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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Women's shelters the hub of lies, hatred and deception. And how far will them go to protect their position of personal self interest.

In my experience with the local shelter in carleton place, to my surprise because at the time I still believed, (uninformed beliefs may I add), that they were there to help "women", I found out they were not there to help but to promote themselves and to indoctrinate through victimizing the victim and false accusations.
First thing would be their personal beliefs, mainly hatred of fathers, husbands, men and they brought this with them in shelters. They treat every woman or teen girls that come through their doors as permanent victims, exposing them to their personal hatred. None of them have any substantial experiences in psychology.  So we have to ask ourselves, how does that make them experienced workers?
They cause more damage that they cure.
In this video, the local director of interval house in carleton place ontario talks about bad situation between a girl and a boy, as I have said before I researched to see if this story was true, could not find any reference to it anywhere, even on this feminist site. She give enough details to at least find something, but no. I have looked into her and her staff's messages, it is always men, boys, are bad, women are victims. In another of her and her friends site, look at the #2 on the right side, "recognize that male power is upheld by rape and sexual harassment".
In what fu#$%in world does this happen?

This is definitely the wrong message, especially when she makes her propaganda messages to local schools. The teens of today are more informed than she gives them credit for, in the video above you can clearly see 3/4 of the students who were forced to listen to her, do not pay attention.

I do not know if feminism ever advanced anything, without men and women co-operating with each other, life would be different than what it is today. Together we build, with sweat, and tears, the society we have, the vote for women could not come to been without men's co-operation in the changing of the laws. That is fathers and husbands supporting the idea that the ladies in our lives were equals.

All, mra, pro-family, pro parent and sites that promote equal rights have one thing in common, the recognition that women can and are as violent as anyone else. To accept this "fact" is paramount to understanding this minor but important problem in our society. I used the word minor, not because it is not an important issue, but because the majority of families do not subscibe to violence, and have loving homes, so this "fact" must be on the forefront. Never must we judge, the way old hags(aka feminists) promote, that all men are bad, or all families are in the mist of violence. If we accept their thinking, then we take away needed funds from those who need the help. Not to mention the increase tax burden on families to support this type of false propaganda and lies.

One of the major weapons in their arsenal of lies is to make as many people believe they are an indispensable industry in our society, and to promote themselves, they put every man, husband, boyfriend, in the same basket. They also put in that basket of lies, every woman is a permanent victim. As we can safely see in the link above;
"recognize that male power is upheld by rape and sexual harassment". I'll say it again, "in what fucking world?"

The truth about domestic violence Ironically, on this site it explains lesbian relationship are more violent than hetero ones.
This bibliography examines 286 scholarly investigations: 221 empirical studies and 65 reviews and/or analyses, which demonstrate that women are as physically aggressive, or more aggressive, than men in their relationships with their spouses or male partners.  The aggregate sample size in the reviewed studies exceeds 371,600.
Women are Just as Likely as Men to Commit Domestic Violence...

It is strange, or should I use the word propaganda, that people such as erin  lee todd and all those who thrive on dividing families and demonize fathers, husbands and sons, refuse to do their homework...Or should I say, "they know, but if they would tell the truth, their personal power, and financial benefit would be reduced?"
Oh and according to her, at super bowl time, we buy beer and beat our wives....
Reference to the feminist movement as feminazis is accurate, given the chance, and the opportunity, women in history have shown they can be as nasty as the next person.
Nazi Germany is a perfect example of women, who were not forced but co-operated with atrocities.
So, I ask myself, why does this "fact" not come out as reality, it is after all, the truth. If we recognize these "facts" then the message would not fall on so many deaf ears. To demonize only one segment of society never works and always backfires.

The constant attacks the local feminist controlled social programs on my person was intense, backed by their para military girlfriends, they did it because in their twisted mind, they could destroy my relationship with my daughter, they could destroy her future,  they could  put her on welfare against my wishes, simply because she was raised by her dad. Her artistic talents was exceptional, to a point where she was offered a job and a scholarship from a modeling agency in Montreal, she was 6 months away. But, she met up with one of the staff of this shelter in school (lately they have been targeting local schools) and everything went downhill from there.
I have to admit I did not believe she would listen to such trash, but with messages like "THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH A FATHER LOVING HIS DAUGHTER", and the crap they constantly throw at teens in schools about boys, men and fathers, some will listen I guess, especially if they are in full teen rebellion.
Taking advantage of a situation like mine was not only irresponsible, but borderline criminal. Any false accusation, or "coaching" someone to make such accusations, the way they did with my daughter is against the charter of rights in Canada, the constitution of the United States, and every democratic country in the world. Every citizen has the right to face their accusers in a court of law, even when they were harassing me, I practically begged them to charge me with a crime so I could have my day in court. Not surprisingly, they refused, the only crime I committed was to fight back.
Parents nowadays have to be very carefull because of social programs in co-operation with schools, the anti-parent policies are so dangerous, that a rebellious teen can say:
" I can leave home and get welfare if I say I was abused", it is sad but as I experienced, and found out, talking to other teens, this is openly discussed amongst them.
How far will they go to protect their position?
Here is the other aspect of why I am so...pissed...
While I was fighting their...intrusion  into my families affair, talking to directors of all social programs, mpp, mp's, senators, they INVENTED..They, I mean the women's shelter in Carleton place, a false flag event...
They falsified a lock down of the shelter one day, saying I was coming over to the shelter to perform a violent act...
It is smart if one thinks about it, disturbing but smart, INVENT a false situation, to demonize the person who is complaining about their activity to politicians, that way no one will listen...
One little problem.
I walk with this...
Because I always worked hard, dry wall, metal works, construction, I have  no cartilage left behind my knee caps. In other words I can barely walk.
The other thing is during the time I was a welder, we did not wear face masks back then, therefore the heavy polluted smoke I inhaled at the time, gave me extensive neurological problems today, something like Parkinson.
Example; In the morning were these hags can have their coffee, I on the other hand have to hold it with two hands and half the time, I spill it because of the extreme tremors in my hands.

