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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Local legal aid in windsor ontario on the take over list of university feminazis.

Sexism? Policy change at Community Legal Aid favours females, stirs outrage

“Whether I personally agree with it or not is, I guess, irrelevant. I have to follow orders,”
The words of James Yaworsky, a lawyer who acts as review counsel for Community Legal Aid...

Now correct me if I am wrong....Nuremberg, 1948, Nazi war crime tribunals, judges and lawyers, guards and bureaucrats, their defence?....I WAS JUST FOLLOWING ORDER...

We did not allow it then, we certainly not going to allow it today....

And who is behind all this? Local feminazi Camille Cameron, University of Windsor Dean of Law. This is what they teach? Inequality in law????

Local mangina, University of Windsor law professor David Tanovich asked if a “social justice mandate” could be considered a political agenda, Tanovich said: “I guess it depends on what you mean by a political agenda… Violence against women is not a political matter. It’s a reality.”
Well little man, I suggest you do your homework before you open your mouth, your realities are based on a political agenda. The political agenda of feminazis and their followers is to make victims of all females in Ontario, targeting all men as abusers is a political agenda, falsifying statistics is a political agenda, targeting teenagers is a political agenda, promoting one side against the other in law, is not only a political agenda but corruption to the core.
Violence against women statistics are exaggerated at every level, taking into account, women who uses this excuse for custody purposes and monetary gains, teen girls lured to shelters if they do not like house rules, "coached" by corrupt staff to use the word "abuse", there has been instance where government statistics on family violence have been used by feminazis as a reference, not mentioning that those statistics also include men and children.
Take away those in their statistics and you end up realizing that violence against women is not as high as they promote and are using these false numbers for what??? Yes, a political agenda with monetary gains.

Such a system cannot survive......

Saturday, September 29, 2012

They're coming for the children

With abuse of children on the rise by teachers, medical professionals, police, and other State surrogates, the State wants to change the very nature of child protection laws in Europe so they can increase their involvement in "keeping them safe."

The rationale for this change?
A few highly publicized cases of child abuse.
Is that a reason to give the State power over the lives of children over and above their parents?

This law is there for one reason, to downgrade to power of the parents and families to raise their children, and for the state to control the next generation. At least in Europe they are openly putting laws publicly and one can see what they want to do.
In north America, this is already in place, but they did it without laws and in some cases against established laws.

Going after all parents, majority of them good ones, just because of a few bad apples has been an open policy. We have seen as of late, with media co-operation, the dehumanization of husbands, fathers, all men in general, and since that seemed to have worked, now they are going after parents and families.
It is not going to work in the long run, for states to believe their have moral authority over its people is the start of decadence and de-moralization of a nation. Since they have been on the attack on the families, especially parents, we have seen rise in crime, alcohol and drug abuse, teen pregnancy, children having babies, by treating our youth as little adults",  they, meaning, social programs, media, even some politicians, are throwing children into a world they are not ready for.

When they came after me with false accusations, false flag event, (like the women's shelter in carleton place ontario, having a false lock down saying I was threatening to go there, just to make me look bad, because I was making complaints against their policies to local politicians), I looked into this, thinking this was "unique", to my surprise, I found others they were doing it to, and politicians who knew about it and did nothing.
Whether it is an open policy to change society or simple decadent corruption, I am still not sure, I am hoping someone down the line will openly challenge these destructive policies and return the rights of the child to the parents and families who have build a pretty good world till now.
By changing the rights of parents to raise their kids, they have thrown us into a failing society, and have used the very few, who are bad, to put everyone into the same basket.
If they know best, then why are thing getting so bad..,.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

An exposer on the lanark county woman's shelter and the real reason they are in financial difficulty.

