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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

We will strip Catholic status if schools defy Church.. My suggestion, start with st john's catholic high school in perth ontario

Catholic schools that fail to uphold Church teaching may be stripped of their affiliation with the Church, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) warned last week.

I think this is an awesome idea. Catholic schools who are infested with the feminist agenda is contrary to church teaching.
My experience with the local schools showed the public high school in Smiths falls and its staff were more respectful of parental right to raise their kids than that feminist infested st, john's "Catholic" high school in Perth Ontario.
When I asked for their help in perth, one deanne strong, she called the cops on me, and it gave my daughter a path to a lost future. I would of understood if I was aggressive, but since I know the inferiority complex feminists such as her have, I was always polite, some good it did...
The useless and should I say pant less principal, who behaves as if he is in fear of his vice principal should not be in charge of said school either.
This school produces more teen pregnancy and drug abuse than any other in the area, the local shelter has a free path to its students, forcing them to listen to the venomous anti male message of its staff.
When my daughter went to this school (bad mistake on my part)  she told me half the male population in this school claimed to be gay, and while waiting for the buses she could see a line smoking pot.
I have interviewed many other parents who have had the same experiences, and the hardship they had with its vice principal towards family issued.
And this is catholic school?
This school should loose it catholic affiliation, it is definitely not teaching catholic values and is using it's affiliation with the church for simple financial benefit.
I am not promoting one over the other but if one wants to promote itself as a catholic school, then Catholic values must be respected, otherwise it is abuse of taxpayers money.

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totally agree