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Thursday, September 6, 2012

SINGLE fathers face discrimination and are stereotyped as "incompetent" at caring for children, study has found.

Single dads stigmatised as 'incompetent': study

The study of single parents by Edith Cowan University lecturer Bronwyn Harman found single fathers came up against more stigma than single mothers.

"Single fathers are seen much more negatively than single mothers and there are more hurdles for fathers," Dr Harman said. "The main thing many men reported hearing from people is that they can't parent children as well as mothers can.
"They found negative attitudes everywhere government agencies, the Education Department and schools, the Family Court system and just society in general."
Dr Harman said all the single fathers surveyed reported unfair assumptions were made about their parenting skills resulting in them not being able to spend as much time with their children or participate as fully in their children's lives
Many men believed they did not receive a fair custody arrangement in Family Court decisions because it was assumed that mothers were better and more natural parents.
"Single fathers believed they were experiencing more difficulties than single mothers, but all the attention seemed to be on mothers," Dr Harman said.
"They had difficulties such as getting their child's school to inform them of certain things because it was sometimes assumed that only the mothers needed to know. Both as a society and in official (processes), we need to consider fathers on an equal footing as mothers and give them the same rights and opportunities."

Dr Harman said women also experienced unfair assumptions in regards to their reason for being a single mother.
"There is the stereotype that single mothers are generally low income, uneducated and unemployed, and that they're having children for money, but that's not true," she said.

Coming from personal experience, the only thing I disagree with this report is the final thought. In ontario, especially lanark county, social programs  such as the women's shelter, ontario works (welfare), family services, c.a.s., municipal government in smiths falls especially, all controlled by left wing radical hags, aka feminists, promote and encourage young mothers to have more kids to get a bigger welfare check, they do not promote or encourage continued education or a path to the workforce, hence enforcing the stereotype of single mothers been uneducated, unemployed, and they do have more kids for a bigger welfare check. What this policy produces, is generational welfare, and an increase dependency by the next generation on the state funded organisations. More votes, more workers for these organisations, more funding, more political lobbying power, inflated salaries, increase taxation of the working person. It is a path to the abyss, these policies are unsustainable, and eventually will crush our society. Politically, this is not about been left or right, it is about survival, about what is the right thing to do for the future of our kids.
On the other hand, single fathers, have a better result in the raising of children, statistically, children do better in school, and eventual employment.
I had two relationships, in my first one, when I was involved, my 2 kids, a daughter and a son, were honor student, above average grades in school, well behaved at home, and loving sibling.
After the divorce, when I was demonized by said programs and my wife, they ended up on welfare, housing and a drug infested home. They were at each others throat, fighting, and my daughter ended up pregnant at 15, my son was in and out of jail.
On my second relationship, I raised my daughter on my own, she was a honor student at school, above average grades, well behaved, worked, a scholarship from a modeling agency, and an offer for employment from them. She was an accomplished artist and her future was assured. 6 months away from college, she met a worker from the local women's shelter in Carleton place, and with the help of a welfare worker, she was told she could have a place of her own, housing and welfare if she only said she was abused.
Unfortunately, having been abused by the mother, resulting in emotional problems, and in full teen rebellion, she listen to them. They coached her to said she was abused, told her there was something wrong with a father loving his daughter, (which she admitted to me lately), and the rest is history.

Here is my opinion, based on research, (now I am not knocking all single mom's), Men, single fathers do better, they have a better understanding of the responsibility to the future and it's hardship, they push with love and quiet talk, the importance of; good grades, behavioral attitudes in society, resulting in a better chance at been ready for the world and the workforce. We do not promote welfare as a way of life, we try very hard to stay away from anything to do with welfare, we work hard at been a role model. Therefore, if the child see's the parent working, been responsible, explaining the evils of drugs and alcohol, all with a hug at night before bed, they are happier and make sure they live up to the expectation the father puts before them.
And I dare any hag aka;feminist to contradict this....

Now, in my own words....
It took, old repulsive hateful hags, to destroy the work me and my kids did together, their future, their hopes, their dreams.
They did not do it because they believe they were superior or they were right, on the contrary, they have an inferiority complex, they fucking did it because of their hatred for me as a man, they will destroy, manipulate, "coach", children and vulnerable women who go to them for help in order to promote their hatred.
Their black heart will use any tool at their disposal, to push their hatred of men, husbands, fathers, they have no inclination to destroy anything in their path in order to promote their venom.
I and so many other fathers, husbands, have been demonized, by old man less hags, infesting social programs, courts, cops, politicians who look in the wrong direction for support and fail to recognize there is more of us than them.

And the IRONY of it all, we, men of our world, our society, our civilisation, are the ones that defend with our lives, the right of these destructive policies against us, we "protect" the rights of these hags to spew out their venom like a crawling snake.
But, as history shows, the corrupt always go to far and underestimate our resolve to make things better for our women and children.

And referring to a really stupid haggish feminist comment made on a previous post....

Men bleed and die to fight against people such as this...

who did this...

From happening again...

The family man, from this....

To this....

Have died to make sure this does not come to our shores...

This is the result of our sacrifice, the belief, we as family men, must do everything to ensure the safety and happiness of our families.


And this is what you say about us???

We understand, not all women think the way the hag does, but to say nothing when they say these things about us, your fathers, husbands and your sons, not only jeopardizes our society, but our way of life. We do not want our wives, gf's, daughters barefoot in the kitchen, we want you to be happy, to seek out what will make you a better person. And anyone who believes different is either uninformed or a hag in distress because of what happened to her in the pass, which she brings with her to a shelter or other places she believes she controls.

Do these feminists, who believes, men are not needed.....

Would even for a minute, fight to stop this?

Do other countries outside the western world think the same way the hag does, and doesn't their actions against men, put in danger the safety of our way of life. What if we, "men" decide not to fight?
What? The mighty feminist will burn her bra in front of an adavancing army???
Or threaten them with their ugliness?

Or would they depend on him?

And that my friends is called IRONY....

Without men, there is no freedom, no rights, no democracy, and...
No feminism...
Men's rights, ensures all rights.


John said...

well worth the read, great point, this is what I like to hear.
the value of man in life. Indispensable to freedom.
Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Love ur site.

Carl said...

Amen brother.

Anonymous said...

what a fucked up comment, that feminist from college made.
feminist idiot.