In a previous post I wrote about how far they will go to protect their power, lies, manipulations, irresponsible behaviour, corruption, targeting teens, and basically, no one has the right to criticize them in any way  and if we dare to, well, they will "invent" a false flag event to demonize that person, as they tried with me.
Without investigating if the truth is told, they will attack venomously anyone who defies them, even if the truth is put before them.
Though I concentrate mostly on lanark county, smiths falls, Carleton place, so on, the woman's shelter industry is now been used as a personal power base, and their policies of destruction of the family for personal gains, but I do believe that this is not only local but national, even international, as erin pizzey has exposed herself.  Erin Pizzey on Feminism
The woman's shelter has been taken over by a man hating club, and radical hagism, aka feminism.
Their personal hatred of anything man is not only used as indoctrination, but putting women and children in more danger and emotional pain. Those who do go to them for help, do not get it on a personal basis, but are used as a tool to promote more hatred. Hence the waste in needed finances; which could go to the ones who "need the help".

Here is my opinion on the local shelter in Carleton place ontario, which has lately been on a demand for more money.
Its' director believes or promotes for personal and increase funding the idea that at super bowl time we buy beer and beat our families...
"While the rush of the big game can be intoxicating to sports fans, the rush of emotions, coupled with alcohol itself, can fuel domestic violence after the game as well. Lee-Todd noted that the levels of domestic abuse rise after big sporting events like the Super Bowl. "
IN WHAT WORLD DOES THIS PERSON LIVE IN??? Personally, I think it is important to expose buffoonery such as this, if we do not, it only empowers them to continue.
Local media, emc and others like the Perth courier, all controlled by metroland, promote this twisted ideal by supporting, without investigating anything they say.

One of the primary targets of these people is teens while they are in rebellious stages. I have said it before, their main target is local schools, it is smart if one thinks about it, twisted but smart. If one wants to increase statistics under false pretences, go to a high school, find those who are rebellious, "not hard to find at that age", promote the idea that parents are bad if they discipline, house rules are not fair, fathers, husbands, boyfriends are the enemy and you have an attentive audience in some of these teens and a new batch of victims to use for statistics. Then you can go to a group of local politicians who do not have the time to investigate, tell them you need more money and that the shelter is in financial difficulty and no one is  the wiser.

Lanark County Interval House struggles with projected financial short fall
In this report we can see exactly what I have been talking about, the  TARGETING OF KIDS IN SCHOOLS TO PROMOTE AN INCREASE IN FUNDING...
The exact words of erin lee todd; "We take every opportunity we can to get into the schools,"
as she does here.
This is were the shelters policy is costing them unnecessary loss of funds. They know full well, that a teen is most likely to be in a rebellious mood against their parents, as mine was.
Offer them a way to leave home, with a welfare check and offer of housing, some will take it. If they are underage, "coach" them to use the word abuse, like they did with my daughter (which she admitted to me) and you have another victim they can add to their statistics and say they lack funding. Anyone who goes around, "as all parents know", pandering to rebellious teens is not only wasting funds but promoting a corrupt policy.

How deep will you dig?
Again one can see their main target...schools.
"Now, we are sure that Interval House is giving itself a good, long, hard look at what it does. Its advocacy programs are, no doubt, very good, going in to schools to spread the message about violence against women, date rape, et cetera. (strange, no mention of violence against men)
"it may have to look to the schools, or another such group, to take on the advocacy portion."

They says they are in the hole for $59,000, well if they would not waste money on traveling to schools, promoting teen rebellion, if they would try to differentiate between teens who do not like house rules and those who really need the help, then they would not be in the hole, and let's not forget those women who use the shelter system for custody purposes  against husbands. The only thing they have to do is "INVESTIGATE"  they would save money by weeding out those who use the system for personal benefit, and save a hell of a lot more than $59,000. But according to people who run these shelters, if they investigate, they will put the persons life in danger, figure that one out....Investigate, taking out those who miss use the shelter, and funds can be saved to help the "real" victim...
So, the lack of funds is not because they are ignored, but simply because, instead of helping those who need the help, they promote division against parents by using teenagers. To house these teens who do not like house rules takes money, and this money is taken away from the shelter.
This open policy to target schools, teen rebellion, is a direct attack on parents trying to guide their kids to follow a path that will benefit them. We, as parents are in direct competition with the welfare system, shelter and schools who brag they co-parent with us.
Waterloo Regional School district superintendent Gregg Bereznick: "We do work hand-in-hand with these families because we co-parent." EXCUSE ME???

