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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Local legal aid in windsor ontario on the take over list of university feminazis.

Sexism? Policy change at Community Legal Aid favours females, stirs outrage

“Whether I personally agree with it or not is, I guess, irrelevant. I have to follow orders,”
The words of James Yaworsky, a lawyer who acts as review counsel for Community Legal Aid...

Now correct me if I am wrong....Nuremberg, 1948, Nazi war crime tribunals, judges and lawyers, guards and bureaucrats, their defence?....I WAS JUST FOLLOWING ORDER...

We did not allow it then, we certainly not going to allow it today....

And who is behind all this? Local feminazi Camille Cameron, University of Windsor Dean of Law. This is what they teach? Inequality in law????

Local mangina, University of Windsor law professor David Tanovich asked if a “social justice mandate” could be considered a political agenda, Tanovich said: “I guess it depends on what you mean by a political agenda… Violence against women is not a political matter. It’s a reality.”
Well little man, I suggest you do your homework before you open your mouth, your realities are based on a political agenda. The political agenda of feminazis and their followers is to make victims of all females in Ontario, targeting all men as abusers is a political agenda, falsifying statistics is a political agenda, targeting teenagers is a political agenda, promoting one side against the other in law, is not only a political agenda but corruption to the core.
Violence against women statistics are exaggerated at every level, taking into account, women who uses this excuse for custody purposes and monetary gains, teen girls lured to shelters if they do not like house rules, "coached" by corrupt staff to use the word "abuse", there has been instance where government statistics on family violence have been used by feminazis as a reference, not mentioning that those statistics also include men and children.
Take away those in their statistics and you end up realizing that violence against women is not as high as they promote and are using these false numbers for what??? Yes, a political agenda with monetary gains.

Such a system cannot survive......

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