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Thursday, August 30, 2012

When evil thrives: The true faces of feminism.

Concerned about the renewal of an abortion debate in Canada, the delegates to the Canadian Medical Association’s annual general council meeting yesterday made a head-scratching determination: babies are not human beings until after birth.

Helen Gurley Brown, who died last week at the age of 90, has been hailed by many as a role model for modern women, as she pioneered the now-common view that the way to women’s empowerment was through sexual license. She also wrote a book promoting women have affairs with married men.
There can be little doubt that she played a leading role in the degradation of family and women. 
Perhaps a poll could be commissioned asking women if they think such trends are empowering for women.

There are so many site I could link to this post but we all get the general idea. Personally and most people do not recognize the idea that the feminist movement made any positive contribution to our society, on the contrary, with them now in full control of the social programs, the destruction of the traditional family is their main objective (that bad ol patriarchal system). This is related to political power, and personal promotion, the more people on the system, the more workers they hire, families be damned, and who suffers, our kids. Easy access to welfare, promoted by these corrupt people, has increased teen pregnancy, and drug abuse.
Reality shows that the vote, rights, equality was given to our women, by men and women outside the feminist movement. For them to take credit for all this is b.s. at best.
We as fathers do not want our daughters to be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen washing dishes. And any hags aka feminists, to promote such a ridiculous idea is proof they know nothing of men and fathers and are lost in their hatred.
As people, we have always created better living conditions by working together, since the feminists were given unfettered power, most of us have realised our lifestyle has deteriorated to a point of moral bankruptcy.
Fortunately, if we research the web, more and more women are turning against the feminists, realising any of them in power usually ends up bad. Protecting the rights of our kids is not the responsibility of u.n.'s rights on the child, which degrades the parents role, it is not the hags definition of what life is, it is the co-operation between moms and dads. One without the other is a recipe for disaster for the child.

We still have a way's to go to get them out of our lives and political power, but we can see their panic. Publicly, they are panicking and lately have referred to their lost of power as "the war on women".
Ya, we fathers and mothers are at war with our daughters to keep them barefoot and pregnant, as stupid as this sounds, it is what they are throwing out there.

But then, that is the hag aka the feminist for ya, the best they can hope for is a mangina with a pink shirt who says yes dear all the time, and instead of defending their honor the way real men do, if they get in trouble, they have to look at their men, if you can call them that, call 911.

No pity for the fool who fools themselves...

And now, the fool is promoting, "babies are not human till after birth?"
Tell me that is not evil...
If they cannot show some degree of morality, then we will do it for them...
Life,  is not negotiable.

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Anonymous said...

The hag's showed us their degree of morality in their vagina suit's.

We're dealing with mature and educated individuals here,folks.