What needs to be done is re-organize the social programs especially welfare and the shelters, because they do co-operate with each other, especially here in lanark county, fire the staff and its directors, introduce these programs with "experienced" workers who will administer them, not from a personal agenda but with the mandate they were created with in the first place.
Targeting rebellious teens in schools, or pandering to women who use these shelters for custody purposes against fathers, without investigating if their story is true or not, wastes the funds the taxpayer provides them with, they waste the funds given to them to help those in need for a personal agenda, and that agenda, talking from personal experiences is the demonization of fathers and husbands and trying to convince all women are victims of men. Just like their site promotes.

In closing, I wonder if the Maire's of Smiths Falls, Perth, Carleton Place and Mississippi Mills, the local MPP, and the lanark county administration, most of them men, and the ladies, since they have husbands and sons, agree that men hold their power through rape and sexual harassment????
Or that targeting teen in schools to increase false statistics on family violence is correct...mmm.

I do believe the local mpp Randy Hillier should be contacted, as they ask in one of the report above, but not the way these organisations believe it should, they are in the hole financially because of their policies, not because of an increase in violence, and even if there is an increase in family troubles, they are directly responsible for it. Teen pregnancy, drug and alcohol abuse, crime is directly attributed to the watering down by these organisation of parental rights.
Parents can no longer guide their kids in fear of these people who continuously stick their noses where it does not belong.

People I have interviewed;
Subject one;  " I was rebellious against my mom, I fell pregnant at 16 y old, when I went to welfare, they told me I had to get my mom's permission, when she refused, the worker told me if I claimed abuse, there is nothing she could do. Now I feel bad about what I did to my mom, she wanted me to take responsibility and continue school, if the worker would of co-operated with my mom, maybe things would be different today".
Subject two: "when I was at this shelter we had to go to meetings, and the only thing they ever talked about is how men were all bad".
Subject three, My daughter:,"They told me to say I was locked in the basement when you refused to sign for me to be on welfare, and they told me there is something wrong with a father loving his daughter".
I have also interviewed many parents who lost their kids because of organisations such as open doors, shelters, and welfare, some told me they even called the cops as a last resort and when they showed up, they blamed the parents in front of the teen, giving the teen, not a scare but empowering them to be more rebellious.

When they came after me as a parent I was appalled, I went through, to my surprise, dehumanization, threats, I could not make them understand that what they were doing was destructive. I realized they were not there to help, they did not care who they destroyed by their actions, their main purpose was to add anyone who cross their path on welfare, even against parental wishes. That's is why I decided to look into this issue and see if it was only me, I was shocked to find that a big chunk of parents had the same opinions, and went through the same nightmare as I did.
This is why I decided to start this blog, my belief that the family is in dire straits, our kids are used as a tool, divisive policies are promoted against men and women, fathers been unjustly demonized, parents been thrown aside as seconds to the state.
 I love my country, I believe we can achieve more by working together, but there are forces out there who thrive on division, though the majority of husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, work together and get along by respecting each other, the forces of division are causing so many problems in our society, that our long term stability is in danger, and is this not the way any nation falls, from the inside out?
Destroy the family and you destroy a nation.
The moral values of a nation begins and ends with the family.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What they won't do to get their hands on Julian Assange. Threats and intimidation.

What is the message in all this mess with Assange? The governments of the western world believe they are beyond reproach, no one has the right to expose what they do behind closed doors, no one has the right to know...Not even the population who pays their salaries and they represent... to dare is to be persecuted....democracy 21st century style...This is a perfect example of the last breath of a civilisation.

Ecuador Grants Assange Asylum, Defying UK Threats

By Kim Zetter, Wired

16 August 12

he Ecuadorian government announced on Thursday that it will grant WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange asylum, defying threats from the UK government that British authorities would forcibly seize Assange from the Ecuadorean embassy if Ecuador granted Assange's request.

"We have decided to grant asylum to Julian Assange," announced Ecuadorean Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino in Spanish to the sound of cheers from spectators in Quito.

