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Sunday, July 1, 2012

The return of man...a must if society is to survive.

Father Allegedly Kills Man Who Molested His Daughter, Texas Cops Say.
We have no other choice, in order to protect our children and our women's safety, we have to put things back in order...
All of us, soldiers, vets, cops, religious, worker, warrior, we bleed on the battlefield to give the world a good and peaceful life, and the sub-intellectuals and sub-humans are now running free, destroying what we fought so hard for.
There are many examples of the destruction of our society by the corrupt, but one always comes back to me as a man... the idea that a child molester, a rapist, male or female, has rights...
They do not and when we make it clear in the near future, these animals need to be treated the same way they treat others, we will also hold to account those who gave these left over of the human race... rights.

We apologize to all the children of the world who have suffered, we blinked and let the corrupt sub-intellectuals infest our world with evil.
We will, I promise, we will make things...right. The hard way.

And no! We will not force anyone to be what they do not wish to be.

Women's rights depend on women and men, if you look to one hateful group, (aka feminists,) you alienate a strong portion, the other half who could make things better faster.
The world needs men as much as women, one cannot survive without the other, sperm banks cannot sustain without men, sperm cannot be cloned, and even if it can, clones degenerate after a few generation, baby's cannot be cloned and even if they can, genetically, the cloning pool will degenerate after a few generation. So where is the argument of the old hags (aka feminists) that men are not needed???
Equality is not a tool to be used as a divisive policy, men and women build this world not the corrupt of today's world.
A mother's son is not born a potential abuser, and your daughter are not permanent victims.

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Bill said...

Amen brother.