hags are afraid of is feminine.
When a feminist tries to be a man, she starts to look like one, but sort of in between, not very attractive to any man, which is why they usually end up alone and angry.

One of them ever made reference to some women do not like penetrational sex, Hello...their called lesbians, why they are afraid of that word.

Anyway, as always, Canadian mainstream media and its push to make our society in their vision of what it should be, again, should pat themselves on the back for promoting what josef goebells once said, "if you push bullshit often enough people will believe it".
Unfortunately for them, the backlash against radical feminism has begun and history will judge them by the damages they did to the moral values of nations, the decadence of society and the destruction of generations of kids.

On another subject, but staying on the canadian main stream media propaganda, and how bad they are at it...
On the same day we had the American presidential debate, which the cbc showed, we all have to agree that Obama did not do so well, buuuuut...
The cbc had a poll, in which they "claimed" 73% believed Obama had won the debate.
None of the American media had Obama winning this debate, not even, cnn and msnbc.
There is something wrong with the cbc having a man crush on Obama and pushing propaganda all at the same time.
Not taking side on the debate but one has to agree, that Romney won that one and to be realistic, the incumbent always wins the first one anyway, but to push bull shit like 70%????
That is what one can call a television station with a political agenda, instead of reporting the truth.
And that is why, no one listens to the cbc or that many of the stations are loosing viewers.