"The UK government should respect the decision of the Ecuadorian government," he said according to a live translation of his words, "and will offer the necessary warranties so that both governments can act adequately and properly representing the international rights and the right of asylum. We also trust that the excellent relations that we have between the two countries will continue to be so and will remain in tact based on the principles and values that we have shared about democracy, peace, life quality that are only possible if you represent the fundamental rights of everyone."

Patino said that Ecuador had considered Assange's claims that if extradited to Sweden to face an investigation for sex-crimes he would be further extradited to the U.S. where he would face political persecution for publishing documents that have angered the U.S. government. He said that Ecuador had come to its decision after failing to obtain assurances from Sweden that it would not extradite Assange to the U.S.

"Ecudaor requested some guarantees from Sweden that he wouldn't be extradited to the U.S. and they rejected any commitment in this sense," Patino Said.

The decision from Ecuador comes a day after officials claimed that UK authorities threatened to raid the Ecuadorean embassy to nab the WikiLeaks leader if the country didn't hand over the fugitive.

"Today we've received a threat by the United Kingdom, a clear and written threat that they could storm our embassy in London if Ecuador refuses to hand in Julian Assange," Patino told reporters on Wednesday.

On Thursday, Patino expressed outrage over the unprecedented threat and said that the UK had no right to interfere in the rights of an individual to request asylum and the rights of Ecuador as a sovereign nation to grant that asylum. No country, he said, had the right "to blackmail or threaten in any way" the sovereignty of any other country.

The UK Foreign Office issued a statement on Wednesday saying that it had "a legal obligation to extradite Mr Assange to Sweden to face questioning over allegations of sexual offences and we are remain determined to fulfil this obligation. We have an obligation to extradite Mr Assange and it is only right that we give Ecuador the full picture."

The office added that it is "still committed to reaching a mutually acceptable solution."

Assange has a warrant out for his arrest for breach of bail if he leaves the Ecuadorian embassy so passage for him out of England, under diplomatic cover, can only occur if U.K. authorities agree to let him go.

Assange appeared in person at the Ecuadorian embassy in London on June 19 seeking asylum.

Assange asserted that Australia, his native country, appeared to have no plans to protect him, which put him in a state of "helplessness," according to a statement from Ecuador's foreign ministry Tuesday. For this reason, he sought Ecuador's protection through political asylum.

U.K. authorities issued the warrant for his arrest at the time, saying he had breached his bail conditions by staying overnight at the Ecuadorian embassy. As part of his bail conditions, granted by the High Court in December 2010, Assange was required to remain at his bail address between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m. each night. He has been sequestered at the embassy for eight weeks.

Metropolitan police have been stationed outside the embassy, waiting to arrest Assange if he left the premises. The Ecuadorian embassy enjoys diplomatic immunity and, while there, Assange is beyond the reach of police. If he leaves the premises, however, he will no longer be protected by diplomatic immunity. But even with his asylum granted now, UK police can stop the vehicle or helicopter he would be travelling in to get him out of the country.

Assange requested diplomatic protection and political asylum under the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights.

Under Article 14 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, "everyone has the right to seek and to enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution." However, the second clause of the article states that "the right may not be invoked in the case of prosecutions genuinely arising from non-political crimes or from acts contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations."

Assange is not, in fact, accused of political crimes. He is being sought for questioning in Sweden on rape and coercion allegations stemming from separate sexual relations he had with two women in that country in August 2010. One woman told police that Assange pinned her down to have sex with her and that she suspected he intentionally tore a condom he wore. The second woman reported that he had sex with her while she was initially asleep, failing to wear a condom despite repeated requests for him to do so. Assange has denied any wrongdoing, asserting that the sex in both cases was consensual.
Oh but wait a minute...no dna of Assange found on condoms....

His attorneys have been fighting extradition to Sweden because they say the investigation is a ruse to make it easier for the United States to further extradite him to the U.S. to face criminal charges over the publication of millions of U.S. classified diplomatic cables.

