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Saturday, September 29, 2012

They're coming for the children

With abuse of children on the rise by teachers, medical professionals, police, and other State surrogates, the State wants to change the very nature of child protection laws in Europe so they can increase their involvement in "keeping them safe."

The rationale for this change?
A few highly publicized cases of child abuse.
Is that a reason to give the State power over the lives of children over and above their parents?

This law is there for one reason, to downgrade to power of the parents and families to raise their children, and for the state to control the next generation. At least in Europe they are openly putting laws publicly and one can see what they want to do.
In north America, this is already in place, but they did it without laws and in some cases against established laws.

Going after all parents, majority of them good ones, just because of a few bad apples has been an open policy. We have seen as of late, with media co-operation, the dehumanization of husbands, fathers, all men in general, and since that seemed to have worked, now they are going after parents and families.
It is not going to work in the long run, for states to believe their have moral authority over its people is the start of decadence and de-moralization of a nation. Since they have been on the attack on the families, especially parents, we have seen rise in crime, alcohol and drug abuse, teen pregnancy, children having babies, by treating our youth as little adults",  they, meaning, social programs, media, even some politicians, are throwing children into a world they are not ready for.

When they came after me with false accusations, false flag event, (like the women's shelter in carleton place ontario, having a false lock down saying I was threatening to go there, just to make me look bad, because I was making complaints against their policies to local politicians), I looked into this, thinking this was "unique", to my surprise, I found others they were doing it to, and politicians who knew about it and did nothing.
Whether it is an open policy to change society or simple decadent corruption, I am still not sure, I am hoping someone down the line will openly challenge these destructive policies and return the rights of the child to the parents and families who have build a pretty good world till now.
By changing the rights of parents to raise their kids, they have thrown us into a failing society, and have used the very few, who are bad, to put everyone into the same basket.
If they know best, then why are thing getting so bad..,.

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