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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Women's monument proposed for Stewart Park, Mayor cautions idea may not have county-wide financial support

Monument proposed by the most corrupt shelter in ontario
In this pro feminist story on the emc, not one mention of children, victims of infanticide.

I do not believe there should be a pro-feminist monument in Perth Ontario, especially because it is proposed by one of the most corrupt shelter in ontario and its propaganda arm, the emc.
Violence in the home is not centered on women only, men and especially children have died at the hands of women. Where is their monument. Your not going to hear them promoting that one.
Before we have any kind of feminist propaganda, I think a good thought should be given to a monument honoring "all" those who died at the hands of their supposed loved ones.

The only reason this shelter is promoting this is to get free advertisement, increase their self importance and to spew out more of their twisted  policies and hatred on the population, especially coming from their propaganda mouth piece, sarah bingham.
This is the shelter, as I have posted before who cut funding to their assault line, the very reason
a shelter exists, instead of cutting the perk the staff "take", coaches young girls to claim abuse, has or had a business arrangement with a local woman who ran a rooming house, rented it to underage girls she collected from this shelter and payed her mortgage that way, these girls been underage, she "controlled" the welfare check. That is what she told me personally, and one of the reason my investigation, unlike the emc, convinced me, the shelter system is so corrupt, you can't believe anything they say.
How many families have been destroyed by this shelter, "coaching" women to claim abuse for custody purposes, how many children have cried for their fathers, indoctrinating session for the women in that house of horrors, and anyway, most of the women that go there, go back home.

What a ridiculous idea, in this county only the death of women count, never mind children.....

Old feminist propaganda...that is all it is, a way to promote "their" venom, get more money and brag for years to come that they were responsible for the monument.

Here is my real monument, children first.
RCMP report on the truth.

Both mother and fathers kill infant children at the same frequency.

When all age groups were considered, mothers and step-mothers killed more children thanfathers and step-fathers.

With regard to method used, fathers were more physically abusive and mothers strangled

or asphyxiated their child to death.

The average age of a child killed by the mother

was 4 years and the father, 8 years

The average age of all children killed was 4 years. Mothers killed more children than fathers.

According to the women's shelter in Carleton place Ontario, children do not count.

I hope Perth Ontario's municipal government gets the message, start with children if you have to pick a group to immortalize....

Maybe they would need support in making the right decision...

Perth Ontario government contacts. Click on "contact us"

I promise this, if there is a monument and it honors children first, or the traditional family, I will be one of the first to make a donation.

The idea that only women count, when violence occurs, is an old feminist, "women are born victims" policy, and it is passer.


Anonymous said...

good point.

Anonymous said...

A monument of a hate movement?



Anonymous said...

Waiting for approval;

Delusional feminist's,still grave dancing over the tragic death's caused by a madman.

"This has/had absolutely nothing to do with domestic violence.It has everything to do with demonizing every male in Canada for one deranged man's action's and exploiting it to further the feminist agenda of misandry and feminist domination."


Anonymous said...

You can see this mirrored on antimisandry.com and mensrights-help.

Time to stop the gravedancing.


Anonymous said...

Well apparently my comment is censored.

What else is new in a pc news outlet that hates truth?

Censorship is a feminist's only weapon.


The Native Canadian said...

were is ur comment censored?
Not me?

I am guessing ur talking about montreal. What I found disturbing is the feminists use that one under false information, "all men are bad" that will never leave their lips...But this guy was raised to believe women should be at home under a vail, he was muslim, not that I am attacking that religion, but why have we not seen this anywere. This was not men killing women, as the radical feminist uses, it was his beleif that women should be at home and not in schools or educated.
Which is foreign to the western male. And we do not raise our daughters that way, So in my opinion, the message "men killed women" at this school was the wrong information and nothing other than propaganda.

Karen said...

Thats what I love about this site, the idea that children come first.
Is there any monument to the children who have been killed anywere in canada, or the world????
I live in this county, I have sons, a good husband, and this monument will give the wrong message.

Allison said...

Agree with Karen, gives the wrong message.

Anonymous said...

No it wasn't you,it was the Perth EMC story that I had my comment censored on.


Anonymous said...

Funny Lepine was raised by a SINGLE MOTHER.