But UK prosecutor Clare Montgomery, who was in an early court proceeding representing Swedish authorities, said that even if the U.S. requested extradition of Assange from Sweden, no such extradition could take place without consent from U.K. authorities.

Swedish authorities have said Assange would be imprisoned as soon as he arrived in that country and would have a court hearing four days after extradition from the UK to determine if he would have to remain in custody.

Assange was ordered to return to Sweden in June to face the allegations after the UK Supreme Court rejected a bid to re-open his appeal case there. The judges gave him a two-week reprieve before extradition proceedings would begin, saving him from being immediately ejected from the country.

We will strip Catholic status if schools defy Church.. My suggestion, start with st john's catholic high school in perth ontario

Catholic schools that fail to uphold Church teaching may be stripped of their affiliation with the Church, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) warned last week.

I think this is an awesome idea. Catholic schools who are infested with the feminist agenda is contrary to church teaching.
My experience with the local schools showed the public high school in Smiths falls and its staff were more respectful of parental right to raise their kids than that feminist infested st, john's "Catholic" high school in Perth Ontario.
When I asked for their help in perth, one deanne strong, she called the cops on me, and it gave my daughter a path to a lost future. I would of understood if I was aggressive, but since I know the inferiority complex feminists such as her have, I was always polite, some good it did...
The useless and should I say pant less principal, who behaves as if he is in fear of his vice principal should not be in charge of said school either.
This school produces more teen pregnancy and drug abuse than any other in the area, the local shelter has a free path to its students, forcing them to listen to the venomous anti male message of its staff.
When my daughter went to this school (bad mistake on my part)  she told me half the male population in this school claimed to be gay, and while waiting for the buses she could see a line smoking pot.
I have interviewed many other parents who have had the same experiences, and the hardship they had with its vice principal towards family issued.
And this is catholic school?
This school should loose it catholic affiliation, it is definitely not teaching catholic values and is using it's affiliation with the church for simple financial benefit.
I am not promoting one over the other but if one wants to promote itself as a catholic school, then Catholic values must be respected, otherwise it is abuse of taxpayers money.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Women's shelters the hub of lies, hatred and deception. And how far will them go to protect their position of personal self interest.

In my experience with the local shelter in carleton place, to my surprise because at the time I still believed, (uninformed beliefs may I add), that they were there to help "women", I found out they were not there to help but to promote themselves and to indoctrinate through victimizing the victim and false accusations.
First thing would be their personal beliefs, mainly hatred of fathers, husbands, men and they brought this with them in shelters. They treat every woman or teen girls that come through their doors as permanent victims, exposing them to their personal hatred. None of them have any substantial experiences in psychology.  So we have to ask ourselves, how does that make them experienced workers?
They cause more damage that they cure.
In this video, the local director of interval house in carleton place ontario talks about bad situation between a girl and a boy, as I have said before I researched to see if this story was true, could not find any reference to it anywhere, even on this feminist site. She give enough details to at least find something, but no. I have looked into her and her staff's messages, it is always men, boys, are bad, women are victims. In another of her and her friends site, look at the #2 on the right side, "recognize that male power is upheld by rape and sexual harassment".
In what fu#$%in world does this happen?

This is definitely the wrong message, especially when she makes her propaganda messages to local schools. The teens of today are more informed than she gives them credit for, in the video above you can clearly see 3/4 of the students who were forced to listen to her, do not pay attention.

I do not know if feminism ever advanced anything, without men and women co-operating with each other, life would be different than what it is today. Together we build, with sweat, and tears, the society we have, the vote for women could not come to been without men's co-operation in the changing of the laws. That is fathers and husbands supporting the idea that the ladies in our lives were equals.

All, mra, pro-family, pro parent and sites that promote equal rights have one thing in common, the recognition that women can and are as violent as anyone else. To accept this "fact" is paramount to understanding this minor but important problem in our society. I used the word minor, not because it is not an important issue, but because the majority of families do not subscibe to violence, and have loving homes, so this "fact" must be on the forefront. Never must we judge, the way old hags(aka feminists) promote, that all men are bad, or all families are in the mist of violence. If we accept their thinking, then we take away needed funds from those who need the help. Not to mention the increase tax burden on families to support this type of false propaganda and lies.