And they had a lock down saying I was coming over to perform a violent act????
What?? shake a hag syndrome????

So, what have I learned?
They are corrupt, they victimize women and girls,  demonize men and boys, they thrive on division, they will invent false situations, to promote their venomous message and if one dares to threaten their power, they will do anything possible even lie, to achieve their goals.
I am not picking on any organisation, I just think this type of behaviour is destroying families, hence our society. And no one is allowed to do this.
Been a father was the most rewarding thing I have ever experienced, and I have experienced many thing, and they took it away from me, for a few pieces of silver, statistical inaccuracy, self promotion, and a hatred they brought with them in a place which is supposed to help legitimate situations.
The other thing that is so disturbing to me is, this shelter in carleton place  has, from what I learned, 3 native women, including it's director who is a co-chair of anti racism??? PELEASE.
and they did this to a native family??? Cherokee from my fathers side.

They forget who they are, so let me remind them...

I know they read this blog, when they tried to shut me down with their girlfriends from the local police, (not all are the same, few were supportive), they showed me, printed pages of this blogs posts, that is how important it is to them to shut down any dissent locally. I guess they are hoping I threaten someone, (NOT GOING TO HAPPEN), big waste of time on their part.

I have always defended equal rights, thought this to my kids, the human brotherhood we all share to make this world a better place for our children.
I even defended the right to have sacred places, when locals in Quebec wanted to build a golf course over a native cemetery years ago, and negotiated labour contracts for equal pay for equal work...I certainly did not do this to get a cookie from anyone, but like so many of us, I did it because it was the right thing to do.
So, if they attack me, my thoughts are they will attack anyone, not because of an ideal, but because they simply can...Imagine for one minute, the damages they have done to other families.

I expect them to try something else someday, I have no intention of committing suicide, or performing any kind of violent act, so if I disappear from this site...you will know why and who.

We have seen in history what happens when one group gets power without accountability...
and those who follow without question...and what happens to those who do question...
It always ends up in disaster...


Jim said...

Makin false allegation against someone is illegal...sue them, u have a good case.

Anonymous said...

False allegation's are promoted everyday's from the shelter industry,with no repercussions to the accuser,this is why the false acccusation's continue.


Allison said...

thats what happens when there is no repercussions, we have corruption. Anyone making fake accusations the way they did against this person is illegal, and when no one does anything it gets worse, they get more bold and families suffer. I think you should sue them.

Karen said...

i dont doubt for one minute they would invent a fake situation just to get their way. these douches believe they r untouchable.

Anonymous said...


These douches are untouchable,as long as they hide behind the word's,"child protection worker" they cannot be sued no matter how deep the incomptence runs.


Karen said...

I hear you there, but i do not believe they r totaly untouchable, if parents say enough, united, we can change things. To expose them, get more politicians to realize there is more votes co-operating with us instead of them, is the way to go. Everytime a post in written, put the email of the representative on it, send an email with the link. Numbers count, and the more numbers, the more votes. Someone down the line will eventually realize, if they want to keep their jobs, they better change things.

Allison said...

Thats a good idea, if a post is well writen, send the link to ur mpp. Ask others to do it. Attract their attention. Emails are votes.

Tanya said...

i cant believe how far they went just to make u look bad. As a parent i am appawled and dont blame you for fighting back.

Anonymous said...

For your interest and/or possible activism;

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email Jan Smith for info on the other regions please call we need all on board in every state. WE THE PARENTS MOTHERS FATHERS GRANDPARENTS SISTERS BROTHERS AUNTS UNCLES ARE IN UNITY TO STOP THE DESTRUCTION OF OUR CHILDREN if your stepping out and shouting out with us on sept 28th Go to site below also. WE ARE THE VOICES OF CHILDREN EVERYWHERE
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The Native Canadian said...

Thanks for the info outdoors.. what angers me sometimes are those who think it does not concern them. This is not only a family issue people, it is a national one, since "they" namely old hags, have been on the attack against the traditional family, our individual nations have been going down the pits of oblivion, without a strong family base, a nation cannot survive...get involve. And if it does not concern you, good for you...but remember this, who is going to be there for you and ur kids when they do come, through the school u send ur kids too.

Anonymous said...

mensrights-help has sent out 1000 flyer's in northwest ontario in an effort to gain support for this protest and cause.

The old hag's are gonna hate us.

Oh wait.....they do already...


The Native Canadian said...

lol...ya they already hate us...they will learn that our families are "our" reponsibility and when it comes down to it, they want a fight, they have one and they will loose. They awoke a giant, man, dad, father, husband, son, the defender of morality, the protector of the weak, the enforcer of the laws of the Creator. We do not want people to bow, we want people to walk with pride, side by side, and the hag is the enemy of equality, the snake who thrives on personal power and division, I am not religious but I am spiritual, I was born with the laws of God and man in my heart, I know what is right and what is wrong, and any attack on family unity is an evil act, a imoral policy, and results in the destruction of a nation. It will be a cold day in hell when I accept their way of life. The moral health of my family, or our families is not for sale.

Anonymous said...

You just keep up the good work.

The more noise we make,the louder the silent one's become.