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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The last hope against feminist hatred.

Put your pants back on, your children are targeted as a source of funding and power, your women are told they will be victims for the rest of their lives, society you have bleed for and died to protect is falling apart. Time to fix things...
Who else is going to do it?

Which one are you?


A college educated feminist said...

We don’t need men, we can clone sperm, men have become a useless breed. We will get rid of all of you one way or another.

The Native Canadian said...

Thank you for your comment anonymous college educated feminist, and may I add (giggle).

First you should have taken science in college instead of women’s studies, you were brainwashed by those who suffer from an inferiority complex. Now you’re one of them. Congrats.

If I was as dumb, I could say, we can clone female eggs, fertilize them, put them in test tubes, then incubators and poof, we do not need women. But that is as stupid as your statement.

Therefore, let me explain real bio-genetic science to you, cloning is not rational, eventually the prime clones will run out, you will have to clone the clones, eventually the genetic makeup of the clones will deteriorate and will become useless, dooming the human race to extinction. Science fact.

If you had taken biology instead of the stupidity of women’s studies, you would know this. I could explain further but I would be wasting my time, as you wasted your time, obviously, in college.

Without man, there are no women, without women there are no men.

Karen said...

wow, dont need men, whats wrong with that comment, good response though.

Anonymous said...

Of course this college educated feminist,fights for "equality"?

Sure sounds like it doesn't it?

This type of thinking is nothing but more ammunition for our cause.

Thank-you for this and enjoy your miserable,hatefull,unfullfilling life with a couple of cat's.


Allison said...

what a bioch. dont need men comment to me shows someone who has no kids, hates kids,specialy boys, hates herself, hates the man she is with(if she has one which I doubt,lol), hates her life, hates been a woman, u should delete stupid comments like that.

Anonymous said...

I have spread the message from the college educated feminist through out the world just to show just exactly how fucked-up feminist "equality" truly is.


Anonymous said...


Deleting comment's like the one above is not the right thing to do.

If anything,this person needs even more exposure.

I will see to it.


Will said...

Men need contraceptive rights, please sign this:


mensrightshelp said...

@ this feminist:That is just unreal, do you understand what you are think and saying? In my opinion and only mine. If you are sick - get professional help!

The Native Canadian said...

@Allison..we do not delete comment such as this, this is what is important to expose, feministic should say hatred, but in this case let’s call it dangerous buffoonery, since there are actual courses in women’s studies who promote the idea that men are not needed. As I have explained in my comment to her, this idea would doom the human race to oblivion. Obviously, I have hit a nerve if they take the time to make such popostrous comments. I actually welcome debate from any radical hag, (i mean feminist) to debate the issue that men are not important in the natural circle of life.

Dannyboy said...

Well if she doesn't need men tell her to plz get the fuck out of dodge and btw cupcake don't you be stealing that genetic material you intend to clone.
Remember that saying our bodies our choice,, applies to men as well.
And really to take it a step further ,, so cupcake if I am reading this right you don't intend to produce anymore male babies,, count down to the end of the human species has begun in your crazy world.
Again I would urge this twit to just move into the wilderness somewhere far far away from the rest of us rational thinking humans and just try and see how far her radfem utopia goes, oh and also cupcake since you don't like men so much leave everything men have invented behind.

Jennifer said...

Incredible that women actually think like that. c.e.f. u should be ashamed of yourself. The statement u made refers to every woman's sons. This type of thinking is against women just as much as it is against men. Explain to me, how u came to this decision. Woman to woman.

Malthus said...

If at least she had said @synthetic@ sperm, she would have seemed *somewhat* current on what is actually going on in the world of biology.
But no. She trolled with antiquated science-fiction- perhaps she had just finished reading and felt she could provide brand new (arumph) insight on world-shaping misandry...?
Dear lord!
Give me an axlotl tank, please.

Malthus said...

That should have read

Malthus said...

In His Image by David Rorvik- 1978
Gee- what is wrong with this interface? Lol

Johnny59 said...

These "MAN HATERS" r a "dime a dozen"

Anonymous said...

Well, the clones so far age, fall apart, are infertile and die real quick -- much like the argument (and women's studies it seems).

Native American Women against feminism said...

@ allison, I agree with my co- administrator, we cant delete such comments, they are important in exposing who they really are, and the crap they teach and follow.