One of the major weapons in their arsenal of lies is to make as many people believe they are an indispensable industry in our society, and to promote themselves, they put every man, husband, boyfriend, in the same basket. They also put in that basket of lies, every woman is a permanent victim. As we can safely see in the link above;
"recognize that male power is upheld by rape and sexual harassment". I'll say it again, "in what fucking world?"

The truth about domestic violence Ironically, on this site it explains lesbian relationship are more violent than hetero ones.
This bibliography examines 286 scholarly investigations: 221 empirical studies and 65 reviews and/or analyses, which demonstrate that women are as physically aggressive, or more aggressive, than men in their relationships with their spouses or male partners.  The aggregate sample size in the reviewed studies exceeds 371,600.
Women are Just as Likely as Men to Commit Domestic Violence...

It is strange, or should I use the word propaganda, that people such as erin  lee todd and all those who thrive on dividing families and demonize fathers, husbands and sons, refuse to do their homework...Or should I say, "they know, but if they would tell the truth, their personal power, and financial benefit would be reduced?"
Oh and according to her, at super bowl time, we buy beer and beat our wives....
Reference to the feminist movement as feminazis is accurate, given the chance, and the opportunity, women in history have shown they can be as nasty as the next person.
Nazi Germany is a perfect example of women, who were not forced but co-operated with atrocities.
So, I ask myself, why does this "fact" not come out as reality, it is after all, the truth. If we recognize these "facts" then the message would not fall on so many deaf ears. To demonize only one segment of society never works and always backfires.

The constant attacks the local feminist controlled social programs on my person was intense, backed by their para military girlfriends, they did it because in their twisted mind, they could destroy my relationship with my daughter, they could destroy her future,  they could  put her on welfare against my wishes, simply because she was raised by her dad. Her artistic talents was exceptional, to a point where she was offered a job and a scholarship from a modeling agency in Montreal, she was 6 months away. But, she met up with one of the staff of this shelter in school (lately they have been targeting local schools) and everything went downhill from there.
I have to admit I did not believe she would listen to such trash, but with messages like "THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH A FATHER LOVING HIS DAUGHTER", and the crap they constantly throw at teens in schools about boys, men and fathers, some will listen I guess, especially if they are in full teen rebellion.
Taking advantage of a situation like mine was not only irresponsible, but borderline criminal. Any false accusation, or "coaching" someone to make such accusations, the way they did with my daughter is against the charter of rights in Canada, the constitution of the United States, and every democratic country in the world. Every citizen has the right to face their accusers in a court of law, even when they were harassing me, I practically begged them to charge me with a crime so I could have my day in court. Not surprisingly, they refused, the only crime I committed was to fight back.
Parents nowadays have to be very carefull because of social programs in co-operation with schools, the anti-parent policies are so dangerous, that a rebellious teen can say:
" I can leave home and get welfare if I say I was abused", it is sad but as I experienced, and found out, talking to other teens, this is openly discussed amongst them.
How far will they go to protect their position?
Here is the other aspect of why I am so...pissed...
While I was fighting their...intrusion  into my families affair, talking to directors of all social programs, mpp, mp's, senators, they INVENTED..They, I mean the women's shelter in Carleton place, a false flag event...
They falsified a lock down of the shelter one day, saying I was coming over to the shelter to perform a violent act...
It is smart if one thinks about it, disturbing but smart, INVENT a false situation, to demonize the person who is complaining about their activity to politicians, that way no one will listen...
One little problem.
I walk with this...
Because I always worked hard, dry wall, metal works, construction, I have  no cartilage left behind my knee caps. In other words I can barely walk.
The other thing is during the time I was a welder, we did not wear face masks back then, therefore the heavy polluted smoke I inhaled at the time, gave me extensive neurological problems today, something like Parkinson.
Example; In the morning were these hags can have their coffee, I on the other hand have to hold it with two hands and half the time, I spill it because of the extreme tremors in my hands.

