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Thursday, September 20, 2012

An exposer on the lanark county woman's shelter and the real reason they are in financial difficulty.

In a previous post I wrote about how far they will go to protect their power, lies, manipulations, irresponsible behaviour, corruption, targeting teens, and basically, no one has the right to criticize them in any way  and if we dare to, well, they will "invent" a false flag event to demonize that person, as they tried with me.
Without investigating if the truth is told, they will attack venomously anyone who defies them, even if the truth is put before them.
Though I concentrate mostly on lanark county, smiths falls, Carleton place, so on, the woman's shelter industry is now been used as a personal power base, and their policies of destruction of the family for personal gains, but I do believe that this is not only local but national, even international, as erin pizzey has exposed herself.  Erin Pizzey on Feminism
The woman's shelter has been taken over by a man hating club, and radical hagism, aka feminism.
Their personal hatred of anything man is not only used as indoctrination, but putting women and children in more danger and emotional pain. Those who do go to them for help, do not get it on a personal basis, but are used as a tool to promote more hatred. Hence the waste in needed finances; which could go to the ones who "need the help".

Here is my opinion on the local shelter in Carleton place ontario, which has lately been on a demand for more money.
Its' director believes or promotes for personal and increase funding the idea that at super bowl time we buy beer and beat our families...
"While the rush of the big game can be intoxicating to sports fans, the rush of emotions, coupled with alcohol itself, can fuel domestic violence after the game as well. Lee-Todd noted that the levels of domestic abuse rise after big sporting events like the Super Bowl. "
IN WHAT WORLD DOES THIS PERSON LIVE IN??? Personally, I think it is important to expose buffoonery such as this, if we do not, it only empowers them to continue.
Local media, emc and others like the Perth courier, all controlled by metroland, promote this twisted ideal by supporting, without investigating anything they say.

One of the primary targets of these people is teens while they are in rebellious stages. I have said it before, their main target is local schools, it is smart if one thinks about it, twisted but smart. If one wants to increase statistics under false pretences, go to a high school, find those who are rebellious, "not hard to find at that age", promote the idea that parents are bad if they discipline, house rules are not fair, fathers, husbands, boyfriends are the enemy and you have an attentive audience in some of these teens and a new batch of victims to use for statistics. Then you can go to a group of local politicians who do not have the time to investigate, tell them you need more money and that the shelter is in financial difficulty and no one is  the wiser.

Lanark County Interval House struggles with projected financial short fall
In this report we can see exactly what I have been talking about, the  TARGETING OF KIDS IN SCHOOLS TO PROMOTE AN INCREASE IN FUNDING...
The exact words of erin lee todd; "We take every opportunity we can to get into the schools,"
as she does here.
This is were the shelters policy is costing them unnecessary loss of funds. They know full well, that a teen is most likely to be in a rebellious mood against their parents, as mine was.
Offer them a way to leave home, with a welfare check and offer of housing, some will take it. If they are underage, "coach" them to use the word abuse, like they did with my daughter (which she admitted to me) and you have another victim they can add to their statistics and say they lack funding. Anyone who goes around, "as all parents know", pandering to rebellious teens is not only wasting funds but promoting a corrupt policy.

How deep will you dig?
Again one can see their main target...schools.
"Now, we are sure that Interval House is giving itself a good, long, hard look at what it does. Its advocacy programs are, no doubt, very good, going in to schools to spread the message about violence against women, date rape, et cetera. (strange, no mention of violence against men)
"it may have to look to the schools, or another such group, to take on the advocacy portion."

They says they are in the hole for $59,000, well if they would not waste money on traveling to schools, promoting teen rebellion, if they would try to differentiate between teens who do not like house rules and those who really need the help, then they would not be in the hole, and let's not forget those women who use the shelter system for custody purposes  against husbands. The only thing they have to do is "INVESTIGATE"  they would save money by weeding out those who use the system for personal benefit, and save a hell of a lot more than $59,000. But according to people who run these shelters, if they investigate, they will put the persons life in danger, figure that one out....Investigate, taking out those who miss use the shelter, and funds can be saved to help the "real" victim...
So, the lack of funds is not because they are ignored, but simply because, instead of helping those who need the help, they promote division against parents by using teenagers. To house these teens who do not like house rules takes money, and this money is taken away from the shelter.
This open policy to target schools, teen rebellion, is a direct attack on parents trying to guide their kids to follow a path that will benefit them. We, as parents are in direct competition with the welfare system, shelter and schools who brag they co-parent with us.
Waterloo Regional School district superintendent Gregg Bereznick: "We do work hand-in-hand with these families because we co-parent." EXCUSE ME???

What needs to be done is re-organize the social programs especially welfare and the shelters, because they do co-operate with each other, especially here in lanark county, fire the staff and its directors, introduce these programs with "experienced" workers who will administer them, not from a personal agenda but with the mandate they were created with in the first place.
Targeting rebellious teens in schools, or pandering to women who use these shelters for custody purposes against fathers, without investigating if their story is true or not, wastes the funds the taxpayer provides them with, they waste the funds given to them to help those in need for a personal agenda, and that agenda, talking from personal experiences is the demonization of fathers and husbands and trying to convince all women are victims of men. Just like their site promotes.

