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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The stupidity of feminism in today's world.

You know what is so stupid about feminism? With the way the world is headed, towards extreme violence and war, disease and bankrupt states, corruption and greed, it will take "men" to fight and die to protect these old hags (aka: feminists and their minions) against the majority of the world which does not have feminism and feminized men.
When and not if, the world explodes into war, these same sub intellectuals who changed the western world into a wussy society will notice their work was so successful that hardly any men will be left to protect them when they come begging to be defended.

We now depend on technology to defend what is left of the western world, i.e. drones, because no one wants to put their lives on the line for the twisted world they are responsible for, what happens when the state is bankrupt, no more money for exotic weapons, and all the enemies we made in the past 20 years come knocking.
That is what is so hypocritical about man hating feminism; without the rough, cussing, beer drinking, rugged, woman loving "men" they demonize so much, to defend their twisted hate, and their ideals to destroy families, they would not exist. Ironic isn't it?

As a "man", my belief, which I passed down to my daughters, is to never walk behind, or in front of a man, always at his side. Recognize each others place in the circle and you will make a better world. This I will defend, but not feminism's view on what the world should be, and why should I, they do not accept mine..
They will be on their own...
Men, real men, will not fight and die for an ideal that have one goal in mind, to destroy our traditional families.

Feminism is a path to self destruction for any society, respect for each other and the family is the path to a secure future.


Anonymous said...

Feminists are Misogynists



Gilles said...

Good point, why fight for something who looks at me as an animal.

Anonymous said...

totaly right on, fucking hypocrites they think we are going to fight for their rights to screw with our families?

James said...

love it, feminists are old women who cant get a good man. They think their pink shirt wearing manginas is going to defend them?

Allison said...

the thing i find so stupid is a man wearing pink, to gay and not cool guys. U look like u could not defend yourselves let alone a family.

Anonymous said...

Right ooooon !!!!!!!!