And they had a lock down saying I was coming over to perform a violent act????
What?? shake a hag syndrome????

So, what have I learned?
They are corrupt, they victimize women and girls,  demonize men and boys, they thrive on division, they will invent false situations, to promote their venomous message and if one dares to threaten their power, they will do anything possible even lie, to achieve their goals.
I am not picking on any organisation, I just think this type of behaviour is destroying families, hence our society. And no one is allowed to do this.
Been a father was the most rewarding thing I have ever experienced, and I have experienced many thing, and they took it away from me, for a few pieces of silver, statistical inaccuracy, self promotion, and a hatred they brought with them in a place which is supposed to help legitimate situations.
The other thing that is so disturbing to me is, this shelter in carleton place  has, from what I learned, 3 native women, including it's director who is a co-chair of anti racism??? PELEASE.
and they did this to a native family??? Cherokee from my fathers side.

They forget who they are, so let me remind them...

I know they read this blog, when they tried to shut me down with their girlfriends from the local police, (not all are the same, few were supportive), they showed me, printed pages of this blogs posts, that is how important it is to them to shut down any dissent locally. I guess they are hoping I threaten someone, (NOT GOING TO HAPPEN), big waste of time on their part.

I have always defended equal rights, thought this to my kids, the human brotherhood we all share to make this world a better place for our children.
I even defended the right to have sacred places, when locals in Quebec wanted to build a golf course over a native cemetery years ago, and negotiated labour contracts for equal pay for equal work...I certainly did not do this to get a cookie from anyone, but like so many of us, I did it because it was the right thing to do.
So, if they attack me, my thoughts are they will attack anyone, not because of an ideal, but because they simply can...Imagine for one minute, the damages they have done to other families.

I expect them to try something else someday, I have no intention of committing suicide, or performing any kind of violent act, so if I disappear from this site...you will know why and who.

We have seen in history what happens when one group gets power without accountability...
and those who follow without question...and what happens to those who do question...
It always ends up in disaster...

Thursday, September 6, 2012

SINGLE fathers face discrimination and are stereotyped as "incompetent" at caring for children, study has found.

Single dads stigmatised as 'incompetent': study

The study of single parents by Edith Cowan University lecturer Bronwyn Harman found single fathers came up against more stigma than single mothers.

"Single fathers are seen much more negatively than single mothers and there are more hurdles for fathers," Dr Harman said. "The main thing many men reported hearing from people is that they can't parent children as well as mothers can.
"They found negative attitudes everywhere government agencies, the Education Department and schools, the Family Court system and just society in general."
Dr Harman said all the single fathers surveyed reported unfair assumptions were made about their parenting skills resulting in them not being able to spend as much time with their children or participate as fully in their children's lives
Many men believed they did not receive a fair custody arrangement in Family Court decisions because it was assumed that mothers were better and more natural parents.
"Single fathers believed they were experiencing more difficulties than single mothers, but all the attention seemed to be on mothers," Dr Harman said.
"They had difficulties such as getting their child's school to inform them of certain things because it was sometimes assumed that only the mothers needed to know. Both as a society and in official (processes), we need to consider fathers on an equal footing as mothers and give them the same rights and opportunities."

Dr Harman said women also experienced unfair assumptions in regards to their reason for being a single mother.
"There is the stereotype that single mothers are generally low income, uneducated and unemployed, and that they're having children for money, but that's not true," she said.