In closing, I wonder if the Maire's of Smiths Falls, Perth, Carleton Place and Mississippi Mills, the local MPP, and the lanark county administration, most of them men, and the ladies, since they have husbands and sons, agree that men hold their power through rape and sexual harassment????
Or that targeting teen in schools to increase false statistics on family violence is correct...mmm.

I do believe the local mpp Randy Hillier should be contacted, as they ask in one of the report above, but not the way these organisations believe it should, they are in the hole financially because of their policies, not because of an increase in violence, and even if there is an increase in family troubles, they are directly responsible for it. Teen pregnancy, drug and alcohol abuse, crime is directly attributed to the watering down by these organisation of parental rights.
Parents can no longer guide their kids in fear of these people who continuously stick their noses where it does not belong.

People I have interviewed;
Subject one;  " I was rebellious against my mom, I fell pregnant at 16 y old, when I went to welfare, they told me I had to get my mom's permission, when she refused, the worker told me if I claimed abuse, there is nothing she could do. Now I feel bad about what I did to my mom, she wanted me to take responsibility and continue school, if the worker would of co-operated with my mom, maybe things would be different today".
Subject two: "when I was at this shelter we had to go to meetings, and the only thing they ever talked about is how men were all bad".
Subject three, My daughter:,"They told me to say I was locked in the basement when you refused to sign for me to be on welfare, and they told me there is something wrong with a father loving his daughter".
I have also interviewed many parents who lost their kids because of organisations such as open doors, shelters, and welfare, some told me they even called the cops as a last resort and when they showed up, they blamed the parents in front of the teen, giving the teen, not a scare but empowering them to be more rebellious.

When they came after me as a parent I was appalled, I went through, to my surprise, dehumanization, threats, I could not make them understand that what they were doing was destructive. I realized they were not there to help, they did not care who they destroyed by their actions, their main purpose was to add anyone who cross their path on welfare, even against parental wishes. That's is why I decided to look into this issue and see if it was only me, I was shocked to find that a big chunk of parents had the same opinions, and went through the same nightmare as I did.
This is why I decided to start this blog, my belief that the family is in dire straits, our kids are used as a tool, divisive policies are promoted against men and women, fathers been unjustly demonized, parents been thrown aside as seconds to the state.
 I love my country, I believe we can achieve more by working together, but there are forces out there who thrive on division, though the majority of husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, work together and get along by respecting each other, the forces of division are causing so many problems in our society, that our long term stability is in danger, and is this not the way any nation falls, from the inside out?
Destroy the family and you destroy a nation.
The moral values of a nation begins and ends with the family.


Anonymous said...

Totally awesome!

Typical of all Ontario "women's" shelter's.

Feminist father assassin's.


Anonymous said...

excelent article, opens ones eyes on how this organisation is run. No wonder they are in financial difficulty.

Allison said...

Putting adds like "all men hold their power through rape" is sick, why should anyone support such crap.

karen said...

another good post, very informative. N I agree with allison, that web site is sick and any politicians who supports this organisation with this type of attack on men, should get another job, because they r not good at the one they do.

Ann said...

"all men get their power from?????" what a bunch of idiots, arent their fathers men, or they believe they are born from a test tubes.?? advance womens rights by attacking all men, that makes a lot of sense.why should i support anyone that calls my sons rapists????

Anonymous said...

How feminist's mislead the government and the public for funding;

Domestic Violence Lies From Ottawa


More D V Lies from Ottawa



Melissa said...

no wonder their broke, I know someone whos wife went to a shelter in ottawa to get custody of their kids, said she was abused, and locked in the bathroom, 2 months later she was back home. They never looked into it to see if it was true or not, which it wasnt. Now that is a waste of taxpayers money. I always asked myself, why wasnt she charged with making a false statement?? Perfect example of what you said, why didnt the shelter have the police look into it, after all, making false statement is illegal and they are an accessory if they dont report a crime. How many others do this, and at what cost, I believe in shelters, but not in the way they are set up now, wasting money takes it away from those who need to be helped. But they dont care, shelters are not helping anyone if they dont look into false accusations. Thats my opinion as a woman.

Anonymous said...

i found the super bowl comment pretty disturbing, what a douche what a looser. Probably hapened to her, and she tries to blame everyone else. Me n my friends watch the grey cup and the super bowl, and the stanley cup we buy beer and i have never met anyone who goes around beating their wives after, never. Again what a douche bag, she needs to get laid, there is somethin very wrong with that idiot.

Anonymous said...

The superbowl myth has been blown out of the water for many year's.
Todd has to spread misinformation and lies to further her contempt for men and father's.

"If you repeat a lie often enough"


Anonymous said...

Why am I not surprised that my comment @ Perth emc is under moderation?

Native Canadian,I feel sympathy for you and your daughter having to deal with these so-called people.

You live in a feminazi shit-hole just like we do up north.

Those men that support this are obviously out of touch with reality.


The Native Canadian said...

I totaly agree with you, they shut the comments because they r not interested in hearing the other side of the story, refuse to print the truth, as one journalist told me once, todays reporters are more interested in the paycheck not the truth, the emc is a perfect example, but letters to the editor through emails seems to get the point across better, I sent them a few emails asking what r u afraid of and why dont you allow an oposing point of view, if u allow no oposing point of view, then ur paper is propaganda.