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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

When we do not attach a leash on social programs, (Ontario), this is the results...

  I would never advocate the destruction of social programs programs, we have the elderly, the disabled, the poor, victims of crime, so on…They need our help and our support, been Canadians, this is in our character.
But the way they are set up now, as little entities of power and financial advancements for the very few, the waste of money and the twisted mandate they seem to think they have, is making even more poor, elderly have to choose between food or medicine, and the disabled are just forgotten, trying to make ends meet, and finding enough food is a job in itself. Not to mention the tax burden on the working man or woman, to pay for extravagant trips, bloated salaries and corrupt policy of putting people against each other for statistical purposes and increase funding.

Let’s face facts here, it is not the helpful person who runs these social programs, not the woman who believes in helping or the man who works hard at serving a needy population. These programs are controlled by what is left of the feminist movement, old hags, angry spinsters, man-haters, and women with inferiority complexes who will do anything to demonize dads, husbands, fathers, and use vulnerable women to achieve their goal…to destroy the traditional family.

These low lives have experienced a bad situation in their lives, are full of hate and are now in control of every social program in Ontario, Ontario works, women’s shelter, C.A.S. (AKA child protection), housing, teen help organisations and for a while now, our schools. Try to complain about their behaviour if they did your family wrong and you find them inside that too.

They ignore you as a parent, blame you, or simply shove you aside as unimportant.

So what are the results of these old feminists and what is left of their supporters, control over the social programs?

Ontario...dead last...

It is easy to see; we have rampant teen pregnancy, drug abuse, alcoholism, crime, increase taxes, less buying power, earnings are going down, less jobs, bad dept, deficits, destroyed families, broken hearted parents, lack of education, unemployment… But hey, if we have an uneducated population, you have a cheap work pool…and those above make more profits at our expense.

And here is another thing, women’s shelter especially, call themselves experts, what expertise do they have, a bad experience in their lives does not make them experts, it makes them hateful, resentful, they are known to even go after women if they do not tow the line. Shelters have been known to “coach” teen girls against parents, wives against husbands for custody puposes, daughters against parents. If they were experts, they would make sure not to infuse their experiences into policy. That is what I mean as a waste.
Also, welfare offering on demand check, housing offering apartments, teens don’t like house rules, fine, here is a check and an apartment, have more kids, bigger check, child protection taking kids away from good parents, in the meantime all that waste could be directed to those who do needs the help.
If you are in a judge and jury situation, they ask you if you have had any experiences , either as a victim or anyone in your family was ever a victim of the crime you are about to judge…if so, you are excused from the pool, because you might have a bias against the accused…
If a criminal has that right, why are those at shelters not vetted for their personal bias? How does that make them “experts”?

So what about the money been used for personal ideals instead of helping the person who seeks help? Sorry we do not have the finance anymore…
This is a perfect example of the results of financial abuse, corruption and waste, how the hell can a shelter justify cancelling its 1800 line for the sexual assault program, is this not the main reason they exist? Why not cut the bloated salary of the staff, its director, stop her travels all over the place, wasting money on luring teenage girls, that is the waste, it take money to lure. I find it amazing the emc said nothing about a shelter cutting it's assault line before anything else, but I am not suprised, the emc is a big promoter of this shelters director.

As the video above explains, the main reason for their existence in “our” social programs is the paycheck, the funding, the power, and they will step on anyone to achieve their goals.

And the ones that pay for their little games of personal power, is the elderly, the disabled, the young single parent, the poor, the family, the worker, the taxpayer.
Ontario worker bring home a smaller pay check every year, we as a province are in dire financial difficulty, the social programs needed to help, are used as a tool for the corrupt, in the meantime we have people in this province wondering where the next meal is going to come from…

When we get back to our sense and attach a leash on these old crows, there will be enough money to help, to bring down taxes, bigger paychecks, more buying power, more jobs, less crime, less drug abuse, less teen pregnancy, happier families, a better society.

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