Coming from personal experience, the only thing I disagree with this report is the final thought. In ontario, especially lanark county, social programs  such as the women's shelter, ontario works (welfare), family services, c.a.s., municipal government in smiths falls especially, all controlled by left wing radical hags, aka feminists, promote and encourage young mothers to have more kids to get a bigger welfare check, they do not promote or encourage continued education or a path to the workforce, hence enforcing the stereotype of single mothers been uneducated, unemployed, and they do have more kids for a bigger welfare check. What this policy produces, is generational welfare, and an increase dependency by the next generation on the state funded organisations. More votes, more workers for these organisations, more funding, more political lobbying power, inflated salaries, increase taxation of the working person. It is a path to the abyss, these policies are unsustainable, and eventually will crush our society. Politically, this is not about been left or right, it is about survival, about what is the right thing to do for the future of our kids.
On the other hand, single fathers, have a better result in the raising of children, statistically, children do better in school, and eventual employment.
I had two relationships, in my first one, when I was involved, my 2 kids, a daughter and a son, were honor student, above average grades in school, well behaved at home, and loving sibling.
After the divorce, when I was demonized by said programs and my wife, they ended up on welfare, housing and a drug infested home. They were at each others throat, fighting, and my daughter ended up pregnant at 15, my son was in and out of jail.
On my second relationship, I raised my daughter on my own, she was a honor student at school, above average grades, well behaved, worked, a scholarship from a modeling agency, and an offer for employment from them. She was an accomplished artist and her future was assured. 6 months away from college, she met a worker from the local women's shelter in Carleton place, and with the help of a welfare worker, she was told she could have a place of her own, housing and welfare if she only said she was abused.
Unfortunately, having been abused by the mother, resulting in emotional problems, and in full teen rebellion, she listen to them. They coached her to said she was abused, told her there was something wrong with a father loving his daughter, (which she admitted to me lately), and the rest is history.

Here is my opinion, based on research, (now I am not knocking all single mom's), Men, single fathers do better, they have a better understanding of the responsibility to the future and it's hardship, they push with love and quiet talk, the importance of; good grades, behavioral attitudes in society, resulting in a better chance at been ready for the world and the workforce. We do not promote welfare as a way of life, we try very hard to stay away from anything to do with welfare, we work hard at been a role model. Therefore, if the child see's the parent working, been responsible, explaining the evils of drugs and alcohol, all with a hug at night before bed, they are happier and make sure they live up to the expectation the father puts before them.
And I dare any hag aka;feminist to contradict this....

Now, in my own words....
It took, old repulsive hateful hags, to destroy the work me and my kids did together, their future, their hopes, their dreams.
They did not do it because they believe they were superior or they were right, on the contrary, they have an inferiority complex, they fucking did it because of their hatred for me as a man, they will destroy, manipulate, "coach", children and vulnerable women who go to them for help in order to promote their hatred.
Their black heart will use any tool at their disposal, to push their hatred of men, husbands, fathers, they have no inclination to destroy anything in their path in order to promote their venom.
I and so many other fathers, husbands, have been demonized, by old man less hags, infesting social programs, courts, cops, politicians who look in the wrong direction for support and fail to recognize there is more of us than them.

And the IRONY of it all, we, men of our world, our society, our civilisation, are the ones that defend with our lives, the right of these destructive policies against us, we "protect" the rights of these hags to spew out their venom like a crawling snake.
But, as history shows, the corrupt always go to far and underestimate our resolve to make things better for our women and children.

And referring to a really stupid haggish feminist comment made on a previous post....

Men bleed and die to fight against people such as this...

who did this...

From happening again...

The family man, from this....

To this....

Have died to make sure this does not come to our shores...

This is the result of our sacrifice, the belief, we as family men, must do everything to ensure the safety and happiness of our families.


And this is what you say about us???

We understand, not all women think the way the hag does, but to say nothing when they say these things about us, your fathers, husbands and your sons, not only jeopardizes our society, but our way of life. We do not want our wives, gf's, daughters barefoot in the kitchen, we want you to be happy, to seek out what will make you a better person. And anyone who believes different is either uninformed or a hag in distress because of what happened to her in the pass, which she brings with her to a shelter or other places she believes she controls.

Do these feminists, who believes, men are not needed.....

Would even for a minute, fight to stop this?

Do other countries outside the western world think the same way the hag does, and doesn't their actions against men, put in danger the safety of our way of life. What if we, "men" decide not to fight?
What? The mighty feminist will burn her bra in front of an adavancing army???
Or threaten them with their ugliness?

Or would they depend on him?

And that my friends is called IRONY....

Without men, there is no freedom, no rights, no democracy, and...
No feminism...
Men's rights, ensures all rights.